Slowing down to savor life in 2015.
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Hello, <<Name>>! If you missed last week's edition – which included: the three best blog posts and 9 of the best books (fiction and non-fiction) I read in 2014 - you can catch up here.

Why Are We All So Busy?

That's the question I set out to answer this week.

“In our obsession with optimizing our creative routines and maximizing our productivity, we’ve forgotten how to be truly present in the gladdening mystery of life.” – Maria Popova

The truth is too many people wear busy like a badge of honor.

In fact, think about it, when was the last time someone you know, over the age of 18, complained about having too little to do? I’ll wait right here.

“Busy has a dangerous allure. If your normal is busy, it’s tough to sit quietly with your thoughts or to really feel what you’re feeling,” writes Dina Kaplan in “The Cult of Busy.”

Need more proof? According to Science Mag people would rather be electrically shocked than left alone with their thoughts. How depressing, right?

“No one says they don’t have time to meditate because they need to scroll down Facebook and Instagram to ‘like’ various items, but that may be what’s happening.” – Dina Kaplan 

But why do we do this to ourselves?

Because it makes us feel important? To impress others?

Certainly, ego is part of it. Busy has become a status symbol, perhaps even more so than money, cars and houses.

Click here to read two reasons we're so busy and what I'm doing to combat busyness so far in 2015.

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"The biggest problem that humanity faces is an ego sensitivity to finding out whether one is right or wrong." -- Ray Dalio

"Worry never solves the future and always takes away energy from the present." -- James Altucher

"If you think your organization needs a bigger marketing budget, maybe you just need to be less average instead." - Seth Godin


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