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Michael D. Smith, MD, FACEP
President, Ohio ACEP

Laura Tiberi, CAE
Executive Director

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President's Message

It is an honor to be able to serve as your Ohio ACEP Chapter President. Thank you for entrusting me with this position and your collective commitment to excellence in emergency medicine.

I also want to thank Dr. Tom Lukens, Immediate Past-President, for his mentorship and guidance as well as his fantastic leadership over the previous year. I owe a similar debt of gratitude to the Board of Directors, Executive Committee and staff of Ohio ACEP. Though the coming year will no doubt present its share of challenges, it is nice to be able to take the helm of an organization that has been so well-led and managed.
For those of you that don’t know me, I received my bachelor's and medical degrees from Case Western Reserve, and I trained at MetroHealth/Cleveland Clinic for my EM residency. After residency, I stayed on at MetroHealth as faculty. I run a medical student clerkship and co-direct the EM Simulation Program. Nationally, I'm involved with the ACEP Academic Affairs Committee, Clinical Policy Committee (Hypertension) and the Council Reference Committee. I live in Brecksville, Ohio, with my wife and twin 4-year old girls.
During my remarks immediately after taking over as Chapter President, I explained how I first decided to become involved in Ohio ACEP activities. At the risk of repeating myself to those that were in attendance, I think my first President’s Message is an ideal opportunity to share these thoughts.
Early in my career, I found myself looking around our busy county ED. I quickly became tired of seeing our patients lining the hallways and was frustrated with certain aspects of the well-intentioned federal law EMTALA. Even more eye opening was realizing these frustrations were shared by emergency physicians across the state and country. In short, as much as I am sheepish to admit it, I became involved with Ohio ACEP because I was angry.
I realized that emergency physicians can’t be content to just endure the system. Providing the best possible care to our patients includes advocating for the changes we need to do our jobs better. These changes include pushing for medical liability reform, tackling ED overcrowding and demanding fair reimbursement. Ohio ACEP has been at the forefront of achieving progress on these issues, and we will continue to lead the way in calling for further reforms. 
Over the coming year, I look forward to working with you to build on the progress we have made. I encourage each of our members—attendings, residents and medical students alike—to get involved and demand the changes necessary to ensure all patients have access to quality emergency care. 
Michael D. Smith, MD, FACEP
President, Ohio ACEP

Message from Outgoing President, Dr. Tom Lukens

It has been my privilege to serve as the Ohio ACEP President for the past year. Your elected board members and the Columbus staff with whom I’ve worked have done a terrific job in promoting the interests of our members and the patients we all serve.
As I move to the position of Immediate Past-President, I plan to continue to remain active in our Chapter. Delivery of health care, both locally and nationally, still remains in the forefront of our concerns. Regardless of how the Supreme Court rules on the ACA, the way we deliver care will be scrutinized further and change will come.
We cannot continue to spend considerably more per capita on health care than any other country yet have 45 million uninsured and many more under insured facing major financial hardships with a single serious illness. In addition, our health outcomes are only fair when compared to most industrialized countries. If we think this continues to be acceptable and suffering and fear among so many of our citizens is a viable option, what does that say about our national character?
We need to continue to exchange ideas, resisting name calling and sound bites, to achieve a more equitable system. I encourage all to enter into the debate and work for a solution. But this, as you well know, takes time and money. A contribution to the Ohio ACEP PAC, NEMPAC and EM Action Fund aids our decision makers and helps to achieve our goals. Please be generous with your efforts as we move forward to a medical care system that serves all Americans well.
Yours Truly,
Thomas W. Lukens, MD, FACEP
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All Ohio EM Assembly: One to Remember!

When it came time to begin planning for our 2012 Annual Meeting, we knew we wanted to do something special. After all, 2012 marks Ohio ACEP’s 40th Anniversary! We used this milestone as a reason to combine our Annual Meeting and Residents’ Assembly into one memorable event. 
In total, more than 150 physicians, residents and medical students attended, including 14 Past Presidents and 4 members of current National ACEP leadership. 74 residents, representing 9 programs across the state, met with nearly 40 exhibitors and physician recruiters.
All attendees and exhibitors received a beautiful 40th Anniversary Retrospective publication and commemorative candy jar and photos. Members who were not able to attend will receive a copy of the 40th Anniversary Retrospective through the mail. The Retrospective includes memories from Ohio ACEP Past Presidents, a fun look at some of the Chapter’s pivotal moments and an annual report for the previous year.
We also set up a photo booth, which proved to be a hit, enticing residents, attendings, medical students –including more than a few from the ranks of Ohio ACEP leadership! We caught some great pictures, from the fun to the creative to the downright goofy. To check out all the photos, be sure to Like our Facebook Page! Whether you made it to the event or not, we invite you to leave your thoughts and tag yourself and your colleagues in the photos! 

Panel Discussions

The “Life After Residency Career and Practices Options Panel” gave EM residents professional networking opportunities and provided great strategies for successfully embarking on their career in emergency medicine. Ohio ACEP would like to thank each of the panelists: Drs. Randy King (Moderator), Dan Breece, Nicholas Jouriles, Daniel Martin and Robert Strauss.
The afternoon Hot Topic Session was “Patients and Pain in the ED; Their Pain is Our Pain.” Moderator, Dr. Colin Kaide, assembled an expert panel representing a variety of viewpoints. Panelists Dr. Hannah Hays, Dr. Kevin Klauer and Dr. Dawn Prall explored the new Ohio Emergency and Acute Care Facility Opioids and Other Controlled Substances (OOCS) Prescribing Guidelines, as well as clinical discussions on pain management, examining the unique needs of different populations and the future of pain control.
The “Bouncebacks! Beyond the Book; Medical and Legal Issues in the ED” session was taught by two of the book’s authors, Kevin Klauer, DO, EJD, FACEP and Michael Weinstock, MD. The session featured four interactive “bounceback” cases for participants to discuss.

40th Anniversary Celebration and Annual Meeting Luncheon

The midday luncheon event included the election of the Ohio ACEP Board of Directors and Councillors and a chapter update by Executive Director Laura Tiberi, CAE. During the luncheon David P. Keseg, MD, FACEP was presented with the Bill Hall Award for Service for his significant contributions to Emergency Medicine and Ohio ACEP. Douglas A. Rund, MD, FACEP was honored as Emergency Medicine Physician of the Year  in recognition of his commitment to the ideals of emergency medicine and dedication to the education and mentorship of emergency physicians. [more on the award winners…]
The graduates of the 2011 Leadership Development Academy were recognized for their commitment to developing skills to advance emergency care and dedication to serving as future leaders in their field. The 2011 Leadership Development graduates are: Purva Grover, MD; Venkatesh Kambhampti, MD; Michael McCrea, MD, FACEP, FAAEM; Mohammad Moussa, MD; Michael Nauss, MD, FACEP; Sarah Orlousky, MD; and Matthew Sanders, DO, FACEP.
The members of the 2012-2013 Leadership Development Academy Class were introduced to the Chapter and were named as Alternate Councillors to the 2012 delegation: Eric Adkins, MD; Saurin Bhatt, MD; Deborah Kimball, MD; Gerald Maloney, Jr., DO, FACEP; Bradley Raetzke, MD; Alison Southern, MD; and Melissa Tscheiner, MD.

Board Elections

The following six physicians were elected to the Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting:
  • Eileen F. Baker, MD, FACEP*
  • Robert I. Broida, MD, FACEP* (Treasurer)
  • Venkatesh Kambhampti, MD, ScM
  • Gary R. Katz, MD, MBA, FACEP*
  • Matthew J. Sanders, DO, FACEP
  • Alicia Shelby, MD (EMRO Representative)
*denotes incumbent candidate.
Councillors were also elected at the meeting. The 2012 Ohio ACEP Council delegation is: Eileen F. Baker, MD, FACEP; Thomas E. Carter, DO, FACEP; Purva Grover, MD; Gary R. Katz, MD, MBA, FACEP; Sara Laskey, MD, FACEP; Thomas W. Lukens, MD, PhD, FACEP; John L. Lyman, MD, FACEP; Catherine A. Marco, MD, FACEP; Daniel R. Martin, MD, FACEP; Michael McCrea, MD, FACEP; Matthew J. Sanders, DO, FACEP; Michael D. Smith, MD, FACEP; and Thomas A. Tallman, DO, FACEP. The Councillors will represent Ohio at the ACEP Council Meeting during the 2012 Scientific Assembly, October 8-11, in Denver.
Also elected as Alternate Councillors were: C.C. Halloran, MD, FACEP; Howard K. Mell, MD, FACEP; Richard Nelson, MD, FACEP; and Sandra Werner, MD, FACEP.
Ohio ACEP congratulates these successful candidates and looks forward to working with them to help carry out their vision for an even better Chapter.
Planning will begin soon for next year’s event! If you would like to serve on the 2013 All Ohio EM Assembly planning committee, please contact Education Meetings Manager, Kelley Shively .
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EMS Star of Life Awards Ceremony
The week of May 20, 2012 was designated as National EMS Week by ACEP. All across the country, first responders and pre-hospital care providers were recognized for their dedication to the health and safety of their fellow citizens.
On Wednesday, May 16, Ohio ACEP proudly hosted the 14th Annual EMS Star of Life Awards. This ceremony is held each year to celebrate the outstanding EMS practitioners across the State of Ohio. During the ceremony, many of Ohio’s amazing EMS professionals were presented with awards for their work and reunited with the people whose lives they helped save.
Ohio ACEP congratulates the recipients of the 2012 EMS Star of Life Awards. For a full list of winners and nominees, as well as some great photos from the event, be sure to visit our EMS Star of Life page.

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Member Kudos
Michael Sayre, MD, FACEP, for being quoted in The Columbus Dispatch article, “CPR training goes countywide
Michael Sayre, MD, FACEP, for being quoted in The Columbus Dispatch article, “Life-saving skill
James J. Augustine, MD, FACEP; Robert I. Broida, MD, FACEP; Kevin Klauer, DO, EJD, FACEP; Michael Patrick Phelan, MD, FACEP; and Elaine A. Thallner, MD, FACEP, for having their paper, “Procedural safety in emergency care: A conceptual model and recommendations,” accepted for publication in the Joint Commission Journal of Quality and Patient Safety
Mark Denny, MD, FACEP, for being named one of Columbus Business First’s “40 Under 40”
Howard Mell, MD, MPH, FACEP, for being quoted in the story, “Bath salts, drug alleged ‘face-chewer’ Rudy Eugene may have been on, plague police and doctors
David F. Baehren, MD, FACEP, for his article in the June edition of ACEP News, “Have a Safe Landing”

If you know of a member that deserves to be congratulated, let us know!
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Get Involved!

All professional associations need member involvement to keep their activities relevant to the needs of the people they serve. That’s why ACEP is encouraging its members in Ohio and around the country to submit resolutions for ACEP Council consideration. ACEP Council is the primary governing body for the College, and it meets once a year at Scientific Assembly to consider resolutions submitted from members all over the nation. These resolutions help to guide policy initiatives and allocate College funds. If you have a special interest or a hot topic you’d like the Council to address at the 2012 Scientific Assembly in Denver, the time to get started is now! ACEP has released an article written to help you understand the process. And when you’re ready to put your resolution into writing, check out ACEP’s Guidelines for Writing Resolutions. Submissions are due July 9!
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Emergency Medicine Review Course

Our Emergency Medicine Review course is coming up! This comprehensive review taught by premier instructors from around the country is perfect for those preparing for the Qualifying exam, ConCert exam or a comprehensive review of emergency medicine. 

Course Highlights:

  • Over 30 nationally known educators
  • Extensive daily course syllabus
  • Access to Ohio ACEP’s online visual stimuli guide with more than 1,400 cases
  • Copy of ECGs for the Emergency Physician
  • Hotel guests enjoy breakfast and attendees receive coffee, snack and evening meal buffets
We hope you’ll join us for one of our course offerings this year!
EMR Long Track (5-day course)
  • August 20 – 24, 2012
  • October 22 – 26, 2012
EMR Fast Facts and Fundamentals (3-day course)
  • August 25 – 27, 2012
Location: Renaissance Columbus Hotel
Online registration is open! For registration or more information, check out our EMR brochure or visit
Can’t come to the course or looking for other written board review material? Supplement your review with Dr. Carol Rivers’ Board Review products.

Not taking a Board exam this year? Then you may want to get some of your LLSA requirements completed. Join Ohio ACEP in reviewing the LLSA articles and taking the LLSA 2010, 2011 and/or 2012 at the LLSA Fast Track Course. You may take and pass up to 3 LLSA tests at this one day course!
  • August 25, 2012 (Location: Renaissance Columbus Hotel) 
  • November 15, 2012 (Location: Ohio ACEP Education Center)
For details and registration, click here.
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Recent News & Opinion

On May 19, outgoing Chapter President, Dr. Tom Lukens, wrote a letter to the editor of The Columbus Dispatch to clarify certain aspects of their reporting on the new Ohio Emergency and Acute Care Facility Opioids and Other Controlled Substances (OOCS) Prescribing Guidelines. In his letter, Dr. Lukens points out that emergency physicians were among the first at the table to suggest emergency department guidelines for opiate-prescribing, and that the guidelines are designed to supplement—not replace—clinical decisions.
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