November 30, 2018
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The Center for START Services
Today we are sharing the November addition of NH START's wonderful new monthly e-newsletter, OutReach. If your team is interesting in creating a simliar type of communication, you may want to learn more about MailChimp and ConstantContact- both are easy-to-use email marketing tools that you can use for free or for a small monthly fee. Tools like these can be very useful for START teams because in addition to sending emails, they can help you maintain and segment an email list (meaning you can put email addresses into different groups).

If you want to be able to announce community training opportunities, share valuable resources, and enhance your connection with your community network of professionals and families through email, then marketing email software might be the right tool for the job. 
A publication of NH START
November 2018
Attitude of Gratitude
As I write this introduction, there is a dusting of snow that lingers on the ground, reminding me that winter is around the corner and it is the time of year to reflect on those things that make us grateful. And as a team, NH START has a lot for which to be grateful:
We are grateful that we have a full leadership team, with a strong START background and length of service in the NH system!
  • Valarie Tetreault and Barb Drotos are now co-directing the NH START program. Barb is our Clinical Director and Valarie is the Administrative director.
  • Beverly Richardson and Samantha Field are the Team Leaders for NH START. Samantha oversees regions 1 through 5 and Beverly oversees regions 6 through 10.
  • Joanne Ukraine is our new START Therapeutic Resource Center Director.
We are grateful for our dedicated START Coordinators. We have a great team of coordinators with a vast array of experience, character strengths and devotion to their teams and the work.
We have Several new START Coordinator who have joined our team:
  • Shannon McNamee has joined with primary responsibility for Region 9
  • Erica Arzilli has a dual role in Regions 6 and 7
  • Justin Smith has primary responsibility in Region 8
  • Sara Greenstein has primary responsibility in Regions 2 and 5
Sandra Mayberry has joined our team as Administrative Assistance to the clinical team. Your teams have heard from Sandra as called teams in August to confirm individuals on the waitlist who were still seeking START services, and she contacts teams for needed paperwork for Resource Center stays and other various needs. We are grateful to have her on our team!
We have several coordinators who have been certified in Mental Health First Aid (MHFA), two in adult MHFA and two in children MHFA.
We are working on the follow-up visits on the Dementia Screening project with John Hopkins. This study is a great opportunity to help our aging population. Follow-up visits and surveys are being scheduled over November and December.
We continue to be grateful to have the privilege to support individuals with I/DD and co-occurring behavioral health concerns, their families and support teams, and the NH service system as a whole.
What are you grateful for?
Ask Barb...
Ask Barb is a new feature of OutReach, each issue Barb will answer questions from you about the START model, IDD/MH, and other topics of interest.
Please e-mail your questions to Barb at
Barb Drotos, LICSW
NH START Clinical Director
Q: Why do the START coordinators talk so much about character strengths?
A: Great question! It’s all about building positive self-identity, especially for those who experience developmental disability and mental health challenges. It can be life changing for people to know their character strengths and start using them proactively every day. We love the VIA Character Strength survey found at It is simple to take and we often help individuals and teams complete the survey. There are 24 character strengths – we possess all of them but there will be 5 at the top of the list when you see your results. The main idea is to focus on using those top 5 strengths every day. Many have found that their quality of life has improved with this simple focus. Think about it…how many times do we work to improve areas of our life that are not going well? Or improving a skill that is not our strong suit? Most of us do this all the time! What if you focus on the things you do well and do more of that? What if you use your top character strengths every day? Your day will undoubtedly feel very different! Character strengths focus on who you are and what is amazing and strong about you. This is foreign to many individuals with developmental disability and mental health challenges. It is critical that we help each other build positive self-identity. Quality of life is what improves – happiness, zest for life, and hope emerges!
Meet Samantha Field, NH START Team Leader

Samantha is a certified START coordinator and has been with NHSTART since 2016 and has recently served as our statewide Float coordinator, augmenting services in areas and providing coverage for areas experiencing vacancies.
Samantha has a Masters in Science of Clinical Mental Health Counseling and has experience in family, couples and children’s counseling using various modalities, including CBT, expressive and play therapies. 
What's New at the NH START Resource Center?
There are many exciting changes happening at the NH START Therapeutic resource Center! We welcome our new Center Director, Joanne Ukraine as she settle into her new role. Barb Drotos, our Clinical Director is working closely with START Counselors on many aspects of the START model, improving the therapeutic milieu and benefit to guests. In future issues we will share more about the therapeutic programming offered at the Resource Center. To set up a tour, contact the Center at 975-0022 or 975-0124.
Clinical Education Team (CET)
Clinical Education Teams (CETs) are an educational forum designed to improve the capacity of the local community to provide supports to individuals with IDD and behavioral health needs by teaching through discussion of a case. A case is presented to all trainees and clinical staff using this clinical teaching model: those present ask questions, propose diagnoses and treatment options, and they discuss and learn together. 

The CET typically lasts 1 ½ - 2 hours and includes presentation of a brief follow-up from the previous month, a presentation of a new case and a didactic training based on the case presentation. Time is also left for discussion, problem solving and recommendations. The coordinator provides a brief summary at the conclusion of the CET. The goal of the CET is to help service system providers learn how to best support people while improving the capacity of the system as a whole through information sharing, learning, and collaboration. 

CETs are held at least monthly and led by the START Clinical Director. Following the CET, recommendations are reviewed by the Coordinator and Clinical Director, a note is written and a plan to follow-up with the person’s system of support is made.

CET’s are held monthly, rotating between three sites:
DHMC, Lebanon, 12/11/18, 10am-12pm facilitated by Dr. Jennifer McLaren and Dr. Laura Flashman, topic: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Community Crossroads, Atkinson, 1/7/19, 9-11am facilitated by Dr. Stephanie Griffin, Dr. Sherm Fox and Dr. Joni Beasley, topic: tbd
UNH/IOD, Concord, 2/12/19, 10am-12pm facilitated by Dr. Stephanie Griffin, Dr. Sherm Fox and Dr. Joni Beasley, topic: tbd
2018-2019 START National Training Series
on Mental Health and I/DD
This annual, highly popular, supplemental training series is designed to provide innovative and topic-focused online training to START program members and their local community partners. Trainings from this series are released once a month to the START Network (typically on the 3rd Friday of each month) from September to April. These online trainings are free for participants and are facilitated by START Coordinators in locations within their region(s) so that all participants can learn as a group. Alternate dates can be arranged with your START Coordinator
The START National Online Training Series airs on the following dates at 12:00pm noon.
January 18
Expressive Approaches to Promoting Well-Being, featuring the START
Network Premiere of the Acting Creates Therapeutic Success (ACTS) Film
Jennifer Moore, PhD, Corey Fisk, MA, Maggie Robbins, MA

February 15
Crisis Evaluations of Individuals with IDD
Angela Hassiotis, PhD, Professor of Psychiatry of Intellectual Disability, Division of Psychiatry, University College London and Consultant Psychiatrist, Camden Intellectual Disabilities Service

March 15
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
Presenter TBA

April 19
Schizophrenia/Catatonia in Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Jennifer McLaren, MD, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Dartmouth Institute at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth

An On-Call START Coordinator can be reached 24/7 by calling 1-800-499-4153 or (603) 225-4153 and asking to speak to a START Coordinator***
Valarie Tetreault, Program Director, (603) 631-2053
Barb Drotos, Clinical Director, 
bdrotos@communitybridgesnh.or  (603)225-4153
Samantha Field, TEAM LEADER , , (603) 491-2409
START Coordinators 
Emily Hatch,              (603) 447-8217, (603) 491-2921
Jodie Fennessy,    (603) 504-4371
Joanne Ukraine,      (603) 581-1589, (603) 731-0428
David Cote,                  (603) 225-4153, (603) 491-3016
Erik Rogers,             (603) 225-4153, (603) 491-0970
Cecile Bonvouloir,  (603)225-4153, (603) 731-0096
Sara Greenstein, (603) 491-3144
NH 2 COLLABORATIVE                              
Beverly Richardson, TEAM LEADER, (603) 459-2767
START Coordinators
Michelle Bieliunas,   (603) 206-2758, (603) 931-2277 
Caitlin Jones,                  (603) 893-1299, (603) 731-4613
Shannon McNamee,        (603) 731-0148
Erica Arzilli,                     (603) 856-6544
Justin Smith,                    (603) 436-6111 (603) 491-2304
NH START is a program of Community Bridges in collaboration with the Center for START Services

70 Pembroke Road • Concord, NH 03301 •
Toll-free: 1-800-499-4153 • Phone: 603-225-4153    
Thanks for reading and happy Friday,

The Center for START Services

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