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October 2012

Fall is well underway here in Kentucky, and the foliage is absolutely brilliant! This weather makes me want to get out of the office, but sometimes as we all know, email correspondence can take over a good portion of the work day.  Well, I'm happy to share several outstanding tools in this month's article, designed to enhance your email operations so you can gain control of your inbox and get on with life.  Enjoy!

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With over 425 million users, Gmail is arguably the most widely-used, free email service available today. In fact, has rated Gmail #1 for security, organization and composition.  Beyond its basic awesome capabilities, you can now take Gmail to the next level and transform it into a productivity machine with these additional features and integrations:    


This is undoubtedly my favorite new business tool.  If you use social networks to connect with business associates, colleagues and potential clients, Rapportive is nothing less than a game changer!  It makes it a snap to grow your network without ever leaving Gmail.  When you open a new email message, a box appears to the right with the contact’s photo and links to their social profiles, websites, blogs, etc. From there you can directly interact with them on those networks by sending invitations to connect, liking and replying to recent posts, etc.

Provides automatic reminders and scheduled sending plus a host of other helpful services. Perhaps the most useful networking tool that Boomerang provides is ...... READ MORE

Carol Aldridge, Owner of Progressive Business SolutionsIf you have a particular administrative or marketing question and want more information, feel free to CONTACT ME.  I’m always happy to share my experience and provide further resources to help you streamline and grow your business.

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The Paddock View

Unique opportunities and information for our friends in the equine community

Horse Sense & Cents
Horse Sense
& Cents

Nanette Levin provides a refreshing perspective on equine training and business success that always keeps the horse in the conversation. Visit Horse Sense and Cents to sample her popular blog, as well as a variety of educational products and services including the Inventing Your Horse Career CD series, the landmark training book Turning Challenging Horses into Willing Partners , E-Coaching for equestrians and several informative and entertaining E-booklets. 




Cool Tools

When you find something you want to read later, put it in Pocket!

Doodle helps you schedule meetings, polls and other appointments. It's simple, quick and free. 

MapFab offers you a clever way to create, edit and share Google Maps.
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