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Thank you for hanging in there with me as I transition into a new phase of my professional life.  After 2 ½ years as a Career Transition Coach working with separated employees at an outplacement company, I have completed my learning and work and have returned to my own company, Tuned In Coaching, full time. I fell inspired, energized and know that this work is the best and highest use of my time, talents and treasure!

I am grateful for all that I learned and the amazing individuals I worked with during a tough career transition that was not their idea..  The courage and vulnerability they brought to our coaching sessions; to do the hard work of re-inventing themselves, connecting with colleagues and asking for help was beyond what I expected to experience.  I was fascinated by their expertise, industry and role. They had great accomplishments to put on their resumes and talk about in interviews, however, very few had experienced personal affirmation and validation of who they were on the inside in their professional life. They were not blessed by the people they worked with for the unique contributions they made from the core of who they are; their values, strengths and beliefs.

A big part of my personal mission is to learn and share how to intentionally bless others.  Let’s start with, “What is a blessing?”  Most of us think of a special saying or song at the end of a service of worship or religious ceremony, maybe even before a major battle.  We seem to have a prayerful habit of asking for ask for God’s blessing, for Divine protection and favor when we feel personally challenged or vulnerable.

In Joe Cavanaugh’s book, The Language of Blessing, he takes the idea to a whole new level.  He teaches us to acknowledge and affirm all that is unique and loving in another person and in ourselves! Check out his video. Here is a favorite quote from his book: 

“Blessings are unique in that they communicate the heart, mind and will of God for an individual. They connect us with our Creator’s dream for us. Words of blessing affirm and empower God-given attributes such as personality, gifting, talents, character traits and intelligences.  When we hear a blessing from God through another person, it resonates deep within our hearts, out innermost beings. It touches a deep passion in each of us to make a difference in this world”.

Are you ready to create a personalized blessing for someone in your personal or professional life?

Step 1: Use the same safety mantra you learned as a child. STOP, LOOK and LISTEN!  Observe, take notes and store up your thoughts about what you see in another person, not just what they do.  If you have the opportunity to learn about their strengths (StrengthsFinder Profile is a great tool) and values (Values in Action survey),  this will help you choose the best language and adjectives to describe them.

Step 2:  Avoid focusing on accomplishments or achievements; they are the result of the individual’s character, talents and strengths in action.  Bless unique traits first; this opens the person up to hear what you say in the future and the desired results will come more easily!

Step 3:  Decide how you want to deliver this message.  I often coach individuals to make observations and take notes about individuals they are working with in the first  60 days of a new job.  During the next thirty days, plan to deliver an “I SEE YOU as…….” or professional blessing that honors the core of the individual’s presence. At the end of the day, everyone wants to be seen and heard!

Step 4: The Truth is that we can only receive what we have given.  Once you give a blessing to another individual, are you ready to graciously receive one?  If you have never accepted a blessing from another in your life, you are sabotaging your own success and sending the message to others that you don’t want or appreciate their gift. 

Step 5:  Learn to love every part of yourself.  Gay Hendricks, in his book “Learning to Love Yourself”, shares over and over again that every problem is a self-love problem.  Until you intentionally love yourself; yes, even bless and love all of your “perfect imperfections”, you are unable to truly give or receive love from others.

Here is some vulnerable transparency; I really struggle with this.  My parents were perfectionists and very critical.  I have fully embodied these traits and am working to loosen the power they have over my personality.  Please join me in "doing the work"!   I have created a guided meditation on this very topic that I would love to share with you.  Please reach out to set aside a time for us to experience this together.  It is powerful! 

Happy giving……and receiving!

In the Spirit of Strengths,


Jennifer Seaver Stokes is a Creator of Maximal Opportunities for Mutual Growth through her coaching practice @  Tuned In Coaching.  She helps individuals, couples and groups connect with their inner genius through strengths discovery and energy mastery. This  partnership, created through the coaching process, empowers clients to leverage internal assets for external success.

If you know of a group or organization in need of a speaker, presentation or group facilitator, I would love to share my passion and expertise in the area of  Strategic Strengths and Energy Mastery with groups and organizations. 

Let's connect! or (317) 402-3532

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