Leadership Forum Recap—Photos, Award Winners, Elections & More! | 100+ attend Med Student Symposium in Columbus
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Michael J. McCrea, MD, FACEP

President, Ohio ACEP

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July 26, 2016

Welcome, New Members!

Daniel Atcheson
Teresa Bigley, DO
Natashy Boydston, DO
Alexa Coffman
Janine E Curcio, DO
Nicholas Elliott, DO
Christopher Evans, DO
Ryan FitzGerald
Krystal Garcia, DO
Hussein Ghoul, DO
Kyle A Hartman, MD
Samuel Houng, DO
William Jian, DO
Graham Kehrer, DO
Sura Khuder
Jared Lizzi, DO
Arlene Losloso, DO
Jason McIntosh, DO
Cameron M Meyer, DO
Motunrayo Mobolaji-Lawal
Renee Moffitt, DO
J.Chika Morah
Harry Owusu-Dapaah
Jason Benjamin Pillet, DO
Alexander K Quinones
Daniel Ritter
Joshua P Roach, DO
Travis Sharkey-Toppen
Vimal Shenoy
Benjamin V Silver, DO
Alexander J Stuber
Gregory H Tanquary, DO
Cameron Tregaskes, MD
Nicole Van Horne, DO
Amber Walker, DO
Tai Wang
Menachem M Weiszner
Meghan Bridget Williams, MD
Alexander Wilson
Sarah Winston Bush, MD
Kathryn M Young


President's Message

It has been quite a few days for the Chapter. On Saturday, April 16th, Ohio ACEP co-sponsored a Medical Student Symposium with EMRA for the second year in a row. We had over 100 medical students from as far away as Texas and Missouri attend lectures on getting into residency and participate in skill workshops. And a couple days later, Ohio ACEP held its Emergency Medicine Leadership Forum, an awesome two days of advocacy, education, and leadership on Capitol Square in Columbus. [Read more]

2016 Emergency Medicine Leadership Forum

On April 18 and 19 in Columbus, Ohio ACEP held its Emergency Medicine Leadership Forum. Attending physicians, EM residents, medical students, and Ohio legislators gathered for this lively day of physician advocacy, leadership topics, medical education, and networking. If you weren’t able to join us, here’s what you missed! [Read more]

Board of Directors and Councillor Elections    
On April 19, in conjunction with the Emergency Medicine Leadership Forum in Columbus, Ohio ACEP held its annual elections for Board of Directors and ACEP Councillors. [Read more]

Ohio ACEP Annual Awards Presented to Five Outstanding EM Physicians
Dr. Joan Papp was presented with the Emergency Physician Advocacy Award by Ohio ACEP President, Dr. Michael McCrea [Read more]
The Emergency Physician Medical Education Award was presented to Dr. Andrew King by Dr. Michael McCrea and Ohio ACEP Medical Director, Dr. Ann Dietrich [Read more]
Dr. Rory Stuart was presented with the Outstanding Emergency Medicine Resident of the Year Award by Dr. Michael McCrea [Read more]
Dr. John Tafuri, who was unfortunately unable to join us in person to accept his honor, received the 2016 Emergency Physician of the Year Award [Read more]
Dr. Mary Hancock was presented with the Bill Hall Award, Ohio ACEP’s highest honor, by Chapter President, Dr. Michael McCrea [Read more]
Thanks to our Prime Partner, Island Medical Management and our Event Partner, VITAS Healthcare, and all the exhibitors and sponsors who helped make the Emergency Medicine Leadership Forum possible!
For more photos from the Emergency Medicine Leadership Forum, Like us on Facebook!

EMRA, Ohio ACEP Host Med Student Symposium

On April 16 in Columbus, Ohio ACEP teamed up with EMRA to offer medical students a unique opportunity to explore the fastest-paced and most exciting specialty in the house of medicine. More than 100 medical students and residency faculty from all over the country gathered for dynamic sessions on choosing a residency, rocking the residency interview, an ultrasound skills lab, and a residency fair.

Thanks to all the amazing medical students who turned out for the Midwest Regional Med Student Symposium—we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! And a special thanks to our faculty, residency directors, event exhibitors, and EMRA for making this event possible. And a special thanks to SonoSite, MedFlight, and Karl Storz.

Member Kudos

Opeolu Adeoye, MD, FACEP, who was awarded a $5,000 prize during the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine’s Research Week Shark Tank competition

Thomas E Collins, MD, FACEP, who was presented with the FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award

William R Hinckley, MD, FACEP, who co-authored the study, “Shorter Times to Packed Red Blood Cell Transfusion are Associated with Decreased Risk of Death in Traumatically Injured Patients,” which was published in The Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery
Tanner Gronowski, DO, and the residents of Doctors Hospital Emergency Medicine Residency for placing third in EMP’s 7th Annual Video Challenge:

Sharon E Mace, MD, FACEP, whose research, “Clinical Policy for Well-Appearing Infants and Children Younger Than 2 Years of Age Presenting to the Emergency Department With Fever,” was published in the May edition of Annals of Emergency Medicine

Catherine A Marco, MD, FACEP, and Michael S Beeson, MD, FACEP, whose research, “American Board of Emergency Medicine Report on Residency Training Information,” was published in the May edition of Annals of Emergency Medicine

Doctors Hospital Emergency Medicine Residents and The Ohio State University Department of Emergency Medicine Residents who ran the Ultrasound Skills Lab and Airway Skills Lab, respectively, at the Midwest Medical Student Symposium
Do you know of a member who deserves to be congratulated? Let us know!

Members in the News

James Augustine, MD, FACEP, whose article, “National Surveys on Emergency Department Trends Bring Future Improvements Into Focus,” was published in ACEP Now

Bradford Borden, MD, FACEP; Carla O’Day, MD, FACEP; and Joan Papp, MD, FACEP, who were quoted in the Cleveland Plain Dealer article, “Spike in opioid overdoses straining hospitals, rehab facilities; fentanyl linked to spiraling crisis”

Kevin Klauer, DO, EJD, FACEP, who interviewed Dr. Rebecca Parker for the ACEP Now article, “ACEP President-Elect Dr. Rebecca Parker Shares Views on Issues Facing Emergency Medicine”

Catherine Marco, MD, FACEP, whose article, “How to Handle a Medical Mistake,” was published in ACEP Now

Joan Papp, MD, FACEP, who co-wrote the article, “When patient satisfaction is bad medicine,” which appears on the American Medical Association’s AMA Wire

Lauren Southerland, MD, who was quoted in the Health News Digest article, “Minor Head Trauma in Older Adults, Repeat ER Visits"

Do you know of a member featured or interviewed in a news story? Let us know!

From National ACEP

Interested in Volunteering? Apply Now to be a Member of an ACEP Committee
Want to serve on a national committee during fiscal year 2016-17? Submit an interest form and CV by May 16. ACEP President-Elect Rebecca B. Parker, MD, FACEP, asks members to include details explaining qualifications and experiences relevant to the particular committee. Appointments will be made in June. More details are available online.

Now Accepting Abstracts for 2016 Research Forum
Original emergency medicine research that will ultimately affect patient care is now being accepted to be considered for the 2016 ACEP Research Forum. The Research Forum will take place in conjunction with ACEP16, October 16 - 19 in Las Vegas. Deadline to submit abstracts is April 29 – read more online about the submission process and awards.

Check Out This Video Resource on Opioids for Your Patients and Their Families 
In this educational video supported by an ACEP section grant to the Trauma and Injury Prevention Section, Dr. Scott Weiner discusses what patients need to know in order to stay safe when using pain medications. Share this resource with your patients on a cell phone, tablet or workstation on wheels.

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