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9:00 A.M. (110 min)
Title: Coast
Director: Nile Saulter
Released in: 2010
Length: 12 min.
Genre: short film
When Patasha is called upon to make a routine delivery to Dylan and Veronica, a young tourist couple, she encounters a situation that will test her morality. The young spear-fisherman Samson also wants to make a transaction, but this one is of a more sinister nature. A love letter to the rugged cliffs of Negril, Coast is also an examination of choices, and how ugly or stunningly beautiful this island can truly be.

Title: Taita Boves
Director: Luis Alberto Mata
Released in: 2010
Length: 100 min.
genre: Documentary
It tells the true story of Jose Tomás Boves, a cruel man who became a legend during the Venezuelan War of Independence, the most violent in the Americas. He went from seafarer to pirate, horse smuggler to prosperous merchant, prisoner to military chief. Spanish by birth, he spearheaded a grass roots troop of slaves, mulattoes, Indians and mestizos that crushed Simón Bolívar and his patriot army. Respectfully referred to as "Taita" by them, he fought for the underprivileged and the poorest of the poor, and curtailed three centuries of order in this colonial region. This film is about his passions and power, his loves and misadventures, and a bloody saga that rocked Venezuela.
9:30 A.M. (86 min)

Title: Traces of the Trade: A Story from the Deep North
Director: Katrina Browne
Length: 86  min.
Genre: Documentary
Filmmaker Katrina Browne discovers that her New England ancestors were the largest slave-trading family in U.S. history. She and nine cousins retrace the Triangle Trade and gain powerful new perspectives on the black/white divide.
9:00 A.M. (86 min)
Title: Barra‐bás
Director: Giuliano Salvatore
Released in: 2009
Length: 90 min.
Genre: Documentary
This documentary is about Rafael Serrano Toro, Venezuelan writer, famous in the 70’s as “The number 1 public enemy in Venezuela”. He was put in jail and condemned. In jail became a writer.

Title: I am tumbero
Director: Bilko Cuervo
Released in
Length: 15 min.
Genre: Documentary
French Tumba in Bejuco fights to keep alive the magic of its ancestors, who gave us the strength of their passion and art.

Title: The Amerindians
Director: Tracy Assing/Spohie Meyer
Released in
Duración: 40 min.
género: Documental
“The only real Caribs are dead Caribs.” In this revealing film, Tracy Assing seeks to put to rest that historical saw. Assing was raised a member of the Santa Rosa Carib Community, the only recognized group representing indigenous descendants in Trinidad and Tobago. Until now, Amerindian descendants have depended on the stories of their grandparents and great-grandparents for their history, while the indigenous story of survival has been written out of the history books. Assing walks us through her own exploration of the history of the Santa Rosa Community and, as her great aunt, the Carib Queen, prepares to join the Great Spirit, ponders an uncertain future.
1:00 P.M. (92 min)

Title: Cheila. A house for Maita
Director: Eduardo Barberena
Released in: 2009
Length: 90 min.
Genre: Feature film
Cheila returns from Canada to spend Christmas in the beautiful house that he gave his mother with a great effort. He brings with great news: finally he’s going to make real his dream of sex change and being "a total woman ". The operation is soon, but he needs his family support. After seeing the once-beautiful "villa" in absolute decline and occupied by a chaotic rush of brothers, sisters-in-law and nephews, Cheila knows hard truths that will make her redefine the relation with himself and with his family, when he finds out their biggest lack: the intolerance, the meanness and lack of affection.
6:00 P.M. (103 min)

Title: No signal
Director: Pedro Mario B. Uribe
Released in: 2010
Length: 15 min.
genre: Short Fiction
In a traffic jam, a shy young person and a delinquent need to make phone calls, but there is no signal. They use a public telephone, the traffic begins to move and by mistake each one gets in the car of the other one, the delinquent goes with the young man’s bad-tempered wife and the young a bag with big quantity of stolen money. In the exchange, their lives will take new courses.

Title: The Travelers
Director: Carlos Bidó
Length: 88
Genre: Feature film
A group of Dominicans, boosted by the illusion of improving their living conditions, embark in a dangerous voyage in the Yola, with the aim to come to Puerto Rico. They put in hands of a dealers' network of emigrants, who taking advantage of the situation, commit all kinds of abuses with the Travelers, while they, in the middle of the mount, wait for the signal. During the deep-sea travel, comes a storm that will decide the luck of the group. They all are in equal conditions and fight for their lives. The conclusion is the final destination: the death or the arrival to an uncertain place. The movie, which is based on real testimonies, deals on a social issue, with a dosed combination of action, humor, romance and suspense, managing to describe, in a dramatic way, true stories on the dirty business of the illegal travels.
9:00 A.M. (104 min)

Title: The Black Mozart in Cuba
Director: Stéphanie /Steve James
Length: 52 min.
Genre: Documentary
Joseph Boulogne, Le Chevalier de St George, was a Black classical composer and violin virtuoso born in Guadeloupe in the mid 18th century. The son of a slave and her master, he achieved enormous success as a musician, fencer, and military man. Yet, when he died in 1799, he was all but erased from history. The Black Mozart in Cuba is the latest act in the rehabilitation of the memory of this extraordinary human being. The film skillfully combines biographical information with performances of his works. The event held in Cuba in 2005 in his honor, is truly engaging and important and inspired a remarkable film.

Title: An Unwelcome lot / A Distant Shore
(Un Certain Bord de Mer)
Director: Mario Delatour
Length: 52 min.
Genre: Documentary
Commerce and travels are deeply rooted in Syrian-Lebanese culture. Middle Eastern communities flourish the world over and Haiti is no exception. The Syro-Libanais as the French would call them started arriving in Haiti towards the end of the 19th century. The Haitians found them to be a curious lot, particularly the Bourgeoisie which shunned them completely. Despite initial hostility, threats and actual cases of deportation the Arabs stayed and carved themselves a place in Haitian society. This film examines the plight of the early settlers and focuses on their descendants and how they are viewed in today’s society.
1:00 P.M. (98 min)
Títle: Venezzia
Director: Haik Gazarian
Release: 2009
Length: 98 min.
Genre: Ficción
1942, the world is at war. Venezuela is the largest supplier of oil to the Allies and thus of strategic importance. Frank Moore, a communications specialist with the US army, travels to a small town on Venezuela’s Caribbean coast. He sets himself up in a cabin, not far from the residence of his superior, Commander Salvatierra. Frank’s mission is twofold: to protect oil tankers from possible U-boat attacks, and discover the identity of a Nazi spy within the Venezuelan army. Frank becomes friendly with Commander Salvatierra’s wife, the beguiling Venezzia, who is partially blind. Soon the two are engaged in a passionate affair. Meanwhile, Frank suspects that he is being monitored, and is accused of being the very spy he is meant to be tracking. Will he and Venezzia find the happiness they so desperately seek, or does tragedy await them?
9:00 A.M. (112 min)

Title: 70’ Remember a revolution
Director: Alex de Verteuil and Elizabeth Topp
Released in: 2010
Length: 112 min.
Genre: Documentary
A revealing, riveting chronicle of the Black Power uprising that took place in Trinidad and Tobago in 1970. Featuring interviews with various activists, politicians, military officers and others who were caught up in the events, the film evokes those heady months when “Power to the people!” was the popular cry.  Generous use of archive material and calypsos from the period rounds out this document of one of the most important—and most misunderstood—periods in the country’s modern history.
1:00 P.M. (133 min)

Title: Adolfo
Director: Sofi Delaage
Released in:2006
Length: 45 min.
Genre: Fiction medium length film
This film depicts the last days before the departure from Cuba, by sea, of Adolfo who became a Taxi driver after the fall of the socialist block. Discouraged by the difficulties of the day to day life and determined to reach the American coast where part of his family has already immigrated, Adolfo is haunted by all the inner conflicts of today’s Cuban. While he secretly prepares his escape at night, Adolfo keeps on driving around town during the day with clients on board. The different events and meeting that chance will put on his path, during those last three days; will make him give up his departure. Adolfo becomes aware more and more of his deep Cuban feelings, his roots and his inner truth: the necessity to remain on his land with his friends, his world.

Title: Ticket to paradise
Director: Gerardo Chijona
Released in:
Length: 88 min.
Genre: Feature film
The movie is the chronicle of the physical and spiritual trip of Eunice, the protagonist. A physical trip, which begins in her small town in the interior of Cuba, continues in the road up to Havana, and ends in a sanatorium for AIDS patients. A spiritual trip towards the maturity, which goes of a teenager violated by her father, her integration to a group who has a marginal life where she knows the love, up to turning into young woman infected with the HIV, who decides to have a son to any price. The dramatic arch that the protagonist crosses, has a particular visual atmosphere in each of three acts of the script, according to the physical landscape and, especially, to her spiritual condition.
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