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New on Broader View

Analysis & Opinion

  • American Jews & Israel: Pesach Jews vs. Purim Jews by Yossi Klein Halevi, March 5
  • BDS: End the Arab Boycott of Israel by Ed Husain, New York Times, March 6
  • Peace Process: To Achieve Mideast Peace, Suspend Disbelief by Dennis Ross, New York Times, March 2
  • Public Diplomacy: Why Israel is Losing the PR War by Orit Arfa, Israel National News, March 4
  • Settlements: Jurisdiction over Israeli Settlements in the International Criminal Court by Eugene Kontorovich, March 9
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Other Resources

  • Polls & Surveys: More Americans Sympathize with Israel, ABC News, March 18
  • Video Clips: European Reporter Questions South African Member of Parliament on Israeli Apartheid Charge

In the News

  • President Obama concluded a successful two-day visit to Israel, the West Bank, and Jordan
  • Prime Minister Netanyahu apologized to Turkey for the 2010 Mavi Marmara incident
  • A new coalition government in Israel includes centrist and center-right parties
  • Following another round of futile international talks, Iran installs thousands of advanced centrifuges for uranium enrichment
  • Ethiopian-born Yityish Aynaw is Miss Israel 2013

Happy Passover!

Wishing all friends of Broader View and of Israel a joyous and meaningful celebration of freedom, of peoplehood, and of springtime.

Nevet Live

Nevet’s discussion group, Israel Current Events, meets Wednesday April 3 at noon and Thursday April 4 at 7:00pm at Temple B’nai Torah in Bellevue.  Contact us for more information.

Educator workshop, Teaching the Israel Relationship, April 22, Seattle

Invite Nevet to speak to your congregation or community!  Topics and format can be customized to your needs. 

Clip of the Month

 Israel’s Chief Rabbi with President Obama at Yad Vashem

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