Vail Ski & Snowboard Academy (VSSA) provides a rigorous college preparatory academic program while supporting the athletic and personal goals of our students. In partnership with Ski & Snowboard Club Vail and the Eagle County School District, VSSA facilitates the attainment of our students’ dreams by offering challenging academics, flexible scheduling, and individualized attention.
Important Dates

2016-2017 Academic Year
Click here for the VSSA Google calendar. 
Click here for 2016-2017 Calendar! Please download the document, if you open it in google docs, the dates will show up incorrectly. 

*Coming soon, the bell schedule (same as 2015-2016)

New Student Orientation 
August 16 (Time TBD)

First Day of School/Wilderness Trip
August 18 & 19

Indivisual Picture Day
August 29

Parent's Night
August 31

Last Day to Drop a 1st Semester Class
September 2

Labor Day ~ No School
September 5

10th Year Anniversay Celebration
September 9

Service Day
September 23

Fall Break ~ No School
October 14-18 

Parent Teacher Conferences
October 25-26

Homecoming Dance 

Winter Schedule Begins
October 31

Thanksgiving Break ~ No School
November 21-25

Midyear Exams (Mandatory)
December 19-20 

Winter Break ~ No School
December 21-January 2 


UPDATED!! Please view if you haven't! Very important! All students have summer assignments that must be completed prior to the first day of school. Please open this document and read it thoroughly. If you have any questions, please refer to the teacher's directly, their information is in the document. Thank you!

Do you still need to retake the 
accuplacer?  See info below. If you have any questions contact Charlene Whitney.
This is a reminder for you to arrange to retake the Accuplacer this summer at Colorado Mountain College if you haven't already. I encourage all of you to study beforehand. If you completed Algebra 2 you will not be able to receive college credit for your math class this year unless you take the Elementary Algebra Accuplacer. 

For 10th-12th graders, in order to be eligible for the DE elective options you will need to get the score needed in the Reading and English Accuplacer.  Once you pass one test you do not need to retake it. 

When you go to test you will need to have a photo ID with you- school ID works.  Below is the link to the Accuplacer testing schedule.  You will need to call 569-2900 to reserve a  spot.  Let them know if you have tested before and already have a CMC id number.  You can test and then retest once over the summer.  Let me know your results after testing by sending me an email.

A Dual Enrollment (DE) course means that a student receives college credit and high school credit at the same time.  VSSA works hard to negotiate for instructors from Colorado Mountain College to come to VSSA and offer DE classes.  This August we are planning to offer DE Psychology and DE Environmental Science as our high school elective options (for 10th-12th graders). We are also planning to offer DE College Algebra and Trig which would be for students who just completed Algebra 2. (It would replace Pre-Calculus/Trig).  A DE course is weighted like an AP course.

In order to be able to take a DE course students are required to receive a certain score on the ACT or SAT OR get a certain score on the accuplacer.  On May 10th and 11th we had proctors come to VSSA to test students on the accuplacer.  Some did not get the needed score and need to retest before school starts in August.  Students were encouraged to prepare for the test beforehand.  Students can test and then retest over the summer semester.  

In order to be eligible for DE College College/Trig students will need to take the Elementary Algebra Accuplacer test.

For the DE Elective courses students will need to take the Reading and English (Sentence Structure) Accuplacers.

To prepare for these Accuplacers students can find free materials by visiting here.:

Exclusions for taking the Accuplacer include:
  • You have an ACT test score of 18 in English, a score of 17 in reading or a score of 23 for math.  The ACT test must have been completed within five years of registration.
  • You have an SAT test score of 440 for English, a score of 430 for reading or a score of 460 for math.  The SAT test must have been completed within five years of registration.
  • You have previously taken an Accuplacer test and have a score of 85 in Elementary Algebra, a score of 95 (plus a score of 80 for Reading) in English or a score of 80 for Reading.  The Accuplacer test must have been completed within five years of registration. Any questions let me know.
Charlene Whitney
Director of College Counseling

REMINDER: We hope everyone has been having a great time at their camps! We are excited to kick off our summer ACT/SAT preparation season. We have received several requests to hold a mock ACT or SAT exam. While students will not be able to report the scores they receive on the mock exam, they will be taking a REAL, full-length ACT or SAT exam (whichever they prefer). We will be administering this test at VSSA. 

If you are interested in having your child take the free mock exam, please complete the following one question survey. If your child cannot attend the mock exam and would still like to sign up for test preparation with Sage Tutoring, we will provide you with a take-home exam. 

We recommend that students planning to sit for the exams this fall begin a test preparation program by late June/early July. 
**Several parents who attended the information session have already indicated that they would like to enroll their children in our test prep program. We will be in touch with you this week to schedule lessons. 

Upcoming Test Dates
ACT - Sep 12 and Oct 24 (VMS or BMHS)
SAT - Oct 1 (VMS or BMHS)

Carla Cammarata

Looking to take an online class this summer? 

REMINDER: If you are taking a summer school course please email Charlene Whitney & Holly Beavers so that students are enrolled in the correct courses for August.

Mr. Martin and Ms. Krone will be running a summer program in the Think Tank for those that sign up for online classes and are looking for extra support/structure. The program will run 3 days/week with an open door schedule (10am-4pm) to accommodate different athletic programs’ training schedules. Dates, cost, Ms. Whitney’s recommendations, and more here

What are you doing this summer?!
It's time to determine what your schedule will allow and how you can use this break to build your resume and engage your passions. Are you interested in a summer job? Taking a college class?  focusing on ACT/SAT prep? Spending time on a college campus at a pre-collegiate program? Participating in community service or an internship? Take a look at the attached document that will provide a glimpse of some of these options.  Contact your counselor, Charlene Whitney to discuss more.

REMINDER: If you did not receive your yearbook yesterday at distribution, you can come in over the summer and get one. They are the office on the back counter top.

First Day of School and the August Wilderness Trip!

REMINDER: VSSA will kick-off the 2016-2017 school year in August with our second annual all-school camping trip at SOAR (Spirit of Adventure Ranch) near Sweetwater, Colorado. The trip will occur the on the first two days of school: Thursday, August 18th and Friday August 19th. Mandatory attendance is expected on this trip.

Once again, each class will participate in adventures both on and off the premises and camp
ing in tipis around the property. Stay tuned for the individual class activities in the an upcoming June newsletter. 

An abundance of strong adult leadership is a key component in ensuring the success of our trip. We welcome your volunteer time in helping with class activities and duties around camp.  Please email Katie MacFarlane to volunteer, or with any questions you may have. Thank you!

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