Bagua Center Presents,
Celebrating Winter Solstice: 

Rebirth of the Light
Throughout history and in nature, the winter solstice is a time to rest and nourish the soul with joy and comfort.

We can observe this in nature through hibernation of animals, migration of birds and the resting of plant life. We too, can take this time to sync with the natural rhythms of the earth, as Gaia has always intended for us.
December 2016
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Celebrating Winter Solstice, Rebirth of the Light

Winter solstice marks the shortest day and longest night of the year, a time rest, nourishment and preparation for rebirth; to new beginnings. Throughout cultures, symbolic celebrations for the winter solstice have taken place almost as long as time itself. The ancient Egyptians celebrated this as the “rebirth of the sun”.

With the arrival of the winter solstice, Bagua Center invites you during this joyful time to gather with us one more time this year as we take a moment to appreciate all of the expansion, awareness and growth that we experienced. We want to take this time to get together with our beloved soul family, to open the season of rebirth together.

We bring a powerful line of healing practices to cleanse, nourish and refuel your spirit, for a season of comfort, blessings and love.
Our community partners, sponsors and the Bagua Center team personally invite you to celebrate in love and join us.


Casa Bagua at Belle Meade Island
7301 Belle Meade Island Dr. Miami, FL 33138
Wednesday, December 21st, 2016

How to prepare:

  • Rain or shine event that is outdoors. If the weather is questionable, bring an umbrella, etc.
  • Carpool, take ride services, etc. to accommodate neighborhood parking; park legally.
  • Bring a yoga mat, sitting pillow, and blanket
  • Bring a drum or instrument if you’d like
  • Portable toilet provided; no house access
  • Children are welcome, however, anyone (child or adult) who is disrupting the sacred space (talking, moving, etc.), will be asked to take a break from the space until they can return to stillness. Children 14 years old and older should pay the love donation.
  • No alcohol/drugs/smoking
  • Arrive early to account for parking and registration ($15 cash ONLY) or pay with your credit/debit card in our Bagua Center App
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We have assembled an all-star lineup of some of the most energetically-connected beings in the country to take us on a Winter Solstice journey, as we transition from the fall to the winter...


Join us for this off-the-charts all-star event!

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Claudia Aros & Bagua Center extend a personal invitation to the community to share sacred space in this Winter Solstice time so we grow together flowing in harmony into the next level…

Let’s celebrate together the Winter Solstice, Rebirth of the Light the Rebirth of our souls...

Pre- Opening:


Anya Guti is a musician and a yoga teacher. Anya is pre-opening the Winter Solstice lighting up the space with an amazing Kirtan Jamming Session!

Here is a pick to Anya’s kirtan music!

Sacred Space Opening:
Luz Duque is a Usui Reiki Master Teacher and she will open the Winter Solstice, Rebirth of The Light Sacred Space and will offer a sound healing experience with her Shamanic Medicine Songs and Blessings

Medicine Songs - Luz Duque

Eye Gazing:

Jolenny Piedra is a spiritual counselor transformational coach, Jolenny will take us in to the Eye Gazing Experience. The Eye Gazing Journey is carefully curated to assist you in accessing a sacred vocabulary of expanding and heart centered emotions as you lovingly gaze with the person before you while listening to soothing and uplifting tunes. No previous experience is necessary. Engage in a meaningful moment and sacred human connection, connect with yourself and others at a deeper lever and slow down together to remember the truth of whom we really are.

Eye Gazing:

Soulful Medicine Meditation:

Sacha Suarez is a visual artist and meditation teacher; Sacha will lead us to a Soulful Medicine Meditation. This time and space is dedicated to raise our vibration and connect to our inner guidance system. This moment may involve mindful movements to relax the mind, breathing techniques and a guided meditation. We start with a gratitude meditation honoring the many blessings we have present in our daily lives and honoring ourselves with love and compassion.
“7am rise to gratitude. This beautiful city we live in, So still, So peaceful. Smell of forest fire in the distance and pure clean air as you inhale the morning dew” 

Our partners Agni Miami will be teaching some yoga stretching poses!Carrie Guzanick & Viviana Villagra from Agni Miami will share some yoga techniques to help us stretch during our celebration
A brief demonstration…

The Power Primer:

Vincent Bellito is a spiritual coach and he will begin with a guided visualization to cultivate love and compassion for oneself and for others. Then, we’ll use the transmutation process (a special form of affirmations) called The Power Primer to affirm our highest power and direct that power into ourselves and our most remarkable life NOW.

Finally, Vincent will close by having everyone pair up with another person and affirm that person using a set of phrases designed to empower each partner


Are You Willing to Be WRONG About Your Negative Thinking Patterns? - Vince Bellito

Sound Bash & Drumming Circle:
Experience the yin and yang aspects of vibrational healing as Jared takes us through a deep soul cleansing by a combination of Didgeridoos, Crystal Bowls, Gongs and more…
Sound Healing – Jared Bistrong

Vibrational Medicine with Crystal Bowls:

Jill Rapperport /Vidya Devi Sings to the Dawn, will bring her signature shamanic journey through the chakras sound healing and attunement meditation. 12 Quartz Crystal chakra singing bowls will send you into a higher vibration realm, opening new channels of energy flow and align you with this sacred time. Jill is a modern day medicine woman, shamanic energy medicine practitioner, founder of Yoki Yoga Kids Yoga School, and lover of life, earth, protector of children, speaker and humanitarian. She has been working with the sound bowls since 1995. Use the picture from my newsletter or website or the one you have on file.

Vedic Fire Ceremony:

During this Vedic Fire Ceremony we will share ancestral wisdom and transcendental sound vibrations (mantras) recited for thousands of years by Vedic Sages and Yogis, all this mantras and prayers will have the Sacred Fire (Agni) as a witness of the offering.

Vedic Sacred Fire Ceremonies also revitalize and create balance in the three energies of the body (vata, pitha and kapha) and the seven Chakras. All different deities, demi-gods and elements are invited to the ceremony to create a powerful healing effect in the participant and also in the geographic region where is performed. Experience sacred healing through this Vedic Fire Ceremony.

Jared Bistrong: Drumming Circle

Jared at the Spring Equinox Journey Through Sound 2016
This is our time to dance!!! We’ll conclude our celebration with Jared Bistrong and his Tribal Drumming will raise our vibration opening our hearts to new beginnings!
Jared’s drumming at our Autumn Equinox: Inner Transformation 2016


Sarah Raw-Get Lifted Miami & Hosted by Claudia Aros

Sarah is our Community & Media Relations and she will be introducing each of these wonderful practitioners and sharing some amazing updates about Bagua Center!

The Celebration

On December 21st, 2016 we will be gathering at Casa de Bagua at Bealle Meade Island for this outdoor gathering. Come one and come all as we celebrate all that we have cultivated together; each practitioner in our lineup will share profound knowledge & healing, so that you may flow into the next phase of your journey with love & acceptance, with our love by your side. With each song, with each guided meditation, with each dance we delve deep into the rebirth of the light, to root you deep into your heart for your next quest.


Love Donation: $15

Debit/credit card payments available online, only until December 20th. 2016
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In the darkness of the cradle, the new is born – The Winter Solstice
Winter Solstice (Summer Solstice for some) the opportunity to embrace within, the New Matrix of Consciousness, 5th Dimensional Consciousness, has raised itself, as the Momentum continues to Build, as the daylight continues to shorten.
The Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere (the shortest day) we experience, now, a POWERFUL Strengthening of the New Matrix. The New Blueprint of Consciousness. Which is the New Return to the Original consciousness.
As too, the Light of the Sun begins its New Solar Cycle, and as we celebrate this on the Winter Solstice, so too you, may experience a deeper initiation, into Being the Light of your Soul. Your Original Pure Light of Consciousness.
As the Frequency continues to Build and as you are held more intensely in the darkness of the cradle (the shorter daylight) and as this reaches its depths of darkness (Winter Solstice) Delve ever DEEPER within You Dear Souls, as you are Consecrated Anew, as the Birth of the New You, into the ever-expanding Consciousness of Light.
This ever-expanding Consciousness of Light, is the beatific Glory of Your Soul. I Celebrate this Return, as the deepening Matrix and Blueprint of Consciousness, enters more powerfully, the Full awakening through the alchemical process of expanding Light of consciousness, within. 5th Dimensional Consciousness, Accept, Love and Unite, as the Beckoning of Light, draws you to it, unto itself.
You can take your bicycle,skateboard or even enjoy a beautiful walk to the venue, we’ll see you there…!

Partners and Sponsors

Hosted by: Claudia Aros and Bagua Center


Love Donation $15 Cash Only

Debit/credit card payments available online, only until December 20th. 2016
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