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John L. Lyman, MD, FACEP
President, Ohio ACEP

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President's Message

Physician Leadership—More important now than ever

In last month’s eNews I addressed the importance of the emergency physician and advocacy for the profession. This month I’d like to speak to the issue of physician leadership. Physicians need, more than ever, to lead in a time of transformation in healthcare and to guide healthcare teams, patients, and organizations such as Ohio ACEP. Physicians are at the center of opportunity when medicine meets leadership. Ohio ACEP has invested in physician leadership in multiple ways to change our culture, the way we collaborate, and our outcomes. And by making physician leadership a priority, we make our chapter, our own groups and healthcare systems, and ourselves, better. Leadership is a journey, not a destination. 
So WHAT is Ohio ACEP doing to help physicians travel that road? [Read more]

Board Member Spotlight—Dr. Eileen Baker

Throughout her life and career, Dr. Eileen Baker has demonstrated an ongoing love of learning, both professionally and recreationally. Whether in California, Vermont or here in Ohio, she has lived her life pursuing diverse interests in everything from philosophy to emergency medical services to motorcycling. [Read more]

Member Kudos

James Augustine, MD, FACEP; Robert Broida, MD, FACEP; Michael Phelan, MD, FACEP; and William Reisinger, DO, FACEP, for their work on the ACEP Quality Measures Technical Expert Panel (TEP) to develop ACEP’s new Quality Measures to submit to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
Michael Argus, MD; Joel D. Ascher, MD; Peter Bell, DO, FACEP; Jay Carter, MD, FACEP; Christopher Corbit, MD, FACEP; Richard Limperos, MD; Christopher Lloyd, DO, FACEP; Rubeal Mann, MD; Taras Napora, MD; Shawn Patterson, MD; and Gregory Smith, MD, FACEP, for being named 2012 EMP Master Clinicians

If you know of a member who deserves to be commended, let us know!

Members in the News

James Augustine, MD, FACEP, whose article, “Befriending Big Data,” appeared in Emergency Physicians Monthly
David Baehren, MD, FACEP, whose commentary, “A View From Above,” was published in the August issue of ACEP News
Dominic Bagnoli, MD, FACEP, who was interviewed for the Future Care article, “ER: A place to tune up that disease?

Have you seen a news article or commentary written by a member? Or do you know of a member featured or interviewed in a news story? Let us know!

Ohio ACEP Submits tPA Resolution for Council Consideration

The ACEP Council, the deliberative body that meets once a year for two days in conjunction with the College’s annual Scientific Assembly, votes on resolutions which may be introduced by any member. The Ohio Chapter ACEP and California ACEP have submitted a resolution for consideration for Council 2013, October 12-13, 2013. In recognition of the ongoing controversy over thrombolytics in stroke—even after many years—the proposed resolution is to rescind and review National ACEP’s thrombolytics in stroke policy. The full text of the Council Resolution can be found here.

Quick Poll on Assaults and Violence in the ED

Recently the Ohio ACEP Government Affairs Committee met to review issues of concern submitted from our members. Members had noted that in Ohio, assault on a healthcare worker is charged as a misdemeanor, while assault committed against a firefighter or paramedic is charged as a felony. AmSub House Bill 62 from the 129th General Assembly, effective March 2013, authorized a $5000 fine for healthcare worker assault and possible 5th degree felony for repeat offense. Otherwise, the assault remains a 1st degree misdemeanor. Ohio ACEP’s Government Affairs Committee thinks that assault in the emergency department should be a felony offense and is seeking your input and data to make our position strong. We have created a brief survey to gain a better understanding of our members’ impressions on the issue. Please take a moment to complete the survey and tell us what you think!

Ohio to Consider Replacing DNR Laws

Across the country, a new type of patient-centered end-of-life legal document, known as MOLST (medical orders for life-sustaining treatment) is gaining traction. Like “do not resuscitate” (DNR) orders and advanced directives, MOLST forms are designed to clarify patients’ wishes when they are unable to communicate them. However, unlike current end-of-life documents, MOLSTs are completed and signed by a physician in consultation with the patient and are designed to be less vague and more relevant to a variety of possible medical scenarios. [Read more]

Recent News & Opinion

Jury still out on urgent care savingsAmerican Medical News, July 26
Why is ED Holding Still an Issue?Emergency Physicians Monthly, July 30
Second Opinion: Stop Sucking It Up—column by Edwin Leap, MD, on PTSD in emergency physicians; Emergency Medicine News, August 1
A Simple Device to Detect ConcussionsThe New York Times, August 14
Ohio could save and expand Medicaid, study saysThe Columbus Dispatch, August 14

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