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The cast of "Untitled Web Series..."
Chase Masterson joins the cast!
Chase Masterson joins the cast for Season 2!

Greetings, Inspectators!  

Siv-Art Productions is thrilled to announce that Chase Masterson (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Doctor Who Big Finish Audio Dramas) is joining the cast of Untitled Web Series About A Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time for Season 2!  

The gorgeous and talented Ms. Masterson will be playing Annabelle Wagner, a seemingly innocent girl whose love for Good Boyish may prove to be deadly!  Chase had this to say about joining the cast:  "As soon as I saw the Inspector Spacetime web series I knew I wanted to be a part.  These guys are well-deserving of the audience, awards & acclaim they're getting -- Travis Richey, Eric Loya and their team have such a natural, raucously playful affinity for the genre. As the Brits would say, it's brilliant, and I'm chuffed to be on board."

Executive Producer and star Travis Richey (Community, Pretty Little Liars) added, "I  am practically vibrating with excitement over Chase Masterson joining the cast!  With all respect to Robert Picardo, Deep Space Nine was my biggest Trek love.  I came into TNG late, but I was watching DS9 from day one, and loved every bit of it.  Chase as Leeta was so much more than a beautiful face.  Her portrayal exuded an innocence and strength that is perfect for Annabelle." 

With Ms. Masterson joining the cast, fans backing the Season 2 Kickstarter will now also get her autograph on a signed cast photo at the $100 level or above, along with a plethora of other rewards!

Sit Down With Robert Picardo!

While on set for the Season 2 Prequel Episode, Travis sat down with Robert to talk about why he wanted to be part of the Inspectrum, how the Optic Pocketknife compares to a Star Trek phaser, and when he would go if he were The Inspector's associate...



The Inspector Flees for Charity!

On Sunday, June 14th, Travis will be running for the second time in Concrete Hero Los Angeles, a 5-mile urban obstacle course race to benefit the AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA).  Last year Travis raised nearly $500 for APLA and came in 5th place out of over 500 runners! 

This year the race is longer and no one knows what to expect, but Travis hopes to beat his own record while contributing to a great organization that is dedicated to improving the lives of people affected by HIV disease; reducing the incidence of HIV infection; and advocating for fair and effective HIV-related public policy.

If you'd like to contribute to Travis's fundraising, you can make a tax-deductible donation to his personal Concrete Hero race page.  Help kick AIDS in the balls!

Season 2 Kickstarter going strong!
As we close in on the $8,000 mark, make no mistake; the success of our show depends on YOU.  Please pledge to our Season 2 Kickstarter now, and spread the word! 

We have rewards and special perks planned for every donor, no matter how small!  So even a pledge of $5 will get you a sneak peek to the Inspector Spacetime Comic Book cover by Christopher Jones, with more treats to come!

Larger donors earn such great rewards as:
    * Your name in the credits
    * Signed photos and posters
    * Season 2 Soundtrack CDs
    * even Optic Pocketknife replicas!

Remember, if you pledge now you won't be charged anything until August 2nd, and then only if our campaign is a success!  And you can modify your pledge at any time before the end of the campaign!

We've got a whole lot of exciting news to tell you about, including:
  • More Season 2 guest stars!
  • Optic Pocketknife replicas and other toy plans
  • Untitled Comic Book About A Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time
  • Brian Giovanni's brilliant soundtrack in CD form
  • Creating the BOOTH console with Brian Uiga
  • Wikipedia!
  • Upcoming Events and Appearances!
  • Non-Inspector shoots
  • Signing with a YouTube Network
  • Untitled Radio Show...??
In the meantime,
Thank you so much for your passionate support!
The Inspector on The Digits!

The Inspector guest-stars on The Digits!

Travis was invited to guest-star on the award-winning educational web series, The Digits!  Check out the episode now, and learn what a ray is!

(don't worry if you don't know, Piper didn't, either...)

Watch Travis in Doctor Stew!

Travis pops in on Doctor Stew!

In advance of the highly-anticipated Inspector/Dr Stew crossover, Travis popped in for a quick cameo at the end of the Dr Stew premiere!

Check it out!
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