Vail Ski & Snowboard Academy (VSSA) provides a rigorous college preparatory academic program while supporting the athletic and personal goals of our students. In partnership with Ski & Snowboard Club Vail and the Eagle County School District, VSSA facilitates the attainment of our students’ dreams by offering challenging academics, flexible scheduling, and individualized attention.
Important Dates

Calendar 2015-2016
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Individual Picture Day
All School Meeting: UB.B 

August 31

Last Day to Drop a Course
September 4

Labor Day ~ No School
September 7

Parent's Night
September 9 from 3-5:30pm

Community Service Day at VSSA
September 11

SSCV Fall Spectacular 
September 13

ASM: Richard Roko ~ University of Colorado Ski Coach
September 14

PTA Meeting
September 16, 4-6pm

Location TBD

VSSA Accountability Meeting
September 18 10am-1pm

ASM: Student Counsel Votes
September 21

ASM: All School Picture ~ outside
September 28

Substance Abuse Prevention for Parent's
September 29 4-5:30

Fall Break ~ No School
October 16-20th

CANCELLED: Parent's Day's

October 26
In an effort to streamline and lessen impact on families we are cancelling Parent's Day and strongly encourage parent's to attend Parent's Night on September 9th. 

Parent Teacher Conferences
October 27 & 28

Winter Schedule Begins
November 2

PTA Meeting
November 11, 5pm

Thanksgiving Break ~ No School
November 23-27

ASM: Tom Kelly ~ VP USSA Communications
November 30

December 17 & 18

Holiday Break ~ No School
December 21-January 4

Information Update for returning ECS students

Forms are being mailed next week students for returning ECS students to complete the online Information Update which confirms what we have in our data system for demographics, health information and more. Please complete this as soon as possible so we know we have your correct information.

Monday is Individual Picture Day
Monday is Individual Picture Day and students will be taking pictures that will be stored in PowerSchool and used for their picture IDs. Order forms have been given to students in their Advisory class. I also have additional forms in the office.

All School Meeting Monday: UB.B Introduction 

About UB.U
UB.U creates social transformation, giving kids, teens and young adults tools for understanding their bodies and their minds. UB.U teaches students to recognize the power of "the pause" and discover the courage to question the impact of their choices and actions, resulting in inspired responses versus automatic reactions. At UB.U, we believe a single breath can transform a moment.

To inspire awareness, acceptance and authenticity, UB.U programming centers on the powerful connection between the brain, the body and the breath. In this mindful space, UB.U shows students how to stay present, recognize emotion, trust themselves and strengthen character. We believe this lifelong practice illuminates new pathways for responding to emotion and challenge, expanding personal perspective and encouraging compassion and connection.

Our goal: To create connection through mindful awareness.

The path to connection, and to creating a compassionate community, begins with an awareness of the self; recognizing thoughts and emotions and learning who we are beyond the labels and the accomplishments. We're then able to explore our connection with others. By recognizing and non-judgmentally acknowledging our own thoughts and emotions we're better able to consciously and purposefully interact with those around us. From that connection comes empathy, our ability to "walk in someone else's shoes." And, ultimately, self-awareness, social-awareness and connection, and our ability to share another person's feelings prepares us to experience and extend compassion - for ourselves and for others.

We'll navigate this path by exploring our breath, our thoughts and our emotions, and practicing tools and techniques for bringing mindfulness into daily life - relevance and practical application are key to the longterm success of any mindfulness practice.

"When the brain is operating in a state of harmony and integration, that harmony is reflected externally in the way we engage with the world. It manifests as compassion towards ourselves, others and our world." ~ Dan Siegel, founding co-director of the Mindful Awareness Research Center

What is Mindfulness?
Today, we often hear about mindfulness or how being mindful can help with many things. But, what is mindfulness exactly? Mindfulness is simply explained as paying attention, on purpose, to what is happening in the present moment, without judgement. When we practice being mindful, we bring awareness to what is happening right now. We aren't worrying about what is going to happen in the future or ruminating about something that happened in the past. Mindfulness creates a pause in our day, allowing the mind to take a break from all the busy thoughts and "to-do" lists we create. Practicing mindfulness can bring a greater sense of calm, clarity, patience and understanding to our fast-paced, digital-focused environment.

One of the pioneers of secular mindfulness is Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, Professor of Medicine Emeritus at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. Since introducing it in 1979, mindfulness has become mainstream within medicine, psychology, corporate environments and now education.

Being mindful takes practice, and patience. When we pause in the present moment, our truest self is represented in thoughtful response instead of impulsive reaction. When we practice mindfulness in a safe, calm environment, that practice becomes much more accessible when we need it...usually when things are not so calm.

At UB.U, we believe the pause becomes the possibility.

Students must be cleared by Mr. Grimmer to leave school early for other activities such as football practice, drama clubs, etc. This is just one of the awesome things in the handbook! Please email him and copy Mrs. Beavers for requesting early dismissal.

Handbook Signatures are Due to Advisors on Monday
Every student-athlete and parent/guardian must review the VSSA Handbook each year and the last page signed acknowledging VSSA's policies and procedures. The handbook will also be reviewed in Advisory with students on August 24th and due to the student-athlete's advisory teacher on August 31st. The signed form will then be kept in the main office. Click here for the handbook and please print the last page to sign and turn in.

Parent's Night September 9th
Save the date! We would love to have all parent's attend from 3pm to 5:30pm. This will be a time to come hear about how to best support your student athlete this school year, meet your students teachers, other parents and community members. Lower School and Upper School will be separated to utilize your time. If you have student's in both, there will be some cross over and we will make sure you get all the information.  

In an effort to streamline and lessen impact on families we are cancelling Parent's Day on October 26 and strongly encourage parent's to attend Parent's Night on September 9th. 

VSSA Community Service Day September 11th

VSSA started doing a service day three years ago to remember a student that we lost. This year's Community Service Day is to remember those we have lost and we focus on having a positive impact on others and building a more compassionate community.

Students have been divided into small mixed grade service project groups.  All students will meet at VSSA at 8:30am and will then divide into their groups to work until lunch.  All students should have a packed lunch.  Students on the annual meal plan will have a packed lunch provided by Chef. Students who want to utilize their punch pass plan will need to contact Ms. Whitney by September 9th in order to have a packed lunch provided for them.  All students need to bring a water bottle for lunch.  Service projects will include helping local Eagle County residents, local non profit organizations as well as on-site community clean-ups.  The afternoon will be filled with presentations and discussions around putting compassion into action. All students should dress in comfortable clothes that can get dirty, closed toe shoes, and please bring work gloves.  

Any parent's able to volunteer between 8am and 1pm would be very helpful! Also if anyone can bring shovels and rakes that would be very helpful as well! Please contact Ms. Whitney with any questions or if you can help. Thank you!

Dropping a Class?
If you or your student is dropping a class, it must be done by September 4th. This means that students who choose to drop a course can do so without receiving a Withdraw/Fail on their transcript. Please contact Ms. Whitney with any questions or to drop a course.

We are pleased to once again partner with ECO and there are regular stops that are made at the VSSA loop. Passes are no longer sold at VSSA and must be purchased the the ECO Maintenance Service Center in Gypsum. VSSA has also been told passes can now be purchased at the Vail Transportation Center. For more information, click here

I hope everyone had a good first week of school! Thank you again to all of the parents who have emailed me directly or signed up to volunteer on the first day of school.  We still need volunteers for various tasks throughout the year.  We need a few leader volunteers for organizing the VSSA school dance & Teacher Appreciation Week.  The volunteers will have the past leaders’ help on transitioning into these roles.  If you have emailed me directly about volunteering and you haven’t heard back from me, please send me another email. 

A special thank you goes out to Stacey Birtwhistle , PTA Vice President and Ashleigh Gore, Tech Parent who have stepped up to help.

VSSA Book Club
Mikel Obourn has volunteered to organize/continue our VSSA book club.  We need to know if we have at least six people who are interested in participating and hosting book club once a month.  The host gets to pick the book!  Please email Mikel directly if interested.

Is anyone interested in organizing & participating in a monthly Bunko group? Please email me directly if interested.

Are you interested in organizing, starting, participating in any other social VSSA community event?  If so, please contact me. 

There are plenty of opportunities to help make VSSA the best it can be.  If you want to be involved in VSSA and your child’s education, attend school meetings and volunteer to help get things done! 
Class Parents
Christine Lawton has volunteered to Chair our class parents.  We still need a parent volunteer for 11th & 12th grades and possibly 8th grade.  If you need additional information or questions, please contact Christine.

There is someone out there who volunteered to be the 8th grade parent over the summer, but I can’t find the email.  If you are that person, please contact Christine directly. We will be having a meeting soon with all the class parents to get the year started. 

Jacqueline DeScisciolo

PTA President

VSSA Directories!
VSSA directories will be available next week! More communication about how to received these to come! 

The passport program offers 5th and 6th graders major discounts on ski passes. Click here for more information!
Click here for details!

Athletic Physicals can be obtained at SSCV as VSSA does not hold these because we do not have athletics at VSSA. 

Vail Mountain School has started a cross country program and would like to invite VSSA athletes to participate.  If you ran cross country with another local school last year or have been training with another school already, then you will not be eligible to participate with VMS this year.  However, if you would like to give cross country a try and did not compete locally at the High School level last year, we would like o have you join our team.
Practices at VMS:
Monday-Wednesday 4:30-6pm
Thursday-Friday 3:30-5:00pm * VSSA students will be late to practice*
Four competitions plus Regionals and State - for those who qualify. 
If you are interested in participating, please contact Lisa Isom, VMS Athletic Director
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