Ohio Election Recap | Chapter to testify in support of medical liability bill
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Member Action Alert: Help Improve End-of-Life Care in Ohio!

We need you to urge your State Representative to back legislation to establish MOLST!

Senate Bill 165, introduced by Sen. Peggy Lehner (R – Kettering), would establish procedures for the use of MOLST (medical orders for life-sustaining treatment) and revise laws governing Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) identification and orders. Ohio ACEP strongly supports the legislation and throughout the committee hearings, several physicians offered testimony in support of the bill, including Ohio ACEP members, Drs. Christian Jacobus and Joe Bocka.

The legislation passed the Ohio Senate with a vote of 30-3, but if the bill isn’t voted on by the Ohio House before the end of the year, the bill will be effectively “dead” and will need to be reintroduced and start over in the next General Assembly. Help us push this important legislation to the finish line!

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2016 Ohio Election Recap

Ohio ACEP-supported Supreme Court candidates prevail; GOP maintains and extends majorities in Ohio House and Senate

On November 8, voters around the country cast their ballots, capping a tumultuous marathon campaign season. Check out the Recent Policy News & Opinion section of the Advocacy Update for reports and commentary on the Presidential election, national election news, and what the results could mean for emergency physicians, the Affordable Care Act, and the future of healthcare.

Here in Ohio, voters made a number of choices on very important issues and candidates down the ballot. Up for election in 2016 were three Ohio Supreme Court Justices, all 99 Ohio House of Representatives seats, half the seats in the Ohio Senate, as well as one US Senate seat, and all 16 of Ohio’s US House seats. [Read more]

Hearings Expected for Bill to Strengthen Medical Liability Laws 

Among other changes, Ohio ACEP-backed legislation would strengthen Ohio’s “I’m Sorry” law

House Bill 559, introduced by Rep. Robert Cupp (R – Lima), would make several positive changes to medical liability laws in Ohio. Hearings are scheduled for sponsor testimony on November 29, and Ohio ACEP... [Read more]

Amended Infant Mortality Bill Advances in the General Assembly

Stakeholders have indicated the bill is a priority for lame duck session

During the hectic, post-election lame duck session of the 131st General Assembly, legislators have prioritized a bill to implement the recommendations of the Ohio Commission on Infant Mortality... [Read more]

From National ACEP

House Approves ACEP-Supported Bill For Access to Pain, Anti-Seizure Meds 
The U.S. House of Representatives has approved ACEP-supported legislation that will ensure continued access to pain and anti-seizure meds for EM patients. The bill (HR 4365) was a priority issue during LAC16 and an ACEP focus since 2015. ACEP is working with the Senate in hopes of sending it to the President before the end of the year. Read more here.

A message from ACEP’s President, Dr. Becky Parker: Please share our video and help it go viral!
Many of you have probably seen the multi-million dollar ad campaign Cigna Insurance is airing using “TV doctors.” ACEP has produced a parody version of that ad starring ACEP members to drive home the message that emergency physicians provide real, life-saving care for their patients – unlike insurance companies. This is another weapon in our ongoing Fair Coverage campaign aimed at the insurance industry and its ever-shrinking reimbursements for emergency care. For more information, visit

ER Doctors of America - Parody of Cigna Health Insurance Ad
Waits for Care and Hospital Beds Growing Dramatically for Psychiatric Emergency Patients
The nation's dwindling mental health resources are contributing significantly to increased wait times and longer emergency department stays for patients having psychiatric emergencies, including children. Three-quarters of emergency physicians responding to a poll report seeing patients at least once a shift who require hospitalization for psychiatric treatment; almost one-quarter (21 percent) say they have patients waiting two to five days for in-patient beds. Read more here.

ACEP Urges President-Elect Trump To Address Insurance Coverage Gaps Faced By EM Patients
The nation's emergency physicians today urged President-elect Donald Trump to address the insurance coverage gaps that are affecting emergency patients, as part of his efforts to reform the nation's health care system. Dr. Parker said that emergency physicians are committed to working with the new Congress and the President to address the critical issues facing patients. Read the entire press release here

Ohio ACEP Government Affairs:

Bradley Raetzke, MD, FACEP
Co-Chair, Ohio ACEP Government Affairs
Matthew Sanders, DO, FACEP
Co-Chair, Ohio ACEP Government Affairs
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Ohio ACEP Lobbyist
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Member Action Alert: Help Improve End-of-Life Care in Ohio!
2016 Ohio Election Recap
Hearings Expected for Bill to Strengthen Medical Liability Laws
Amended Infant Mortality Bill Advances in the General Assembly
From National ACEP
Policy News & Opinion
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Policy News & Opinion

The Emerging State of Medical Care In Our Nation’s Emergency Rooms
By EM physician Dr. Sudip Bose for the Huffington Post
October 4, 2016

Federal and state laws needed to address surprise out-of-network medical bills
Modern Healthcare
October 13, 2016

Mental health in America — why there is no real treatment
By ACEP President Dr. Rebecca Parker for The Hill
October 19, 2016

Drug maker thwarted plan to limit OxyContin prescriptions at dawn of opioid epidemic
October 26, 2016

Obamacare’s future in critical condition after Trump’s victory
The Washington Post
November 9, 2016

Changes coming for Medicaid after Trump’s election. Will patients lose coverage?
November 10, 2016

At the Frontline of the Opioid Epidemic, but Unable to Help
By EM physician Dr. Helen Ouyang for The New York Times
November 10, 2016

Surprise! Insurance Paid the E.R. but Not the Doctor
The New York Times
November 16, 2016

Pence: Trump will tackle Obamacare 'out of the gate'
USA Today
November 20, 2016

Republicans Who Think Nobody Would Miss Obamacare Should Ask People Who Depend On It
Opinion column by Jonathan Cohn for the Huffington Post
November 21, 2016

Let’s Say Obamacare Is Repealed. What Then?
The New York Times
November 21, 2016

The good, bad, and the ugly of repealing the Affordable Care Act
By EM physician Dr. Ilene Benator for
November 22, 2016

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