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Leading compliance expert Michelle Garlick recounts a cautionary tale of conveyancing gone wrong and explains the risk management culture needed to make things right.
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ETSOS Round-up

There’s almost too much to pack in this quarter, what with new products and new people, but we’ll lead the way with our ground-breaking move to end admin charges on all Land Registry products, Not bad for starters!
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Flood of information

As flooding becomes a staple part of the conveyancers’ risk list, we thought it would be useful to share a couple of resources that examine groundwater, specifically how it impacts on the environment and interacts with other flood sources, and what this means for the search process.
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Compliance & accreditation - mitigating risk through IT

Converge Technology Services highlights the increasing pressure on IT systems from a risk management perspective and explains how hosted solutions can simplify the compliance challenge.
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Missing out on efficiency gains?

Here’s a question for you. Well, two questions. Do you use a case management system? Is your search provider integrated into that system? No? Well here we explain why it needs to be.
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That sinking – and shrinking - feeling

Given that on average, the same number of properties are affected by subsidence as are affected by flood each year, we’d like to encourage greater awareness of the impact of soil shrinkage and other causative factors. And we think Property Assure can help.
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Usability, usability, usability

It may be all about location, location, location for Kirstie and Phil, but in our particular property game, it’s always been about ease of use. For all the other benefits ETSOS delivers, fundamentally it’s still about our founding commitment, to make our users’ lives easier. Here’s a reminder of just how we do that.
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