Vail Ski & Snowboard Academy (VSSA) provides a rigorous college preparatory academic program while supporting the athletic and personal goals of our students. In partnership with Ski & Snowboard Club Vail and the Eagle County School District, VSSA facilitates the attainment of our students’ dreams by offering challenging academics, flexible scheduling, and individualized attention.
Important Dates
New Student Orientation
August 17

First Day of School
August 18

All School Overnight Wilderness Trip
August 19-21

All School Meeting: Mr. Grimmer Welcome's the School
August 24

Individual Picture Day
All School Meeting: UB.B 

August 31

Labor Day ~ No School
September 7

Parent's Night
September 9 from 3-6pm

Fall Break ~ No School

October 16-20th

Winter Schedule Begins
November 2

Thanksgiving Break ~ No School
November 23-27

Holiday Break ~ No School
December 21-January 4


Calendar 2015-2016
Click here for the digital calendar. 
Click here to download the paper copy. More
details to be announced with Parent's Night, 
Conferences, Graduation, and more.
Congratulations to the Class of 2015!

What a Field Day!

I want to thank all our parent volunteers for helping with PTA this past year.   We could not of  done it with you! 
If you are interested in helping with PTA for next year, please feel free to contact me!
Have a great summer!
SSCV Online Registration Opens Week of June 1
Ski & Snowboard Club Vail (SSCV) online registration opens the week of June 1 for those eligible for enrollment. Please watch for a detailed email to be sent out early next week from SSCV on registration procedures/timelines along with payment deadlines in order to continue to ensure your child's spot at SSCV, and in turn Vail Ski & Snowboard Academy. If you have not yet completed the VSSA enrollment paperwork emailed to those eligible for enrollment a few weeks ago, please submit this to Holly Beavers by next Friday, May 29, 2015 to continue to ensure your child's spot at VSSA.
Training Table Lunches at VSSA ~ Sign Up for them During SSCV Online Registration
Don't forget to sign up for the Training Table lunches at VSSA during your SSCV online registration process.  With the high level of activity our athletes partake in during the entire school year it is critical in order to maximize their performance level that they are properly fueling and hydrating themselves.  The Training Table is a fantastic, delicious, economical way to guaranty they are getting a hearty, well-balanced meal weekdays at lunch at VSSA.  2015-2016 pricing is below.  If a family signs up and pays in full for their child's lunch program by the early enrollment payment discount date of July 15, 2015 they will receive a 5% discount.  A discount of 10% will be offered for second family members on the lunch program.  
$750.00 VSSA Training Table Semester Lunch Plan
$120.00 VSSA Training Table 10 Punch
$240.00 VSSA Training Table 20 Punch
$1,295.00 VSSA Training Table Annual Lunch Plan

SSCV Summer Strength and Conditioning Program information
The summer off-season program was developed to provide the 14 year-old and over winter-sport athlete with the best training environment through superior programming and expert coaching. Athletes will be working on increasing all aspects of their strength, conditioning, mobility and flexibility, recovery strategies, as well as mental preparation and performance. This program is designed to be safe and effective to prepare each athlete for the demands of their sport, specific summer and fall camps, as well as the 2015/2016 competition season. Each plan is individually tailored based on the results and needs of each athlete. Check out the attachment for more information!

Community Service Opportunity!!
The Rummage Sale here in Maloit Park is looking for volunteers to help them get ready for thier event this August.  Individuals or groups can volunteer to help.  Attached you will find a letter with more information.  The yearly rummage sale has contributed thousands of dollars to many school groups in the Eagle County Schools. If any groups of students are interested in fund raising through the rummage sale, please look at the attachments.  To sign up to volunteer your time contact Vi Brown at  476-5701.

Become a SSCV Welcome Family/Ambassador to a New SSCV Full-Time Family
Remember what it was like to be new to SSCV?
Remember what it was like to be new to the SSCV full-time program, or possibly new to SSCV or the Vail Valley altogether?  You probably had at least a few questions you might have liked to ask a fellow parent.  You also might have enjoyed seeing a familiar SSCV parent face at school, the Fall Spectacular, the Celebration of Winter Cocktail Party, the first team meeting or the first competition.

SSCV is launching a Welcome Parent/Ambassador Program to pair veteran SSCV parents of full-time athletes with a new full-time SSCV family in the same snowsport, ideally with a similar age child in the same school, to provide a friendly, familiar face and a fun, approachable resource for the day to day questions that may arise.  Where do I park?  Where do you get your hair cut?  Where do your children usually eat lunch on weekends during the winter season?  Do you have a favorite local hike?  How do team trips work?  Who do I ask about “x”?  And more...?

Please consider becoming one of those welcoming, familiar faces and a priceless resource for a new SSCV full-time family.  For more information and to get involved as an SSCV Welcome Family/Ambassador, email me at or call me at 970-790-5161 by June 1 so we can kick off the program and introduce you to your new family by early this summer.
Thank you for your support!
Sharon Schmidt
SSCV Director of Admissions and Communications

Sage Tutoring will be providing both classroom-style and one-on-one ACT prep courses this summer at VSSA in preparation for the September 12th exam. 
Schedule of classes: 
Wednesdays July 15th – Sept 9th5:00 – 7:30 pm
*Pre-test scheduled for Wednesday, July 8th from 9:00 am- 1:00 pm
One-on-one sessions:
Available by appointment whenever convenient: online or in-person, at your home or another location. 
Price for ACT Class: $425 (regularly $499)
Price for 1-1 sessions: $58 per hour (regularly $68)
Please contact Carla to register:
Sage Tutoring, LLC

A Summer School Reminder From Ms. Whitney
Interested in taking a summer class to get ahead? 
Many VSSA students use the summer break to take a class so they can lighten their load for next school year. For others their summer schedules are just too busy to do so, and this is fine. It is totally optional. VSSA does not reimburse for classes taken over the summer.
When considering what to take over the summer, we recommend foreign language, as it is an online course at VSSA during the school year. For the 2015-2016 school year VSSA will be offering online courses through Jeffco 21st Century Virtual Academy. Unfortunately, Jeffco only offers credit recovery courses over the summer (which is only for students who need to retake a course due to a failed grade). Because Jeffco does not offer summer school for credit advancement and they only offer semester one courses in semester one, if you sign up for a summer class you will need to commit to using that online program for both semesters unless you want to take the semester 2 course during semester 2 (Jan-May).   
A good option for summer courses, to get ahead in a subject, is a program called APEX online. APEX is NCAA approved.  Students taking a summer class will sign up independently and then provide their final grade report to the school counselor once it is complete so it can be added to the transcript.  To enroll in a summer course using APEX click here.
For non-Alpine and non-Nordic athletes they can also use a different accredited program that is not NCAA eligible such as FuelEd online.
For a list of summer school courses offered at Colorado Mountain College and instructions on how to enroll in a live class click here
Note:  Middlebury Interactive Languages is no longer accredited and students should not use this program for online courses.
Before you register for a summer school course please contact Charlene Whitney so we can document for scheduling purposes.  Thank you!

Ski & Snowboard Club Vail Summer Academic Support Program for Online Students.

New this summer, Ski & Snowboard Club Vail (SSCV) is offering an academic program geared towards students getting ahead in online courses and  for who would like to create some additional structure and support around their child's summer online academic. This program will help to get students started, have accountability, and receive support throughout the summer without sacrificing flexibility.
  • Dates: June 29th through August 5th (6 weeks)
  • Days: Mondays and Thursdays (no longer Wednesdays)
  • Schedule: 11am-4pm
  • Where: Vail Ski & Snowboard Academy, Think Tank
  • Cost: $150 + cost of online course (you pay for directly)
 SSCV Academic Director, Kristina Krone, will be running this program: she will develop pace charts and goals with each student that will realistically reflect the student’s summer schedule. With biweekly check-ins, the student will be held accountable to this schedule and will maintain an engaged and consistent pace. This 11am-4pm window will allow a designated time time for each student to do his or her work, while further allowing time for questions and some subject-specific support (foreign language knowledge limited to Spanish). Parents will also receive communication as to pace chart, progress, etc. While students are welcome to stay for the full sessions, the window is made flexible in order to accommodate different summer training schedules.
Please note that all online classes should be pre-approved by the student's school. 
 To register:
1. Go to, log into your “MySSCV” account
2. Select 'Forms & Documents'
3. Select 'Additional Options'
4. Scroll to the bottom and select 'SSCV Summer School Program 6/29-8/5 (Mondays & Wednesdays)'
5. Click 'Submit'
* Accounts will be charged upon registration. If you have any questions regarding payment, please contact Betsy Cuthbertson.
Please email Kristina Krone with any program questions.

Volunteer Opportunities for Teens at the Vail Public Library

We have quite a few either one time or on going volunteer opportunities!

Tuesdays June 9th through July 28th - Reading Buddies 
We’ll meet for an hour at the Vail Public Library at 4:00pm. Big Buddies are students in grades 8 – 12. The program is a free Vail Public Library program that pairs trained teen volunteers with younger kids for a one-on-one reading experience. As a Big Buddy, you can become a mentor and “Fuse a Friendship” with a younger child. As a Big Buddy, you can experience the joy of helping a younger child read and succeed. As a Big Buddy, you can earn community service recognition for your college application and/or resume.
Tuesdays June 16th  through Aug 4th.  
Summer reading Program is targeted at students going into grades 1 – 3 and 4 -6.  Two programs to serve the kids better and respect their ages.  For these programs, we are looking for volunteers to help plan and manage activities: arts and crafts, science activities and camp like physical games. The program is two hours long.  The kids meet with us and the volunteers for one hour..  The second hour is a program of some sort.  For example, magicians, the Butterfly Pavilion, Walking Mountains Science Center will come and lead and/or entertain the group.  Set up and clean up help is expected on either side of the 1 – 3 pm program.
In Your time frame:
Students who are interested in becoming coaches for teaching patrons how to use our 3-D printer.
Students interested in doing some video editing and videography for the library.
Please contact Cricket Pylman  970-479-2179

Counselor-In-Training (CIT) Position
Awesome, you want to work at summer camp! You can transform the life for a child this summer while earning .5 high school credit. Ute Springs Experiential Learning Center is a non-profit in our second summer; we are focused on empowering social and emotional leadership through adventure-based experiences.
Job Duties
•           Attend CIT retreat/training- a 4 day 3 night program
•           Attend and participate in trainings and meetings
•           Assist in leading summer camp day and overnight programs
•           Work with a lead and assistant instructor and executive director
•           Prep, maintain and organize program materials
•           Contact parents, if necessary, to relay information
•           Support the mission and vision of Ute Springs ELC
•           Establish meaningful relationships with kids Education, Knowledge & skills
•           High School 10th, 11th, or 12th grader (as of September 2015)
•           CPR and First Aid certified
•           Interest in working with children of all ages
•           Interest in teaching outdoors
•           Excellent communication skills
•           Ability to lift at least 30 lbs
•           Ability to stand for long periods of time
•           Ability to hike at least 5 miles over uneven terrain
•           Willingness to step outside of comfort zone and experience new things
•           Flexible and good humored
•           One letter of recommendations needed upon hire Required Dates
•           Training option  - July 14 - 17, 2015
•           Return to help another 4 day 3 night camp or 4 day 1 night camp between the weeks of July 20 and August 10 
Please send any questions to 
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