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Thomas W. Lukens, MD, PhD, FACEP
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President's Message

The Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ACA) is due to be fully implemented in 2014 with the goal of reducing the growth of health care spending and increasing access to quality care. This year, several milestones in the law’s implementation are scheduled. First, state legislatures need to draw up guidelines regarding their health exchanges, high risk pools, commercial insurance regulations and so on. If a state does not complete this by January, 2013, the feds will delineate a set of default rules for that state. 
Second, the end of June is the final date for states to apply for federal grants to help establish their health insurance exchanges. These exchanges are essentially market places where uninsured consumers compare and then subscribe to a particular health insurance plan. Developed by individual states, exchanges allow some government oversight as to which insurers are included and what rules they need to follow regarding issues such as preexisting conditions and what treatments must be covered. States that choose not to apply for grants risk having to fund the exchange on their own or having the feds set its rules. 
Here in Ohio, officials have taken a wait-and-see approach to implementation. The Director of the Ohio Department of Insurance, Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor, has indicated she is waiting for clear, final instructions from the federal government before moving to put any Ohio health exchange in place. 
In the meantime, Ohio has accepted three grants totaling $6.1 million for planning and researching implementation options. So far, Lt. Gov. Taylor has declined to apply for federal grant funding to help establish an exchange. For in-depth information on the status of Ohio’s health exchange, an excellent resource is the non-partisan Health Policy Institute of Ohio.
Two other events this year will unmistakably shape the implementation of the Act. The Supreme Court will rule on the constitutionality of the ACA early this summer. Several scenarios exist but the so-called individual mandate—which directs everyone to buy insurance or pay a tax—will likely be declared unconstitutional, while the rest of the law will probably stand. Regardless of the outcome, the decision will have far-reaching implications. 
Finally, the election in November 2012 will determine the future of the ACA. Time will tell whether the law is enacted as scheduled or whether implementation is delayed by a new administration. And if there is a new presidential administration, it is always possible that it will push to repeal the law. It will be an interesting year for health care policy in the United States and Ohio—so hang on!
Best wishes,
Thomas W. Lukens, MD, FACEP

40th Anniversary Spotlight - from the Ohio ACEP Time Vault

Throughout 2012, we’ll be using this 40th Anniversary Spotlight segment to take a fond look back at some of the formative moments in Ohio ACEP’s history. Old articles, publications, photos and anything else we can dig up is fair game! Combing through this content has proven to be a fun and enlightening look at Ohio ACEP’s legacy. We hope you enjoy reading this segment as much as we have enjoyed compiling it. 
Our First Newsletter – How far we’ve come
For our first 40th Anniversary Spotlight segment, we thought it would be fitting to show you our very first chapter newsletter from August of 1972. The Ohio Emergency Physician Interim Communique (or Ohio EPIC) was published and sent to members quarterly. Designed to keep members “in the know”, this bare-bones member communication is the perfect visual to illustrate just how far we’ve come during the 40 years since our charter.
Members and friends of Ohio ACEP, do you have photos or content you’d like to be considered for inclusion in the Anniversary Spotlight? Let us know!
Save the date for your All Ohio EM Assembly
At the All Ohio Emergency Medicine Assembly on June 5, a 40th Anniversary celebration luncheon will be held to reminisce and honor members and leadership—past and present—that have helped make Ohio ACEP one of the largest, most active chapters in the nation. As we look forward to another 40 years of excellence, we invite you to join us June 5 at the Embassy Suites in Dublin. For more information, visit Registration begins in March!

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Advocacy Update

Based upon recommendations from the Government Affairs Committee, the Ohio ACEP Board of Directors has adopted the following positions on legislation being considered in the Ohio General Assembly:
House Bill 288EMT Immunity – grants an EMT who provides volunteer medical assistance to a county or municipal SWAT team (at the SWAT team’s request) with the same civil immunity granted to a political subdivision employee and to permit the EMT to carry a firearm during the time of providing such medical assistance.
Ohio ACEP position: Neutral, but continue to follow legislative developments
House Bill 373Rx Dispensing; Opioid Tamper-Resistant Formulation – prohibits pharmacists from substituting another drug for a tamper-resistant opioid analgesic drug unless the substituted drug is also tamper-resistant or consent is obtained from the prescribing health professional.
Ohio ACEP position: Support
House Bill 427Stroke Response and Treatment System – replaces the Council on Stroke Prevention and Education with the Stroke System of Care Task Force; provides for state recognition of primary stroke center hospitals; requires the establishment of protocols for emergency triage, treatment and transport of stroke patients; requires an Ohio Department of Health data registry and a statewide system for stroke response and treatment.
Ohio ACEP position: Oppose
For further analysis on Ohio legislation with potential impact on emergency medicine, check out the Ohio ACEP Legislative Report prepared by Towner Policy Group.

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EM Residency Program Update
In January, Wright State University Emergency Medicine residents and faculty helped lead a course designed to teach law enforcement officers basic skills needed to save lives in the line of duty. 
Dr. Jason R. Pickett, Assistant Director of Operations for the Division of Tactical and Emergency Medicine at Wright State, was instrumental in the development of the course curriculum, which is geared toward law enforcement personnel and SWAT team members. Among other topics, the course included lessons on gunshot wounds, evaluating the severity of an injury, stopping life-threatening bleeding and managing airways in critical situations where it may not be safe to send in EMS technicians.
Along with Dr. Pickett, participants from Wright State University included faculty members Brian Springer, MD, FACEP; James Brown, MD, FACEP; and John Wightman, MD; as well Emergency Medicine residents Bridget Nestor-Arjun, DO; Meaghan Keville, MD; Scott Rubenstein, MD; Jeff Robinson, MD; and Eddie Smith, MD.
For more details on the Self Aid/Buddy Aid for the Law Enforcement Officer training, check out the Fairborn Daily Herald’s article, “Officers train for life or death situations.”

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Now Accepting Nominations for The Bill Hall Award, EM Physician of the Year Award

Ohio ACEP is currently accepting nominations for the 2012 Emergency Medicine Physician of the Year Award and The Bill Hall Award for Service to Ohio Chapter ACEP. Presented each year, these awards recognize outstanding physicians that have made a difference in the field of emergency medicine.
The recipient of the 2012 Emergency Medicine Physician of the Year Award will have demonstrated excellence in clinical practice, served as a role model for other physicians and have actively served in community service and education. Additional criteria and nomination instructions can be found here.
The Bill Hall Award is named in honor of Dr. William Hall, President of Ohio ACEP in 1974 and 1975 and Chapter Treasurer from 1979 to 1985. It is presented to a past or present member of the Ohio ACEP Board of Directors to recognize his or her contributions of time and enthusiasm for advancing emergency medicine and patient care. Additional criteria and nomination instructions can be found here.
Both awards will be presented at the All Ohio Emergency Medicine Assembly on June 5, 2012 at the Embassy Suites in Dublin. The deadline for nomination is April 16, 2012.

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Nominate an EMS Colleague for the Star of Life Awards!

To kick off National EMS Week, The Star of Life Awards Ceremony will be held on May 16 to recognize outstanding EMS personnel from all over Ohio. If you have an EMS colleague that deserves recognition, download a nomination form!

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2012 Emergency Medicine Review

We hope you’ll join us for one of our Emergency Medicine Board Review course offerings this year!
EMR Long Track (5-day course)
  • August 20 – 24, 2012
  • October 22 – 26, 2012
EMR Fast Facts and Fundamentals (3-day course)
  • August 25 – 27, 2012
Held at the Renaissance Hotel in Downtown Columbus, the EMR course is great for physicians preparing for the Qualifying Exam, ConCert Exam, continuous certification or for those looking for CME and a comprehensive EM review. These acclaimed courses are taught by world-class instructors from around the country and boast a 97 percent pass rate!
For registration or more information, check out our EMR brochure or visit

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Member Kudos

Michael Sayre, MD, FACEP, for being quoted in The Columbus Dispatch article, “Electrical shock brought counselor back into rhythm
David Baehren, MD, FACEP, for his column, “No Hors D’Oeuvres, Please”, in the January edition of ACEP News
James Augustine, MD, FACEP, for his article, “Cold and Hurt: Motor vehicle accidents in the winter
John Pakiela, DO, FACEP, for being selected to serve as the State Board of EMS co-chair. 
Joseph Moellman, MD; Mary Bister, MD; Arwen Long, MD; and William Knight, MD, for being featured on the University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center’s news post, “Local Students Introduced to Field of Emergency Medicine, Research
Carol Cunningham, MD, FACEP, for being presented with the 2012 James Keaney Award by the American Academy of Emergency Medicine
If you know of a member that deserves to be congratulated, let us know!
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Get Involved!

Leaders Wanted—Board of Directors and Councillor nominations due April 1
Interested in a leadership role in Ohio ACEP? Consider submitting yourself as a candidate for the Board of Directors or as a Councillor! There are six open Board of Directors seats up for election this year, as well as five Chapter Council seats and thirteen Alternate Councillor seats to serve on the Ohio delegation at the October 6-7, 2012 Council meeting in Denver. Officers and Councillors will be elected by Chapter membership at the All Ohio Emergency Medicine Assembly on June 5.
To be considered, interested candidates must submit a letter of interest, current CV and the Board Member Commitment form or Councillor Commitment form by April 1. You may email these items to Laura Tiberi or mail them to:
Nominations Committee
Attn: Laura Tiberi, CAE
3510 Snouffer Road
Suite 100
Columbus, Ohio 43215
2012 Emergency Medicine Legislative Day
Save the date for April 18! Join the Ohio ACEP Board of Directors for meetings with legislators and learn how to become an effective state advocate for emergency medicine. Stay tuned for further details.
Tell us how you’d like to get involved! Do you have another special interest related to the field of emergency medicine? Let us know by contacting Justin Spicer.

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2012 Leadership Development Academy Class Selected

The Ohio ACEP Board of Directors has approved the candidates for the 2012 Leadership Development Academy. Congratulations to:
Eric Adkins, MD, MSc; The Ohio State University Medical Center, Grove City
Saurin Bhatt, MD, MBA; Cleveland Clinic Hospital, Shaker Heights
Deborah Kimball, MD, MBA; MetroHealth Medical Center, Cleveland Heights
Gerald Maloney, Jr., DO, FACEP; MetroHealth Medical Center, Bay Village
Bradley Raetske, MD; Mid-Ohio Emergency Services, Columbus
Alison Southern, MD; Summa Akron City Hospital, Cuyahoga Falls
Melissa Tscheiner, MD; MetroHealth Medical Center, Cleveland
The first meeting of the 2012 class will be at the June 5 All Ohio Emergency Medicine Assembly.

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Recent News

Washington’s Medicaid Battle—from bad policy to worse
In December, we reported on an important court ruling that struck down Washington State’s plan to impose a limit of three covered emergency department visits per year for Medicaid recipients. Our colleagues at Washington ACEP and National ACEP, along with many other health and patient advocacy groups, stood firm against the law, and in November, a Thurston County court agreed, ruling the plan unconstitutional.
In an unfortunate development, Washington officials are pursuing a new policy which is arguably even worse for Medicaid patients and their doctors. Under the new plan, Medicaid will not pay for any ED visits later deemed “non-emergent”. Again, Washington ACEP has raised serious concerns about the rule, which would leave patients to decide which symptoms are serious and which are not. 
National ACEP, Washington ACEP and other physician and hospital groups are appealing to doctors around the country to sign an online petition urging the Washington State Legislature to halt the plan and take up an alternative proposal which would reduce costs while also protecting quality care.
Kasich Delivers State of the State Address
On February 7 in Steubenville, Gov. John Kasich delivered his State of the State address from the auditorium of Wells Academy. He told attendees he wanted to break with tradition and deliver the speech outside Columbus in order to highlight the accomplishments of the school.
The Gov. made no major policy announcements but touted several accomplishments from his first year in office. Among the accomplishments mentioned were successes in closing down “pill mills” that illegally distribute prescription pain medications—a signature initiative of his administration. Also mentioned were the Governor’s efforts to reduce health care costs, led by the head of Kasich’s Office of Health Transformation, Greg Moody.
For the full transcript of the Governor’s State of the State Address, click here.

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Welcome New Members
Lauren Branditz
Kevin Carmen, MD
Whitney Faulconer
Michael Vrobel, MD

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