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It's been a while since you've heard from us, but the DocumentCloud team has been busy.  Before we get to that, a quick ask: Taking our user survey helps plan out a roadmap that meets your needs, including new features, service improvements, trainings and editorial support. We also want to see how DocumentCloud powers your reporting and help highlight the important work you do. If that's not enough, a few lucky respondents will win their choice of a $25 gift card or exclusive DocumentCloud swag.
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Feature Updates: More languages, improved performance, selectable text, swap owners and much more

In case you missed it, we wanted to do a brief highlight of some of the features launched over the past few months on DocumentCloud:
  • Multilingual interface support: DocumentCloud now supports English, French and Spanish user interfaces, in addition to several hundred languages within its OCR package. We're working on adding support for additional interface languages, but you can volunteer to help here.
  • Enhanced reprocessing: Speaking of multilingual support, if you tried using OCR from the wrong language on a document and realized it too late, you can now reprocess your documents and extract text from a different language. Just select the document from the manager view, click "Edit," and "Force Reprocess."
  • Change owner: Moving jobs? Consolidating accounts? Also under Edit, you can now change owners, including giving a document to another individual in your organization or swapping its parent organization entirely.
  • Improved performance: Over the past few months, we've fine-tuned almost every aspect of DocumentCloud performance. Search, processing, viewing (particularly on slow connections) and API access should now work significantly faster.
  • Selectable text: This launched a bit ago, but you can now select and copy text right from the viewer. No more swapping to the text view unless you want to.
  • Document editing: Within the document view, click "Modify Pages" to move, rotate, duplicate, insert, remove and otherwise edit a document's arrangement.
Even more exciting, we've launched a way to make it easier for everyone to add new features to DocumentCloud.

Introducing Add-Ons, a new way to extend and enhance DocumentCloud

DocumentCloud’s most powerful feature has always been our users. Every day, you push the boundaries of what can be done with documents, from solo journo-coders extracting data on deadline to rethinking how to make public meetings more public.

Now, Add-Ons make it easier to build out the functionality you need right on top of DocumentCloud's infrastructure and then share new features across the newsroom and the world.

If you know a little Python, writing an Add-On is as simple as forking a GitHub repository. Since they run as GitHub Actions, there are no servers to maintain or development environment to set up.

At launch, we have a few example Add-Ons demonstrating some frequently requested features baked right into DocumentCloud. These include bulk download tools, a Regular Expression extractor, a machine learning classifier, and bulk editing. Read about them here or try them out from the Add-Ons dropdown.

Know a little code and want to write your own Add-On? Just us next Tuesday for a Q&A discussion where we'll walk through the basics and you can ask our development team for help.
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If you're not a developer, no worries. We'll be continuing to roll out additional tools that you can take advantage of right within DocumentCloud, no code required. 

Have five minutes? Build a DocCloud-powered alert system tool that monitors & archives local government documents

If you have a verified DocumentCloud and GitHub account, you also have early access to one Add-On we're particularly excited about: An automated alerting tool that monitors your website of choice for new documents, automatically processes them into your DocumentCloud account, and then alerts you if any of them mention keywords of interest.

This is still an early version of the alerting tool and requires working in GitHub, but no prior coding experience needed. We're continuing to make enhancements and improvements based on your feedback, so help yourself keep an eye on government agencies (even while you sleep) and help us build a better archive of verified materials.
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Coming soon: Work with us!

We're finalizing a few upcoming full-time role descriptions as well as other opportunities to get direct support for your document-driven projects, including a range of software development and operational positions. They aren't quite ready to share, but if you'd like us to let you know when they open up, share your information here and we'll reach out if anything seems like a potential fit!
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