Tuesday, January 5th, 2016
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Happy New Year!

The New Year is a great opportunity for new ideas, adventures, and projects. With technology taking ever more space in our lives, we are focusing on how to take things into our own hands, and create, innovate and move forward with the right balance of technology and manual skills. A good place to start is by clearing our workspaces so our minds can also start with a clean slate.


Digital + Design

What is the place of the physical model in the era of 3-D computer modeling? Is there still a need for the hand-done sketch or rendering? As 3-D printing becomes ever more widely available, is there an advantage to architectural models built by our own hands? We have been examining these questions and others through considering our urban environment, looking at the work of other architects at conferences, and contemplating our own work and processes. Read more 


5 simple ways to Feng Shui your office space.

We recently had Feng Shui consultant, Aga Karas assess our studio space. Feng Shui is the study of how to arrange your environment based on Ch'i (energy flow), to improve the quality of living (and work) spaces. At Gettliffe Architecture, our main objective is to create an inviting, comfortable, balanced and harmonious atmosphere for both clients and team. Read more.

ArtNook: Meredith Nemirov 

For the new year, ArtNook features "Sunlit Triptych" by local artist Meredith Nemirov. Come by the studio for a look, or find out more on our blog.


* January 21st
Diavolo: Architecture in Motion, Macky Auditorium, Boulder
Battle of the Oranges, Historical Carnival of Ivrea, Italy 

* March 3rd - 6th
12th Annual Boulder International Film Festival, Boulder


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