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Emmy-Award Nominated Actress Mayim Bialik
Mayim Bialik joins the cast of "Untitled Web Series..."
Emmy-Nominated actress Mayim Bialik  joins the cast of Untitled Web Series About A Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time as the voice of The Inspector’s time machine!

Greetings, Inspectators!  

As production begins on the Season 2 Prequel Episode of the hit web series USA Today called “the best TV on the web for 2012”, Siv-Art Productions is proud to announce that Mayim Bialik (Big Bang Theory, Blossom) is joining the cast of the show fans still call “Inspector Spacetime”.  Mayim will be playing the voice of the B.O.O.T.H., The Inspector’s time machine. 

Mayim Bialik records her lines!

Producer and star Travis Richey (Pretty Little Liars, Community’s Inspector Spacetime) had previously worked with Mayim at ACME Comedy Hollywood when he produced the digital content there for ACME Saturday Night in 2010.  “I am beyond thrilled to have Mayim involved with the series,” Travis said.  “Besides being an amazing actress, she’s a brilliant and wonderful human being.  Her take on the personality of the BOOTH made us go in and completely rethink the character.  It’s so much more interesting now, and of course we had add more lines for Mayim.”
Mayim Bialik and Travis Richey after the line recording!

Travis and Mayim reconnected by chance after being seated next to each other on a flight from Milwaukee to LA in November 2011, and the conversation included talk of Inspector Spacetime and looking for opportunities to work together.  “I am thrilled to be part of the Inspector Spacetime world,” said Mayim.  “As a Doctor Who fan, Inspector Spacetime satisfies all of my theatrical and nerdy desires. Putting on an admittedly poor fake British accent and working with the awesome and talented Travis Richey made me feel like a bonafide nerd-girl.”
Mayim Bialik looks on while Travis Richey sets up.

The Season 2 Prequel Episode is currently in pre-production, with Nick Acosta (Battle of Hogwarts, Riddance) directing.  “Sweet! She has to do it in her Amy Fowler voice!” Nick said when Mayim joined the cast.  “We’ll see.” Travis responded, diplomatically.  Production on the fan-funded episode is slated to begin later this month with a yet-to-be-announced release date. 

We've got a whole lot of exciting news to tell you about, including:
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  • Wikipedia!
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  • One of our main crew is having a baby!
In the meantime,
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