A contest from T.O.F.U. and a vegan musician? Sounds like a great idea!
Recently, we were approached by a vegan artist, Emaline Delapaix, who wanted to connect with T.O.F.U. readers. She's currently on tour to promote her new album, between breeding seasons, and we decided to run a contest to get a few copies of her handmade and signed album to you lovely people.
We had planned on starting the contest at some point last week, but with both T.O.F.U. and Emaline in the midst of traveling or preparing to travel, time slipped by. So, with that in mind, it seemed only reasonable to make the contest related to travel and music.

The Contest

Simply put, we're looking for your top three favourite songs to listen to while taking your life on the road. Of course, extra points will be given if they're vegan musicians. And we'll love you a little more if you include links to the tracks online, preferably ones that are legal. =)
We'll take entries until the end of this week (Friday, May. 25th) and then try to determine five winners over the weekend. We'll announce the winners next week, and the cds will be sent out as soon as Emaline can find a post office during her own travels.
So, scan your playlists and send those songs that make a suitcase, a highway, or a random couch seem like a home to ryan@ilovetofu.ca before the end of the week!

About Emaline

Emaline has been a full time musician for the past two and a half years after teaching herself to play guitar and piano along with years of singing between day jobs. During the past 18 months Emaline has performed over 150 concerts in Canada, USA, UK, and Europe. In mid May she will move to Berlin after spending the last year living in a static caravan in rural Eastern Germany with her Canadian cat, Reece.
Aside from music, Emaline is also a vegan and an animal lover, using her music to make their lives better whenever possible. She is also interested in raw food, healthy living, women's rights, and bringing the issue of depression to light through her songwriting and candid stories about her own struggle with the illness.
To further her efforts towards animals, 5% of profits from the new CD will go towards a different animal charity at the end of each season. 

Emaline Delapaix
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