November 6, 2020
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  National Leaders in the Mental Health Aspects
of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Friday Feature
November is National Family Caregivers Month

November is National Family Caregivers month which allows us as the START network to acknowledge the contribution families make to the work we do. There are over 53 million people in the US who are unpaid caregivers to family, friends, and neighbors. As a society, we have always depended on families to fill this role. Indeed, for all of us, we rely on family (whether biological or chosen) to provide physical assistance, social connection, and emotional support as we encounter life’s inevitable challenges.
START applies a systems approach to addressing difficulties people face and this is reflected in the use of eco-maps which allow us to identify natural supports such as family members that are a part of a person’s circle of support. In our work, START teams not only identify the contributions of family members, but also acknowledge that they do not provide support in isolation from their other life roles and responsibilities. START focuses on supporting and building capacity in the system surrounding an individual and their family as we recognize the relationship between wellbeing of family caregivers and their loved ones.

Research has typically focused on the negative impact caregiving can have on families. While we certainly need to assess and develop ways to address caregiver stress and burnout, there are many positive effects family caregivers report experiencing as well. These include gratitude, enhanced self-esteem, and increased confidence in addressing challenges. As a START network, we need to assess, acknowledge, and address stressors that family caregivers experience as well as honor and recognize the positive impact family caregivers have in the lives of people with IDD/MH.

Jill Hinton, PhD
CSS Clinical Director
Welcome Tennessee!

We at the Center for START Services are thrilled to announce that we will be developing START teams across the state of Tennessee. The original TN-START pilot (2004-2008) was the first START team outside the original team in Massachusetts and helped promote the development of all our current teams and the START network. We are very excited to work with TN to bring back TN-START across all five regions. Welcome TN-START to the national network!
Employment Opportunities

Center for START Services Associate Project Facilitator is responsible for ongoing consultation and coaching to the assigned START Program as directed by the Lead Project Facilitator. This can include frequent video and phone meetings focused on programmatic and clinical development of the team as well as therapeutic coaching activities. The Associate Project Facilitator works collaboratively with the Lead Facilitator, Document Reviewer, and Director of Quality Assurance and plays a key role in assisting START Programs prepare and train their team members. This position provides training and technical assistance to START programs providing START therapeutic coaching, including but not limited to the provision of START Therapeutic Coaching training groups, manual review and revision, and technical assistance.

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Upcoming Training Opportunities
MHIDD Course for Mobile Crisis Responders
Registration Open for Next Course Beginning on January 5, 2021

Registration is now open for the next MHIDD training course for Mobile Crisis Responders. The course, which spans 6 sessions from January 5 - February 9, 2021, provides an overview of mental health diagnoses in people with IDD, assessment considerations, crisis response, and recommendation/disposition planning. Registration for the course is $149 per person. 
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MHIDD Course for Care Coordinators and Case Managers 
Registration Open for Next Course Beginning on March 15, 2021

This 6-week online course is designed to improve knowledge for care coordinators and case managers to successfully support children and adults with IDD and mental health service needs and their families. Speakers will include family members and people with lived experiences along with experts in the field. Dr. Joan B. Beasley will demonstrate how the information provided can be applied to improve the ability of care coordinators/case managers to identify service and support needs, and monitor outcomes for individuals and their families. Registration for the course is $299 per person.
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The Center for START Services

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