Lt. Col. Drew Stephens, MD, FACEP, offers a look inside Army Special Forces Medicine; EM Advocacy Updates; Now accepting applications for Leadership Development!

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President's Message

As 2011 comes to a close, this represents the year’s final edition of Ohio ACEP’s E-news. With that, I want to wish all our members a healthy and joyful holiday season. I truly hope everyone gets to enjoy lots of time with family and friends at this time of the year. It seems the last days of December are always a time to reflect a bit about the events, issues and dreams, some perhaps still unfulfilled, from the preceding year. Then January 1st comes and somehow always gets us excited about the upcoming year; the fresh challenges and new opportunities that will be presented to us. We get eager for spring to arrive and meet these challenges head-on. 
Ohio ACEP continues to thrive and remains steadfast in promoting the interests of Ohio’s emergency physicians and our patients. We now have over 1,270 members across the state, the largest number ever. The chapter has had a great 2011. We planned and completed two very successful Emergency Medicine Review courses over the summer and fall. Our oral board and ultrasound courses remain very popular and attract participants from across the country. LLSA review sessions are also very well-attended. The updated Dr. Carol Rivers’ products represent a major initiative of the chapter and remain well-respected as “the text” to review in preparation for the written boards. Lots of work from physician leaders and the Ohio ACEP staff has gone into revising the content, producing and marketing these volumes. I’m happy to report that sales have been strong. The chapter continues to invest in our younger members--our future leaders--with the Ohio ACEP Leadership Development Academy class. The current class of eight will officially graduate at our annual meeting in June, and we look forward to a new group beginning their training. Our advocacy efforts in the state legislature over the past year have been successful in clarifying aspects of the “pill-mill” law that affect EM physicians. We continue to aggressively push for support of limited liability reform legislation.
In the coming year, Ohio ACEP will also mark two noteworthy milestones: the 20th anniversary of the Ohio ITLS (BTLS) Emergency Care Conference and the 40th anniversary of our state chapter. We have exciting plans in the works to make both celebrations memorable. As always, I welcome your participation and involvement with Ohio ACEP and look forward to an exciting 2012.
Best wishes, 
Thomas W. Lukens, MD, FACEP

United States Special Operations Medicine
By Lieutenant Colonel Drew Stephens, MD, FACEP
US Army Special Forces Surgeon, FS, DMO
Former Member, Ohio ACEP Board of Directors
I promised to write this article for the Ohio ACEP over 18 months ago. At that time, I decided to step down from the board of directors due to my increased military obligations. I planned to write about the practice of medical and trauma treatments in the military. However, as I thought about the subject, I realized that there really isn’t much that separates military medicine from civilian medicine, and that the most interesting parts of any medical practice are the people and the circumstances in which they perform those functions. 
Almost four years ago, I had the privilege of becoming part of the US Army Special Forces. Since joining that group, I have developed a deep respect for all those who serve in that organization. I am frequently asked about my experiences in Special Forces. Not wanting to sound boastful, I find it difficult to articulate my experiences as an Army Surgeon. (Doctors are always referred to as Surgeons in the Army.) This much I can say without guilt; if it is true that “a man will be judged by the company he keeps”, I have a very interesting life.
This is the first of a three-part series in which I will describe the men and their medical skills in US Special Operations Command. (At this time, there are no US military special operations units that allow women to serve.)
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Advocacy Updates

Ohio ACEP’s PAC co-hosts “House of Medicine” fundraiser
In November, physicians’ groups from varying medical specialties got some valuable face time with many of Ohio’s most influential legislators. Ohio ACEP was one of ten prominent medical associations that hosted the “House of Medicine” fundraising event in Columbus. 
Among those in attendance were several key leaders of the Ohio House of Representatives, including House Speaker Bill Batchelder, Majority Leader Matt Huffman and Health Committee Chair Lynn Wachtmann.
The event provided physicians’ groups a chance to make their voices heard on the issues that affect them most, including medical liability reform and fair physician reimbursement. 

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Ohio ACEP invited to participate in cabinet-level work group on opioid abuse
The Kasich Administration has invited Ohio ACEP and other professional provider stakeholders to participate in the Ohio Cabinet Opiate Action Team Professional Education Work Group. Three cabinet members are leading the top-level initiative and include Ted Wymyslo, MD, director of the Department of Health; Bonnie Kantor-Burman, ScD, director of the Department of Aging, and Orman Hall, director of the Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services. Ohio ACEP Executive Director Laura Tiberi, lobbyist Amanda Sines and Ohio ACEP member Dawn Prall, MD attended the first meeting, November 29.
Prescription opioids were involved in about 40 percent of all fatal drug overdoses in Ohio in 2000, more than heroin and cocaine combined. Information shared included that on average, from 2007-2009 there were 19 emergency department visits per day in Ohio for unintentional drug overdoses, totaling 2,000 per year; about 20 percent were related to opioids. 
The Professional Education Group has identified the development of emergency department prescribing protocols and a white paper defining best practices for prescribing controlled-substance pain medicine in all practices as top priorities. Three other workgroups are addressing Enforcement, Treatment, and Public Education.

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Ohio ACEP, other physician and small business groups urge Ohio Supreme Court to support liability law
On December 12, several health care, physician and small business organizations filed a friend-of-the-court brief with the Ohio Supreme Court in support of a state law protecting medical providers from unreasonable lawsuits. The law—which prevents medical liability suits from being filed more than four years after an alleged incident—has been challenged by a Warren County appellate court.
In the amicus brief, the Ohio Supreme Court was urged to support the law and reverse the appellate court’s ruling. The lower court’s decision, if upheld by the Ohio Supreme Court, would permit medical liability cases to be brought years—even decades—after medical records and witnesses may no longer be available.
Organizations included in the brief are the Ohio Hospital Association, American Hospital Association, Ohio State Medical Association, American Medical Association, Ohio Osteopathic Association and the Ohio Alliance for Civil Justice—of which Ohio ACEP is a member.

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Recent News
Dr. David Seaberg responds to article on “expensive” ED care
On November 8, the Columbus Dispatch published a letter to the editor written by ACEP’s national president, Dr. David Seaberg. The letter was in response to a Dispatch article from November 1, “1 million in Ohio lack family doctor,” which cites a study in which some patients reported using emergency departments as an alternative to having a long-term family doctor. The article went on to repeat the common misconception that “expensive” emergency care was driving up health costs.
In his letter, Dr. Seaberg says he agrees strongly that people should seek regular, preventive care from a family physician. “That said, fewer than 8 percent of emergency visits are considered nonurgent, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This means the vast majority of emergency patients need to be there.”
Dr. Seaberg also pointed out that millions of Americans receive lifesaving critical care each year—often with the most advanced medical technology—but emergency medicine accounts for less than 2 percent of the nation’s health care costs.
Click here to read Dr. Seaberg’s full letter.

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Washington court sides with ACEP; Overturns 3 ED visit limit
In a victory for emergency physicians and their patients, a court in Washington State struck down a law limiting Medicaid recipients to only three covered visits a year for reasons deemed “non-emergent”. The law prompted strong objections from patient advocacy and doctors’ groups. Several organizations, including the Washington Chapter of ACEP, filed suit to block the law, pointing out the limit would leave patients to decide what symptoms are serious and which are not. In a joint statement, the organizations said they were pleased with the ruling and would work with officials to reduce unnecessary ED visits in “a safe, but effective” way.
For the full story from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, click here.

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State Medical Board Adopts OARRS Rules
The State Medical Board of Ohio adopted Rule 4731-11-11, Standards and Procedures for Review of Ohio Automated Rx Reporting System (OARRS). It went into effect November 30. 
Click here for a copy of the rule, FAQs and other information.

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EM Residency Program Update
Ohio University/Doctors Hospital EM Residency Program holds Extrication Day
From Leigh Hylkema
Program Coordinator, Ohio University/Doctors Hospital Emergency Medicine Residency Program
On September 23, 2011, the Ohio University/Doctors Hospital Emergency Medicine Residency Program held its 2nd annual Extrication Day at the Prairie Township Fire Department. Residents and faculty participated in activities such as search and rescue, vehicle extrication, difficult airway techniques, medical scene run, hose relays, and performance of procedures in a moving vehicle. This event was an opportunity for physicians to gain an appreciation for the challenges EMS faces every day in the field.
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Get Involved!
Leadership Development Academy: Now Accepting Applications
This unique program provides an orientation and training for emergency medicine future leaders, a solid background in organized medicine and a pathway for physician leadership within the state chapter, national College or local arena of emergency medicine. 
Participants will:
  • Learn about the demands of physician leadership
  • Connect with peers and mentors
  • Enhance interpersonal communication
  • Build management competencies
  • Develop a personal advocacy message
  • Grow strategic decision-making skills
  • Explore medical society governance
  • Develop an effective leadership strategy
  • Advance the profession of Emergency Medicine
For more information, check out the brochure. Or, for application and submission instructions, download the nomination form.

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Ohio ACEP Seeks Emergency Physician Nominee for State Trauma Committee
The Ohio Department of Public Safety, Division of EMS, is looking for an emergency physician to be seated on the State Trauma Committee. If you would like to be considered as the Ohio ACEP nominee, or for more information, contact Laura Tiberi.

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International Trauma Life Support Ohio (ITLS Ohio) seeking emergency physician for ITLS Ohio Chapter Medical Director
The state chapter of International Trauma Life Support—ITLS Ohio—is accepting applications for Ohio Chapter Medical Director. The selected candidate will oversee all medical aspects of ITLS Ohio’s pre-hospital trauma education program. This is a volunteer position with limited overall time commitment. If you are an emergency physician with a background in pre-hospital care, we would love to hear from you! To be considered for the position, please email Laura Tiberi with your CV and letter of interest by January 24, 2012.
For more information and the full position description, click here.

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Tell us how you’d like to get involved
Do you have another special interest related to the field of emergency medicine? Let us know by contacting Justin Spicer.

Member Kudos
James Augustine, MD, FACEP, for his article, “Someone’s Been Shot:” Am EMS Case Study
David F. Baehren, MD, FACEP, for contributing articles to the November and December, 2011 edition of ACEP News
Catherine A. Marco, MD, FACEP, for contributing an article to the December, 2011 edition of ACEP News
Kevin Klauer, DO, FACEP, and Michelle Blanda, MD, FACEP, for being noted in a Sun News article regarding the opening of the Summa Health Center at Lake Medina Emergency Department
And finally, a quick correction to the Member Kudos section of our Fall Ohio Chapter Update. A reader pointed out a missed opportunity to commend Peter D. Akpunonu for being presented with one of the 2010 Best Medical Student Awards at the 2011 Scientific Assembly. In addition to receiving the award, Mr. Akpunonu was a presenter at the Scientific Assembly Research Forum, his third time presenting as a medical student. We congratulate him for his outstanding achievement.
If you know of a member that deserves to be congratulated, let us know!
Welcome New Members
Kiran Faryar
Kyle Ott
Sean Teshima-McCormick
Michelle F. Wallen, DO


Happy Holidays from the staff at Ohio ACEP!

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