Minor revisions to APRN scope of practice bill not enough to protect physician-led, team-based care | Bipartisan mental health parity legislation introduced
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Surprise Billing Call to Action—Help Stop Harmful Insurer-Backed Bill!

Physicians Remain Concerned About APRN Scope of Practice Expansion

CRNA Scope of Practice Bill Passes Ohio House

Bipartisan Mental Health Parity Legislation Introduced

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Surprise Billing Call to Action—Help Stop Harmful Insurer-Backed Bill!

Tell your State Rep.: Support a surprise billing solution that won’t risk access to emergency care

As you’re no doubt aware, surprise billing of patients for emergency out-of-network care is an increasingly widespread problem, and Ohio ACEP has been hard at work on a legislative solution. In particular, Ohio ACEP has advocated for Senate Bill 198, a bipartisan bill which protects patients and keeps them out of the middle of billing disputes while incentivizing fair reimbursement. Unfortunately, insurance industry-backed surprise billing legislation—House Bill 388—has also been introduced which would cap physician reimbursement for out-of-network... [Read more]

Physicians Remain Concerned About APRN Scope of Practice Expansion

Minor bill revisions do not do enough to protect physician-led, team-based care

On January 28, the House Health Committee heard testimony on House Bill 177, an alarming bill which would allow advance practice nurse practitioners (APRNs) to practice medicine independently without a standard care agreement with a collaborating physician. Introduced by Rep. Tom Brinkman (R—Cincinnati), HB 177 is a re-introduction of similar bills that were defeated or substantially changed in the last two sessions of the General Assembly. At the hearing, the committee accepted a revised version of the legislation that replaces the previous version... [Read more]

CRNA Scope of Practice Bill Passes Ohio House

After compromise with bill authors and stakeholders, OSMA and anesthesiology society are satisfied bill will not harm quality of care

On January 28, the Ohio House of Representatives passed House Bill 224, which would expand the scope of practice for certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs). As originally introduced by the bill sponsors, Reps. Jon Cross (R—Kenton) and Shane Wilkin (R—Lynchburg), HB 224 was a re-introduction of troubling legislation which failed to pass in the last General Assembly. However, after numerous stakeholder meetings, hearings, and compromises, the Ohio State Medical Association (OSMA) and the Ohio Society of Anesthesiologists (OSA) have announced... [Read more]

Bipartisan Mental Health Parity Legislation Introduced

Legislation would require mental health coverage and align state and federal parity laws

In December, important bipartisan legislation was introduced in both chambers of the General Assembly. These identical bills (known as “companion bills”) would require health plans and insurers to provide coverage for mental illness equal to coverage for physical ailments. Senate Bill 254 was introduced by Sens. Teresa Gavarone (R—Bowling Green) and Sean O’Brien (D—Cortland), and House Bill 443 was introduced by Reps. Phil Plummer (R—Dayton) and Allison Russo (D—Upper Arlington). In proponent testimony before the Senate Insurance and Financial... [Read more]

Ohio ACEP Government Affairs:

Baruch Fertel, MD, FACEP

Chair, Ohio ACEP Government Affairs Committee

Amanda Sines

Ohio ACEP Lobbyist
Government Advantage Group

From National ACEP

ACEP Capital Minute—Updates on Surprise Billing, Scope of Practice and More

In this week’s Capital Minute, Associate Executive Director of Public Affairs, Laura Wooster, provides an update on the latest with the federal surprise billing debate, outlines how ACEP is pushing back on scope of practice concerns, and shares how ACEP is addressing stigma around opioid use. Watch the latest Capital Minute:
ACEP Capital Minute - January 29, 2020:

ACEP Regs & Eggs—Addressing Opioid Stigma in the Emergency Department

As emergency physicians, you have undoubtedly treated patients suffering from opioid use disorder in the emergency department. Unfortunately, it is clear that stigma exists in the treatment of patients with opioid use disorder, and ACEP has made it a priority to develop targeted solutions to limit the impact that stigma has on the care we provide to these patients. Last week, ACEP hosted the Summit Addressing the Opioid Stigma in the Emergency Department, which brought together diverse organizations and representatives to engage in a holistic, inclusive, and robust dialogue about this important issue. Check out the Regs & Eggs Blog for more.

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