Oddbins doesn’t do politics. If we did we’d move our Greek wine into the German section and we would shift the French back towards the centre before it falls off the shelf and makes a mess.  But we have chosen seven wines that sum up each of the mayoral candidates... 

Siobhan Benita (Independent)
Henriot Rosé Champagne - £46

Being the only independent candidate, Siobhan is a little different to the others, being something fresher and cleaner.  So we have plumped for the Henriot Rosé, a sparkling wine from one of the last family owned and independent houses in Champagne.  Perfect for the honest, independent, relevant and family-focussed campaign that has fizzed unexpectedly into this election.

Carlos Cortiglia (BNP)
Zohar Tannat  – £10

Tannat is one of the most prominent grape varieties in Carlos’ native Uruguay.  As we are happy with things crossing borders, we’ve chosen the Zohar Tannat from Argentina.  With its punchy tannins and deep colour, this wine, like a well-known yeast extract spread, is not for everyone.  Kind of like the BNP then.

Boris Johnson (Conservative)
Diane de Belgrave Haut-Médoc – £15

For Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson we’ve chosen the Diane de Belgrave Haut-Medoc Bordeaux.  Wow, that’s quite the mouthful, which we promise is no pun on the big man’s initials.  Just like the incumbent it’s been around since 2008, it’s classic old-school with a posh upbringing, a fruity side (like a trip in a lift with Ken) and a suggestion of leather cigar boxes. 

Jenny Jones (Green) 
Falanghina Biblos – £11

The Falanghina Biblos is green, clean and fresh, but carries weight and holds no punches, just like Jenny Jones. As a former archaeologist she will love the fact the producers of this organic wine are trying to save ancient grape varieties that teeter on the brink of extinction. 

Ken Livingstone (Labour)
Cape Chamonix Pinotage – £13

He’s not a white wine, he’s more of a red, Ken. The perfect wine for Ken must go with newts, carry real weight, but also have legs because it doesn’t look like he’s ever going to retire. We wondered about something that was a bit more popular in the 80s than it is now, but instead went for the Cape Chamonix Pinotage, a South African red with a long history that has been given more clout by air-drying some of the grapes. 

Brian Paddick (Liberal Democrat) 
Berton Paddock Shiraz – £8

Berton Paddock seems like the obvious choice as it almost shares a name with Brian Paddick. Just like the former policeman, this Shiraz will not stand for messing around.  Although characterised by a liberal fruitiness, this is also a fun wine that you might find partying with John Barrowman or in a jungle with Ant and Dec.

Lawrence Webb (UKIP) 
Nuiton-Beaunoy Bourgogne Rouge - £10

Hmm, for Lawrence it has to be something with a silky edge. Even though he’s changed the name to “A Fresh Choice For London”, UKIP always makes us think of Robert Kilroy-Silk. So we’ve gone for the Nuiton-Beaunoy Bourgogne Rouge, light, not too foreign and very, very silky. 

We are not advocating that Londoners vote for a candidate based on their favourite wine from our list, but it's probably a lot more fun than reading endless manifesto leaflets.

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