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Ohio ACEP Government Affairs:

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Co-Chair, Ohio ACEP Government Affairs

Matthew Sanders, DO, FACEP

Co-Chair, Ohio ACEP Government Affairs

Amanda Sines

Ohio ACEP Lobbyist
Capitol Action Team

Recent Policy News & Opinion

FDA rejects Indivior's nasal spray for opioid overdose
November 24, 2015

Rubio budget win is dealing heavy blow to ObamaCare
The Hill
November 24, 2015

State grants $2.5 million to create more beds for those recovering from addiction
The Columbus Dispatch
November 24, 2015

HHS banks on Congress extending CHIP funding
Modern Healthcare
November 30, 2015

Health Plans Not Required To Pay Fairly for Emergency Care, Under New Regulation
ACEP News Room
December 1, 2015

CMS holds firm on disputed two-midnight pay cut to hospitals
Modern Healthcare
December 1, 2015

GOP has little room to spare on Obamacare repeal
December 1, 2015

Component of Mental Health Bill Could Expand Medicaid Payments for Psychiatric Hospitals
Roll Call
December 1, 2015

Senate Republicans must figure Medicaid expansion beneficiaries don't vote
Modern Healthcare’s Vital Signs Blog
December 1, 2015

Democrats take aim at GOP's Medicaid repeal
December 2, 2015

Bill to Repeal Health Law Passes Senate
The New York Times
December 3, 2015

GOP's New Plan To Repeal Obamacare Is Missing One Obvious Thing
By Jonathan Cohn, for the Huffington Post 
December 3, 2015

Head of American Medical Association urges Ohio State crowd to improve medicine
The Columbus Dispatch
December 4, 2015

Auto safety efforts show the way for gun violence reduction
Modern Healthcare
December 5, 2015

Why the U.S. should pay Irish drug prices if Pfizer wants to pay Irish tax rates
By Dr. Peter Bach, for The Washington Post’s Wonkblog
December 7, 2015

Tell Uncle Sam to go easy on older doctors
December 7, 2015

Dem fault lines emerge on 'Cadillac tax'
The Hill
December 10, 2015

Survey: 8 in 10 ER Docs Say Mental Health System Is Not Working for Patients
ACEP News Release
December 15, 2015

Leaders join forces to improve emergency mental health care
December 17, 2015

Senate chairman: Cures bill is next priority
The Hill
December 21, 2015

Why Ted Cruz’s plan to overhaul the FDA would jeopardize public health
December 21, 2015

ER Doctors Say Federal Rules Could Raise Patients’ Out-Of-Network Bills
Kaiser Health News
December 22, 2015

One and a Half Cheers for Obamacare
Bloomberg View Editorial Board
December 22, 2015

Why the AMA president wants the government to back off
Chicago Tribune
December 23, 2015

House GOP leaders set up vote striking ObamaCare
The Hill
December 23, 2015

Naloxone Standing Orders Bill Signed by Governor

  • House Bill 4 increases access to naloxone by relaxing requirements that a licensed prescriber be present for all distribution of naloxone
  • Ohio ACEP member and Project DAWN (Deaths Avoided With Naloxone) Medical Director, Dr. Joan Papp, successfully championed the bill

Ohio ACEP to US Lawmakers: Support EMTALA Limited Liability Bill

  • In a letter to US legislators, Ohio ACEP urged support and co-sponsorship for the “Health Care Safety Net Act of 2015,” which would provide limited liability protection for physicians and other healthcare providers treating patients in need of emergency care
  • In the letter, Ohio ACEP pointed out that emergency physicians provide care in a unique environment, work under the federal law, EMTALA, and regularly treat patients who are at the greatest risk of dying
  • As a result, emergency physicians expose themselves to costly litigation just for doing their jobs
  • So far, the bill has gained 94 co-sponsors, including Ohio Congressmen Dave Joyce, Bill Johnson, Robert Latta, Patrick Tiberi, Steve Stivers, and Brad Wenstrup

ACEP’s Legislative Advocacy Conference

  • On May 3-6, EM physicians from around the country descended on Washington, DC, for ACEP’s Legislative Advocacy Conference & Leadership Summit
  • The Ohio Chapter delegation met with legislators and key staffers on Capitol Hill, honed their advocacy skills, and got some great leadership training
At ACEP's Legislative Advocacy Conference and Leadership Summit, the Ohio ACEP delegation preps for its trip to Capitol Hill to advocate for emergency medicine

Suspected Drug Activity Reporting Amendment

  • Ohio ACEP successfully opposed an amendment to the state budget bill which would have given express authority for physicians to report patients to law enforcement for suspected drug activity
  • Ohio ACEP opposed the amendment over concerns that it could have undermined trust between physicians and patients and have a chilling effect on patients’ willingness to seek care
  • Thanks to Ohio ACEP’s work with lawmakers, the provision was amended to clarify that physicians may report drug activity to a mental health professional, rather than law enforcement

Ohio ACEP Joins Physician Community to Tell Lawmakers, “Teams Work!”

  • In 2015, Ohio ACEP joined forces with a number of other medical organizations to oppose House Bill 216, a dangerous proposal which would allow APRNs to practice independently without a collaborating physician
  • We asked our members to contact their legislators and tell them to oppose House Bill 216—thanks to our members who answered the call!
  • In 2016, we will continue to stand with our allies and keep the pressure on the General Assembly to reject HB 216, protect patient safety, and preserve physician-led, team-based care

Save the Date!

After Physicians' Objection, Chiropractic Board Reverses Course on Return-to-Play Rule

  • An amendment to a bill passed in 2014 will allow chiropractors to clear youth athletes to play after suffering a concussion
  • As part of the bill, a study group made recommendations to the State Chiropractic Board on creating minimum education requirements for licensed healthcare professionals wanting to independently assess and clear concussed athletes
  • Against the committee’s recommendations, the Chiropractic Board’s draft education requirements would have given chiropractors authority to be the consulting or supervising provider for other providers who might clear a youth athlete for play
  • In response to the draft rule, a number of medical organizations—including Ohio ACEP—sent a letter to the Chiropractic Board, which prompted them to quickly rewrite the rule to be more consistent with Ohio law and the Committee’s recommendations

Ohio ACEP and Bill Sponsor Meet on Medicaid Prior Authorization Proposal

  • House Bill 250 would require Medicaid patients to obtain prior authorization before being prescribed a drug containing an opioid—even in emergency departments
  • The bill, while well-intentioned, raises serious concerns: First, requiring prior authorization for an opioid in an emergency care setting could delay timely, appropriate treatment of acute pain
  • Second, the legislation is also at odds with state and federal laws which prohibit prior authorization in the emergency department
  • Ohio ACEP met to convey our concerns with bill sponsor, Rep. Robert Sprague, who was receptive to our input and appreciated the information we shared with him

Ohio ACEP Works With Lawmakers to Improve State Trauma Board Bill

  • House Bill 261 would create a State Trauma Board in the Ohio Department of Health
  • Throughout the process of drafting the bill, Ohio ACEP was active in interested party meetings and successfully ensured additional representation of emergency medicine on the proposed Board
  • Now that Ohio ACEP’s concerns and comments have been addressed by the bill’s sponsors, the Chapter has announced its neutral position on House Bill 261

US Congress Finally Passes “Doc Fix”

  • The elusive bipartisan legislation to permanently repeal the flawed Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) formula and avoid a 21% Medicare payment cut sailed through Congress and was quickly signed by President Obama
  • Though both parties recognized the need to fix the SGR, the formula which determined reimbursement rates for physicians who treat Medicare patients, a deal had eluded lawmakers, leading to a series of temporary “patches” instead
  • When the deal was announced, physicians’ groups around the nation—including Ohio ACEP—mobilized to make sure Congress took advantage of the historic opportunity to finally fix the SGR

News From National ACEP

ACEP Joins Coalition to Urge Congress to Allow Research on Gun Violence
The American College of Emergency Physicians has joined a powerful coalition of organizations asking Congress to ‪#EndtheBan on gun violence research. Read the letter sent to Congress.‬‬‬‬‬‬

ACEP Speaks Out in Letter to CMS Over Payment Issues for 2017
ACEP has submitted comments to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services on proposals that will impact benefit and payment parameters for qualified health plans in 2017. The letter from ACEP President Jay A. Kaplan, MD, FACEP, addresses concerns about network adequacy and reduced payments for out-of-network emergency physicians.


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