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All donations are tax-deductible and go towards ministry projects in South Africa.

1. Farm purchase: Please pray for the funds to be raised so we can purchase this property in order to further the ministry in this area.

2. Car repairs: Both of our cars are currently in for repairs. Pray that the repairs are the last we need for a while.

3. Family: Please pray for the boys as they continue to meet new friends in the area. We will enter our 3rd term of homeschooling next week, as school is year-round here.

4. School outreach: Third Term of school starts next week, 20 July, and we will begin our school assemblies to teach Bible Stories to the children.  Last term, we had a friend come who played guitar and led the children in songs before the teaching. It was awesome! He has been having some health issues.  Please pray for complete healing in his life.


Great Opportunity

To Partner With Us

Sustainability is the operative word if you are going to have meaningful long-term success in Africa.  Like most developing nations, a large percentage of the population is industrious and willing to work, but in Africa especially, they simply don’t know what to do—they need direction, they need training.  So, Greg challenged his small group of advisors to define what more could be done in their communities.  It wasn’t enough to just offer ideas; it was imperative that whatever they self-identified as ‘needs’ must also be accompanied by specific planning to make it work.

The viability of Rural Farming came to the fore of all ideas—something that pleased Greg as he grew up on a farm in Tennessee. The question was what made the most sense: chicken farming, tunnel farming (greenhouse vegetable farms) or fish farming?  It was understood there would be no pay; the farmers would have to earn their own income by investing time and work in tending and raising 50 chicks.

  • 1 chicken will lay 20 eggs/month ~ $3.37 (40 Rand)
  • The typical family will live on 300 to 500 Rand per month, which equals about $25 to $40 per month.

Vegetable Farming & Fish Farming (Tilapia) provide added nutritional and enterprise value to the local areas. The cost and space (land-use) requirements to start these business enterprises are more substantial, but the payback is also quite immediate as compared to a chicken farming operation.  The design of all programs is to involve the children, instilling work ethic, pride, and enterprise thinking.

  • Vegetable Farms (tunnel greenhouse design) are set up as a greenhouse-type operation. An understanding of concentrated food production, in the least amount of space, yields the best output.  By contrast, corn is not efficient because a large stalks that yield only 2-3 ears of corn.
  • The set-up of a tunnel farm for vegetables is about $5000.
  • Payback with a mixture of tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers and carrots is between four and five months.  The ‘turn’ on a greenhouse operation (after functional) is about 3.5X each year—about $17,000.

Fish Farming can be accomplished in a containerize system with the cost of pumps and generators being the primary expense.  Fry can be grown for about one month until they reach about 1” in size, then captured, dried, and ground into fish-meal to add a high concentration of protein to the corn meal base.

  • The set-up of a fish farm is about $5000.
  • Payback in the initial phase is about 3 months in a ‘fry’ operation, and the annual revenue potential is as high as $20,000, but dependent on several variables.  However, the need for protein in the children’s diet is acknowledged and understood; the market is sustainable.

Hand of God:  Greg and Kristin had been interested in acquiring land to propel the farming opportunities to 10,000 chickens.  An extraordinary ‘fit’ with a house and 3 chicken barns came available for $225,000; when the owners learned of their work, they immediately dropped the price to $100,000.  Greg knew the hand of God was in this and offered $75,000 ($25,000 down, remainder 1-31-2016).   

To assist us with the opportunity cost of empowering unmet human potential, we respectfully request your consideration of a gift to our ministry.   

An organization’s ability to claim what it might do is only as credible as what it can demonstrate it has done.  First Love Ministries can point to its efforts over the last sixteen years and claim that no other institution is better prepared, poised or positioned to create such a comprehensive and productive human development program.  The past has prepared us in unique ways; the present calls us to address persistent inequities, and the future places its hopes in us.  No organization is in a stronger position to ask, “If not us, who?  If not now, when?”  We can, we will, we must make this happen.

The 3 bedroom house on the farm.

With a little improvement and TLC, we would be able to live in the house just 10 minutes away from our community where we have projects. The property also contains a one bedroom flat and other buildings that could be remodeled to be accommodations for visiting mission teams.
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