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Join us Tuesday as we give a first look at new document editing tools, plus let us know what you'd like us to prioritize!

Tomorrow at 1p.m. Eastern, we're hosting a roundtable discussion where we'll be showcasing an early look at a new interface for adding, removing, and editing pages, as well as talking through what's coming up in the short-term road map for DocumentCloud.

This is our first of these sessions, but we want your feedback to help us prioritize what to focus on as we continue to launch and improve new features on the DocumentCloud Beta. We're planning to limit attendance to less than a dozen people, but if you can't join us this time we'll be having them regularly going forward.
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We also wanted to share some updated features that we've recently launched:

  • Project Embeds: Legacy DocumentCloud Project Embeds were long a popular feature, but often led to overall site instability. We've revamped them to work faster and more consistently while no longer bringing all of DocumentCloud down when they get popular. To embed a collection of documents, just click the pencil icon next to the project name. You can also link to dedicated project landing pages.
  • Improved Hotkey Support: Ctrl/Cmd-Enter now confirms an annotation. Cmd/Ctrl+F starts an in-document search. Esc now exits out of a variety of dialogs.
  • Alphabetized Projects: Projects on the left-hand side are now shown alphabetically. Put a period in the front of a name to bump it to the top, and then join us at tomorrow's session to share any organizational improvement ideas you have in mind!
  • Limited Text Fields on Metadata: We've limited description fields to a few thousand characters on various metadata fields, such as descriptions. This helps fix some display and performance issues and potential issues; if the shortened text fields create any challenges, please let us know as we're interested in hearing about your use case.
  • Bulk Upload Improvements.Throwing lots of documents into the upload tool should work consistently now.
Thank you to everyone who has provided support and feedback! We also really appreciate any financial support if you are in a position to do so — DocumentCloud is part of the MuckRock 501(c)3 non-profit, and we relay on donations to cover costs ranging from server bills to legal insurance to continued software development. Right now, all donations are doubled, which means your support goes twice as far.
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