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Casa de Bagua
7301 Belle Meade Island Dr. Miami, FL 33138
Monday, March 20th, 2017 .:. 3:00pm - 8:00pm

Monday, MARCH
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We want to keep bringing the LOVE, the HEALING, and the JOY that is why we will keep bringing celebrations for the whole community!

When we align with the divine rhythm of nature, we can awaken our inner teacher, each and every one of us.

Within each one of us lies a dormant teacher who is yearning to be awakened. The spiritual journey is not one which wishes to teach others but one that works to awaken the teacher within each one of us. The teacher becomes the student and student a teacher, the roles are synchronous as nature always intended.

Bagua Center is in deep gratitude to present to you Spring Equinox: Awakening the Inner Teacher on March 20th, 2017 to help you answer the call for awakening within you. With a beautifully curated line-up of energy healing experiences, this event is designed to assist you in shedding the skin of the past and awaken the infinite wisdom that is made available to you as a gift from Source.

Join us on March 20th at Casa de Bagua from 3:00pm to 8:00pm to experience for a collective awakening as sound, energy, reiki and other healing modalities are experienced as a community by the most prominent teachers’ available right here and now for us to grow. Like our past celebrations, our wonderful sponsors and partners will complement the experience provided to us by the wonderful teachers who will lead us into the new. Mini theta-healing® and tarot readings will be available for a love donation.

Be sure to bring your yoga mats, natural beverages, snacks, crystals, sage, and incense to create your own haven for the day as we sit peacefully by the waters. We encourage you to bring instruments, drums, shakers, flutes, etc. Let’s have a massive celebration! Please carpool or use a driving service as parking will be limited. Cash will be accepted at the door for an all-day entry pass; however, we highly recommend purchasing tickets in advance for your convenience.

We wish to learn from you and with you... with the coming of spring, the teacher within is awakened in us all, together in love ❤


Signing up in advance is highly recommended!


Parking is limited, we strongly encourage you to carpool or use any other option of transportation that will prevent you from driving to the event.

If you must drive you can street-park outside the island. The main entrance (island gate) is over NE 76 St & NE 6th Ct limited street parking available, please park legally.

The estimated distance from the gate to the house it’s approximately 1 mile, feel free to walk, rollerblade, or skateboard to the location.

When: MONDAY, MARCH 20, 2017
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Time: 3:00PM – 8:00PM

7301 Belle Meade Island Dr. Miami, FL 33138
Love donations are welcomed and appreciated!
  • Eat an energetic meal and prepare yourself to arrive early for this special event. It is a jam packed program full of amazingness! You won’t want to miss any of it!
  • Rain or shine event that is outdoors. If the weather is questionable, bring an umbrella, etc.
  • Carpool, take ride services (Uber/Lift/taxi), etc. to accommodate neighborhood parking; please park legally.
  • Arrive early to account for street parking and registration
    $15 cash only
  • Bring a yoga mat, sitting pillow, and blanket.
  • Bring drums, shakers, any type of instrument; let’s have fun and celebrate!
  • You are welcome to add items to the altar, such as flowers and crystals
  • No alcohol/drugs/smoking
  • Portable toilet provided; no indoors house access
  • Children are welcome, however, anyone (child or adult) who is disrupting the sacred space (talking, moving, etc.), will be asked to take a break from the space until they can return to stillness
We strongly recommend for you to register online prior to the day of.
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Hosted by Claudia Aros and Sarah Raw

3:00pm – 8:00pm:: FREE Readings by Gisele Coymat and Catrin Bataille

3:10pm – 3:30pm:: Sophie The Medium :: Spiritual Healing
Spiritual healing is healing energy passed on through a neutral channel, the medium. The healer works with Spiritual healing is healing energy passed on through a neutral channel, the medium. The healer works within the aura of the recipient without any physical contact.  The healing received will continue to have effect and work on your physical and mental state afterwards.

3:30pm – 3:50pm:: Julina and Carmela :: Introducing Purium™
They will educate us about this amazing 100% organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, superfoods system that incorporates the most nutritionally dense foods on the planet. Farm to table & important daily nutrition for the entire family!

3:50pm – 4:10pm:: Gilles and The Maoris :: Intro to Maori Healing
Gilles with Manu and Ata will enlighten us with their expertise about Maori Healing which is this ancient body of sacred knowledge based on universal principles dating back 4000 years. This traditional bodywork impacts the central nervous system at a cellular level. All the body systems are invigorated to help shift the body back into balance closer to its natural state of being.

4:10pm - 4:30pm:: Lina Vallejo :: Skanda yoga
Lina Vallejo will share her Yoga Wisdom with us! Skanda Yoga’s mission is to challenge the body and transform the spirit. Sharing some of their favorite Yoga poses with a progressive style for advancing the practice of traditional asana posture while incorporating modern scientific stretching techniques.

4:30pm – 4:50pm:: Maria Forrest :: Thetahealing® Meditation
Maria will guide us through Thetahealing® meditation to connect to the Theta brain wave state, connect you to Divine Source Energy and clear old, dense energy that is no longer serving you. This will allow you to feel instantly clearer and lighter. It will also enable us access the divine wisdom that is within, you can experience a deeper sense of peace in your mind, body and life.

4:50pm – 5:20pm Break Presentation by Sarah Raw
Sarah is our Community & Media Relations and she will be introducing each of these wonderful practitioners and sharing some amazing updates about Bagua Center!

5:20pm – 6:50pm:: Jill Rapperport :: Vibrational Medicine with Crystal Bowls
Jill Rapperport /Vidya Devi/ Sings to the Dawn, will bring her signature shamanic journey through the chakras sound healing and attunement meditation. 12 Quartz Crystal chakra singing bowls will send you into a higher vibration realm, opening new channels of energy flow and align you with this sacred time. Jill is a modern day medicine woman, shamanic energy medicine practitioner, founder of Yoki Yoga Kids Yoga School, and lover of life, earth, protector of children, speaker and humanitarian. She has been working with the sound bowls since 1995. Use the picture from my newsletter or website or the one you have on file.

6:50 – 7:10pm:: Valeria Tignini :: Energy Transmission
Val will be transmitting energy through her words and cosmic light language and sounds. Then she will go around and give Shaktipat so that your soul can awaken and experience a higher level of consciousness. Once awakened, it's a journey of soul revelations and ever-evolving divine experiences. This gift of awakening you to your divine connection leads to an increased awareness of universal truths, self-knowing, inner peace and wonderful miracles in your life. 

7:10pm – 7:40pm:: Kalki Das :: Vedic Fire Ceremony
During this Vedic Fire Ceremony we will share ancestral wisdom and transcendental sound vibrations (mantras) recited for thousands of years by Vedic Sages and Yogis, all this mantras and prayers will have the Sacred Fire (Agni) as a witness of the offering. Vedic Sacred Fire Ceremonies also revitalize and create balance in the three energies of the body (vata, pitha and kapha) and the seven Chakras. All different deities, demi-gods and elements are invited to the ceremony to create a powerful healing effect in the participant and also in the geographic region where is performed. You will experience sacred healing through this Vedic Fire Ceremony.

7:40 – 8:00pm:: Fernando Subirats :: Drum Circle Celebration ~ Let’s party!
Fernando will hold space for us as we express our inner flame. As we just honored the fire without (fire ceremony), now we honor the fire within and give ourselves permission to let go and to play as One, as one drummer, one rhythm, one Heart. (Get your instruments and join in!)

Randy Singer will be providing Spirit Sound Services and Electro-Harmonica throughout the gathering.

Check out the magical moments we all shared in past events:
Winter Solstice: Rebirth of Light, 2016
Spring Equinox Bash: Journey through Sound, 2016
Autumn Equinox: Turning Inward, 2015
Bagua Center Family
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Partners and Sponsors

Hosted by: Claudia Aros and Bagua Center
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