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Family Update
The Evans' house is never a dull place these days with three fun and energetic boys running around. Asa, who is 2.5 years old, asked to sleep in the big boys room recently, so we moved his bed in with them. We now have his room as a playroom. The transition is going well, with nap time needing a little more work. Please pray they will all settle with Asa sleeping in the room with them.

Ezra is a very creative little 4 year old with a great story-telling mind. Right now, we are working on the difference between creative story telling and lying. The other day at church, he told his children's church teachers this whole story about how his "mom" was held up by bad guys and the police came and arrested them. Of course, I had to explain to concerned teachers that it wasn't me, but his imaginary "mom." Please pray that Ezra will understand the appropriate time to tell stories and learn to tell the truth at all time.

Isaiah is beginning to actually be helpful around the house. He is learning to fold clothes nicely, cut soft vegetables and help set the table. Its amazing the transition that happens at 5 years old. He has been asking recently to start going to school as many of his friends are in their first year at "real" school, kindergarten. Right now, we feel home school is the best option for our family. Please pray that Isaiah will be content being home schooled. When we move farther down the coast, there's a home school co-op we can join on Fridays that I think will help him feel like he has a "school" day.
1. Farm purchase: Please pray that the remaining 50% of the purchase price is donated and that we are able to purchase the property with no debt.

2. Car repairs: Please pray the mechanics can get to the root of the issues with our cars and we can have dependable vehicles.

3. Family: Please see the family update above for ways to pray for our family.

4. School outreach: We are praying for someone who can partner with us at the outreaches to lead a couple of songs. Pray that we can get connected to the right person, preferably in the area.

Farm Purchase Update
A big THANK YOU to everyone who has made a donation towards the farm purchase. We've raised the first 50% needed for the down payment. We will still need to raise the next 50% of the purchase price before the end of the year. If you'd like to donate towards this, please see the Donate Information in the sidebar.
Our chickens in their new chicken coop out on the farm.

Chicken Farming


The first flock of chicks have been re-homed from our garage to Pastors Richard and Innocentia's homestead. This is the first small business that we are setting up. As they care for the chickens, they earn 25% of the chickens to start their own chicken business.  This allows them to be sustainable and able to pastor the church instead of working outside of the home in a second job. It was understood there would be no pay; they would have to earn their own income by investing time and work in tending and raising 50 chicks.  Richard and Innocentia are doing a great job raising the chickens and the chickens are happy to be able to go inside and outside with their new chicken coop.

The outside area of the chicken coop at the farm.

The model we have set up is for the local farmer to earn 25% of the chickens by caring for them and 75% of the chickens will be sold to reimburse the original investment made to start the chicken farming.  We have sold enough chickens to pay for the initial investment and now we will be able to set up another business.  We are looking forward to expanding the business model and involve other individuals in the area.

Asanda, a 12 year old girl who attends a morning feeding program

Feeding Program

Makes a Difference

South Africa is such an interesting country. While it has some incredible malls, hotels and tourist areas, the very poor still suffer so much in this country.  As we heard Asanda's story, a young girl in one of our school feeding programs, our hearts just broke for the hardship she has seen at such a young age.

Asanda lives in a one room house (not one bedroom, one room) with her grandparents, aunt, uncle and four siblings; 9 people in this one room house and none of them are working. Her mother died in 2004 when she was just 2 years old and her father will not acknowledge or support her even though he lives in the area. Asanda actually goes to school with half sisters but none of them know they share the same father.

Asanda's family lives in extreme poverty and their greatest need is food. They may go days without any food and during the week, Asanda only eats at school. They also need clothing. She only has her school uniform to wear; on the special days the children are allowed to wear "civies" or regular clothes, Asanda must still wear her uniform because it is all she has.

Asanda also suffers from illness from malnutrition and conditions at home. She says that the breakfast program has helped her feel healthier. Her attendance to school has improved since the breakfast programs started. She says even if she feels sick, she comes to school and feels better after she eats. She claims it helps her to stay awake in class and learn better. She says she is so happy that the breakfast program has started and it was a big relief that she would at least have breakfast everyday.

2000 More Students Receive Breakfast
Through our partnership with Hand of Hope, we have begun feeding breakfast to over 2,000 more children in two new schools. We know these breakfasts will be a blessing to the schools and their students enabling many more to start the day with a stomach full of healthy food.
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