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March/April 2015


Is Technology Getting Under Your Skin?

What would George Orwell make of this: ID cards replaced with a micro-chip under your skin?

The Epicenter hi-tech office block in Sweden is implanting workers with a micro-chip under their skin instead of issued ID cards. It's a small RFID (radio-frequency identification) chip that is pushed under the skin in the hand and can be used to open doors or use a photocopier. They are looking to expand the use of the chip to make it easier to pay for food without the use of a card or a PIN. The chips will also be programmed to hold contact information and will be able to communicate iwth smartphone apps. This will take wearable technology to a whole new level.

Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard Price: $78.17 +GST

The Logitech® Bluetooth® Multi-Device Keyboard K480 is designed for use with up to three devices, regardless of computing platform. Now, you can work on a report on your computer, and with the flick of the Easy-Switch dial, respond to a message on your smartphone or type a tweet on your tablet - all from the Logitech® Bluetooth® Multi-Device Keyboard K480.

Contact us today to place an order.

Livescribe Echo Smartpen Price: $199.13 +GST (2GB Echo Smartpen)

The Livescribe Echo Smartpen allows you to record audio while you're taking notes, and then play them back later. You can save and share interactive notes to your computer, iPad or iPhone via a micro-USB connector that also allows you to recharge your pen. The memory storage holds 400 or 800 hours of recorded audio, depending on the model, and includes an OLED display that makes it easy to navigate smartpen apps.

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Tips & Tricks 

Tip #1: Can't see the text while surfing the 'net? Make the text bigger!

Too lazy to get up and grab your glasses? Just select 'Control +' to make text larger, or 'Control -' to make it smaller. 

Tip #2:  Want to get a discount when online shopping? Try this trick!

If you're doing some online shopping, try leaving your items in your shopping cart for a while, and eventually you may get some kind of discount code to persuade you to finish the purchase. (This doesn't ALWAYS work for every website, but it happens enough that it's worth trying.)


This Month's Special

HP Roar Plus Wireless Speaker  Special Price: $260.78 plus GST

Available in Black, Blue and Purple - while stocks last

Experience front-row sound, anywhere. Amplify your senses with the HP Roar Plus Wireless Speaker. New Smart Amp techncology delivers booming bass with crystal clarity. Distinctive design, long battery life, and feature-packed for a concert anywhere.

Features and Benefits:
  • Premium Sound: New Smart Amp technology delivers fuller bass and clarity
  • Continuous play: Up to 12 hours' battery life and also charge your mobile device
  • Portable: Cable free with up to 20 feet Bluetooth® connectivity
  • Engineered for performance: Combining sound shaping software with a unique triangular design for enhanced audio performance
  • Full stereo with dual speakers: Wirelessly connect two Roar Plus speakers for full L/R stereo
  • Talk and listen: Convenient speakerphone and microphone with noise cancellation
  • Multiple connections: Sync to dual Bluetooth® devices simultaneously
  • Mobile device charging: Female A-style USB port charges compatible mobile devices
  • Touch button control: Raised control buttons are located on end of speaker
Warranty and Support: 
  • One year, worldwide parts-and-labour limited warranty.

All prices are exclusive of GST and shipping costs.

Offer ends 5:00pm 30 April 2015, or until stock runs out. Please note that stock is limited. Any install prices do not include going onsite, unless stipulated. Email if you would like to place an order.


Our Cloud Backup Solution

We are excited about our own local cloud that gives our clients an affordable option to backup their data to an offsite, local location. Best of all, our clients don't have to do a thing and it only costs $95 + GST per server, no matter how much data. Click here to print our brochure.


Welcome to Marco

In our December newsletter we mentioned that Marco would be starting with us in February and we are pleased to say that he is now well and truly part of the MCN family. If you have not met him already, I'm sure you will. Marco joined us as a technician, having worked in Peru as a systems analyst for six years before moving to New Zealand in 2005 with his family where he worked as a service desk operator at an IT college in Auckland. Now his family live in Blenheim and Marco brings his valuable IT experience to our clients.

Thank you
Leni the Kiwi


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