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Dear <<First Name>>,

Thank you re-engaging with me through my monthly newsletter.  The last publication was in November 2015 and  I am excited to be publishing again.  Please excuse the length of this article - I have a lot of sharing to catch up on! 

Many people in my age group are discussing “Act 3” of our life story. How will we embrace, thrive and reorder our lives so we are able to serve with our hearts, soul and bodies in a way that we have never had the opportunity to in the past?

Act 1 is defined as our youth, a time of formation and preparation.

Act 2 is the period for career development, family growth, relationship building and a time to gather important data about ourselves, others and what life might be all about.

Act 3 can be characterized by the empty nest, a shift from work that maximizes earning potential to one that is meaningful and fulfilling, a re-sizing of living space or relocation, a change in our circle of friends and family.

Consider this  statement by Richard Rohr during an interview with Krista Tippet  

“Picture three boxes: order, disorder, reorder.” …. if you read the great myths of the world and the great religions, that’s the normal path of transformation.

My interpretation of this quote is;

Without disorder or disruption in
our life circumstance, our thinking, or our bodies; 
transformation is impossible to achieve. 

My personal transition to Act 3 launched like Fourth of July fireworks.  In September of 2015, Steve and I started to feel like maybe, after 9 years of “dating” we were ready to move to the next level of our relationship and create a new life together.   Within a few weeks, he received a call from a recruiter which very quickly led to a job offer for an ideal role in the Cincinnati area.  We got married at the courthouse, started the process of selling two homes and began searching for a new home.

As great as all this sounds, I expect some of you feel exhausted just reading the text.  It was a violent uprooting for me.  I was leaving a home of 19 years which was the Act 2 headquarters for my family and community.  I jumped into the middle of disorder like a first time bungee jumper with a debilitating fear of heights!

We struggled with our search for a new home.  Last time I purchased a home, I looked at 80+ houses before deciding on one and I still wasn’t sure I had made the best choice. This time, we looked at historic homes, brand new condos with spectacular views of the city and traditional, cookie cutter colonials like I was used to.  When we walked into the home we final purchased, upon entry, just a few feet in the door, I said “this is it”.  I knew and it was the one!

During Acts 1 & 2 we have been gathering data through life experience, learning the easy way and the hard way; through relationships that thrive and fail and serve us without serving them. We operate from the bidding of the ego, expecting life to serve us, give us what we want, invest in us without putting down collateral. We live in fear and learn to love.

Act 3 is the age of Wisdom and an opportunity for transformation. It is a time of knowing, trusting and reordering in a way that supports our greatest ability to contribute what only we can give.  We leverage our Wisdom; the culmination of experience, expertise and instinct that allows us to know the next best step. We can recognize patterns and personalities and “I’ve been here before” moments. We understand life without knowing all the details of a specific situation.   We can choose how respond rather that react to conflict.

This stage of the game of life is different. We have choices.  As an individual, I have the opportunity to match the demands in this new landscape of life. I can find new ways to re-shape, re-purpose, and re-claim who I am. I can create ways to contribute my strengths, expertise, and passion to meet the demands and possibilities of life right now!When disruption occurs, by my choice or not, I can choose how I will re-order my world!The disruptive process I have gone through in the past 18 months has been painful, lonely, frustrating, disorienting and, at times, made me feel like maybe I was losing my mind.  I know it is good to create new neuropathways in your brain; however, this experience has made me feel like my head was going to explode! In effect, I was going through re-birthing pains. It was necessary for me to be extracted from what was familiar in order to be transformed and open to new opportunities.

I had the amazing opportunity to hear Marianne Williamson speak in Cincinnati a few weeks ago.  I love, Marianne.  She was totally on fire!  As a spiritual leader, she has the ability to challenge others through a grounded connection between ancient wisdom and new thoughts. Her agenda was to help others see that this is no longer the age of Me, Me, ME!  She passionately evoked a sense of urgency in the audience with this call to action!

You have meaningful work to do.  It’s not about you anymore and what you want. It is time to stop being self-centered, become focused on the greater good and ask yourself;

What is mine (and only mine) to do? 
What am I personally responsible for?
How will I choose to fully engage my talents, expertise, and resources?

A Call to Action!

Step 1: Make a list of things that answer these questions. List everything from personal health and well-being to world peace!
Step 2: Use these three questions from A Course In Miracles to help you look beyond yourself, at a higher spiritual level, to connect with opportunities to serve and fulfill your appointed role in this life.

What would You have me do?
Where would You have me go? 
What would You have me say, and to whom?


There is mystery in this life; details, inner workings and energy that can never collected and analyzed by artificial intelligence. Together, let’s live life to our fullest potential.

Many blessings to you all (y’all) and thank you for sharing this journey with me!

In the Spirit of Strengths, 

Jennifer Seaver Stokes is a Creator of Maximal Opportunities for Mutual Growth through her coaching practice @  Tuned In Coaching.  She helps individuals, couples and groups connect with their inner genius through strengths discovery and energy mastery. This  partnership, created through the coaching process, empowers clients to leverage internal assets for external success.

If you know of a group or organization in need of a speaker or presentation for an event or team building experience, I would love to share my passion and expertise in the area of  Strategic Strengths and Energy Mastery with groups and organizations. 

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