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Issued: June 23, 2016

​​West Hatch High School students say 'we would be stronger in Europe'

After listening to the arguments, West Hatch High School students backed the campaign to remain in the EU by voting in favour of Britain’s continued membership of the European Union.

An assembly was held to highlighted some of the main arguments for both sides.

This was followed by further discussions before students could cast their vote in a mock referendum.

Sixty-four per cent decided Britain would be stronger in the European Union.

But this was not the end of the school's Referendum work with classes continuing to discuss the issues.

And it was not just form time where the debates occurred with discussions in Economics and Geography lessons also focusing on Britain’s position in Europe.

Careers co-ordinator Geoff Towsey said: "Some arguments may have appeared trivial but they were relevant such as the student who argued we should stay in the EU after reading ‘only to be sold in the EU’ on a packet of Magic Stars.

"The issue of Europe was also mentioned at the Year 12 Gifted and Talented evening where we covered studying in Europe and the various academic and research opportunities open to British students due to our membership of the EU.

"And as always, our Library was the source of much information with staff creating a display dedicated to the debates surrounding the European Union."

He added: "Discussions also spilled out into the playground with students debating how they would vote and what they think the consequences would be.

"Many staff also found themselves being asked the question 'how will you vote'?"

Mr Towsey, who delivered some of the assemblies about the referendum, said “It’s amazing to see so many of our students getting involved with the debates and discussions surrounding the EU referendum.

"They have really listened to the various arguments and formulated their own opinion.

"This is a decision which will affect them so it’s great to see that they are so engaged with it - it’s just a shame they can’t vote in the actual referendum.”​

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