Vail Ski & Snowboard Academy (VSSA) provides a rigorous college preparatory academic program while supporting the athletic and personal goals of our students. In partnership with Ski & Snowboard Club Vail and the Eagle County School District, VSSA facilitates the attainment of our students’ dreams by offering challenging academics, flexible scheduling, and individualized attention.
Important Dates
ASM: Michael Friedberg, Owner/Co-Founder of Yellowbelly Chicken: Entrepreneurship
January 12

Graduation Meeting
January 14 @ 4pm 
Martin Luther King Day ~ No School
January 19

ASM: Shannon Galpin, Mountain2Mountain Foundation

January 26

Winter Break for VSSA (check SSCV schedules)
February 2-16 (off for President's Day)

ECS Winter Break (different then VSSA)

February 16-20

ASM: Penny L. Wilson, PhD, RDN, CSSD, LD, Helping endurance and ultra-endurance athletes perform their best in racing and in life.
March 2

Parent Teacher Conferences
March 3

Last Day of Winter Schedule
March 27

First day of Spring Schedule
March 30 

Spring Break
April 13-17

Senior Celebration
May 21

May 22 1pm

Memorial Day ~ No School
May 25

May 26-27

Last Day of School
May 28


Calendar 2014-2015
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Happy New Year from your PTA! We are excited for 2015 and, as always, so appreciate any parent help. Do you have any ideas for PTA events, projects, or ways you can contribute to our school community? Please email the PTA.
Coming up: Town of Minturn's Christmas Tree Bonfire tonight at 5:30pm. Curriculum committee meeting on Thursday, January 15th at 5pm in room 208. Next PTA meeting January 28th, details to come. More information can always be found at the PTA website. Thank you!

Return To Sport 
You are invited to an open house next Wednesday, Jan 14th at 5pm here at VSSA to learn more about the Return To Sport support group that we are once again offering. We know your schedules are busy and we will try to keep the meeting to about 20 minutes.  
The meeting and group are open to anyone who thinks they might benefit from it. Specifically we have invited:
-Those who are currently off snow due to injury or surgery.
-Those in the group in past years.
-Those recommended by a coach. They may already be back on snow but still transitioning and/or could just use some support. 
A few things that make a group like this effective are when the students are committed to attending each week until their transition to snow. Participation is totally voluntary but everyone will get more out of it when the members are committed to attending regularly to support each other.

Because parents support is so crucial in the recovery process we want to make sure parents have the information and support they need and so this meeting is to help ensure this as well.
In this meeting we will discuss the topics that may be discussed in the group and help  you have a more clear picture of what this entails. We will also plan the date and time for the first group meeting.
We know that the injury recovery process can be very difficult and this group was created to provide support and information to both make the time off snow meaningful and to encourage a smooth transition back to what you want to be doing. 
Please RSVP if plan to attend just so we have a rough idea on numbers. 
Hope to see you there!!
Charlene Whitey, Counselor and Erin Beskid, Peak Performance Coach

Avalanche Class 
CAIC forecaster Scott Toepfer worked with VSSA students grades 9-12 on Avalanche Level 1 skills in the backcountry. VSSA has provided training for Upper School students in Avalanche Education for the past 5 years. For any questions, please email Upper School teacher Bindu Pomeroy

Student-athletes can withdraw from a course with the College Counselor approval by January 15, 2015 for second semester.  After that date any changes need to be teacher initiated, otherwise a W/F (withdraw/fail) will be placed on the permanent transcript.  Exceptions are made only with the Head of School.

A big thanks to the PTA for helping support Lower School advisory Mindfulness and Movement classes during  advisory Semester II.  PTA generously matched the funds of the district toward instruction of these classes. The class will be taught once a week by the Anne-Marie Desmond of the UB.U

UB.U addresses the need for social and emotional wellness, resilience and character development in schools through mindfulness, movement and relaxation. It also gives kids necessary tools to cope with the mounting stress in today's world. Whether it's taking tests, issues with friends, preparing for sports, or problems dealing with emotions, UB.U teaches the power of pausing and taking a breath before responding to a situation. The program works to align with social emotional learning (SEL) standards concerning self awareness, self regulation, and responsible decision making. 
The mindfulness portion of our curriculum creates a platform to practice paying attention, on purpose, to the present moment. Students are expected to listen and focus during school, but in this multi-tasking, digital, go-go-go world, we haven't taught them how to do this... exactly. Yet teachers expect kids to know this behavior, to listen and be ready to learn. Through awareness exercises and listening techniques, kids start to recognize what's happening right now, which helps to create a better academic learning experience in school. 
The brain-based education teaches kids how their brain works and brings awareness to its many functions, in particular the neurology of the flight, fight or freeze response. The curriculum focuses on the nervous system, the breath-brain-body connection, and the power of the pause. Talking a moment to recognize thoughts and emotions and their affect on our overall wellness leads to wiser responses vs automatic reactions.  
The movement portion of the class gets kids centered in their bodies and allows them to move! Whether the activity calls for team-based challenges or individual strength based poses, our movement is focused around a theme and particular skill. Kids may pretend they are captains of their own ships, sea creatures in the ocean or peaceful warriors in the jungle. All movement is rooted in self-expression - celebrating unique qualities.  
Lastly, the kids are given the chance to relax and calm their minds and bodies. This seems to be the favorite among all ages! Giving ourselves permission to relax and be who we are, even if for a moment, is what UB.U is all about. 
Other being safe with our bodies and respectful to one another, there are no expectations during their program. They bring no religious or spiritual connotations into our classes. UB.U curriculum is secular in what it brings to students. It's about celebrating who we are and accepting others for who they are ... Everyday.  

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