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Happy Holidays,  <<First Name>>!

I hope you are enjoying this holiday season, however, if you have some resistance, anxiety or sadness this time of year, I hear you.  As we approach the Winter Solstice on December 21st, this time of shortest days and longest nights, the dark night of the soul can overcome us unless we choose to embrace it as a time of inner reflection.

I am a terrible gift giver.  I agonize over choices in the store, I may have great ideas, however, I totally over think and analyze the recipient and try to separate myself from “what I think they should want and have. I can’t stop myself from trying to influence them, for good, through my gift. 

In this life on earth, as human beings, three inevitable factors are at play; time, gravity and choice. I remember a discussion at a spiritual group meeting around the topic of time being an illusion.  Well, maybe it is but everyone showed up @ 7:30pm on a Thursday.  Gravity: what goes up must come down………ask any post-menopausal woman what that really means!

Choice:  I have a hard time making a gift choice for another.  Maybe that is why gift cards have become so popular. Here’s the money; buy what YOU want. In many ways, this is the message we receive from the Universe.  The choices we make are ultimately what we want………even indecision is a choice.

One of my acutely over analytical clients said recently, “The best decision I can make today is to make a decision.” Brilliant!

During this season of advent, waiting for the unexpected and mysterious to appear causes fear; even panic.  When we have a clear vision of what we want and what is ours to do, the best choice we make is to live in it every moment of every day, in our waking and sleeping, with courage and faith, to choose to live fearlessly. We decide to give our gifts and talents freely, without doubt, regret or attachment to the world’s reception of our gift.

Dr. Joe Dispenza, in his most recent article, “The Unknown will never let you down”, writes:
"The body is going to react to the fear. It’s going to recoil, shake, twist your heart, and upset your stomach in anxiety, but that’s just because it’s confronting the unknown. That’s our limited animal state driven by the hormones of stress. The people who stop and change fear into an elevated emotion, despite anxiety and the body’s resistance, will tell you they too were afraid about stepping into the unknown, but their passion for their vision was greater than their fear. They will also tell you the effort was worth the reward of what they found on the other side—liberation, freedom, wholeness, and more self-love."
What are the daily steps you will take into the unknown this holiday season and into 2018? Is it time to step out of your predictable life and step into the unknown with gratitude, positivity and love?

Yes!  2018 is my year to collaborate and improvise!  I don’t know exactly how this will take form, however my vision includes experiences that draw out our inner genius and create a “Master Mind” through Group Coaching, Mastermind Facilitation and musical (or stand-up) improvisation! Here is the definition of Master Mind by Napoleon Hill from his book, “Think and grow rich”: "Coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose."
Thank you for joining me on this journey – our souls are in this together!
Wishing you happiness, health, wisdom and wealth this holiday season and in the New Year!
Jennifer Seaver Stokes is a Creator of Maximal Opportunities for Mutual Growth through her coaching practice @  Tuned In Coaching.  She helps individuals, couples and groups connect with their inner genius through strengths discovery and energy mastery. This  partnership, created through the coaching process, empowers clients to leverage internal assets for external success.

If you know of a group or organization in need of a speaker, presentation or group facilitator, I would love to share my passion and expertise in the area of  Strategic Strengths and Energy Mastery with groups and organizations. 

Let's connect! or (317) 402-3532

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Copyright © 2017 Tuned In Coaching, All rights reserved.

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