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Let's read together!

Today is Read to Me Day! That's why we're excited to share some fun nature-themed resources with you and your kiddos. Keep reading for printables, articles about our scientists, and a virtual Story Time from our very own Rebecca Nakaba!

Join us for a virtual story time!

Are your littles missing our daily Story Time? One of our favorite storytellers, Rebecca, has recorded a special digital Story Time for you! Listen to her read "Squirrels Leap, Squirrels Sleep" on our Facebook or on our YouTube channel.

Guiding Question: Do you remember the names of the squirrels from the story? Which one do you think we see the most often? (It's the gray squirrel!) What have you seen squirrels do? Did they act like the squirrels in the story?

Read all about Dr. Allison!

Let's keep reading! Our frog and snake expert, Dr. Allison, was featured in Click magazine. The article talks about her work with the endangered smooth greensnake. It's perfect for younger readers. Click here to download the pdf.

Guiding Question: What animal does Dr. Allison work with? What's special about that animal? How does she help that animal?

See greensnakes on the move

One of the cool things about Dr. Allison's job is that she gets to go out in the field and take photos and videos of all kinds of animals. Including the smooth greensnakes that she works with! Click here to check out a video of a smooth greensnake in the grass.

Guiding Question: What do you notice about the snake's color and size? How is it helping the snake? Do you think that snake would be easy to see in the grass?

Make your own story!

We've learned a lot about squirrels and smooth greensnakes today! Let's try writing stories about them. Click here to download and print some fun snake and squirrel themed paper to write your stories. If your little writer gets stuck, use the questions below to help them along the way.

Guiding Question: What animal do you want to write a story about? What is something you really liked about that animal? What do you think that animal does during the day?

Behind the scenes!

Dr. Allison does a lot of work, but she doesn't do it alone! Last year, her interns Rachel and Michelle did a lot of work with smooth greensnakes, too. You can click here to see them working in the field. When the smooth greensnake season starts, we'll be sharing more moments like these!

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