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HaldeCraft is ready for Autumn!

We are ready for cooler weather, and Fall holidays!

It feels as if it has been summer forever; but finally the season of Pumpkin Spice is upon us (and do we just love the color Pumpkin Spice) and temperatures are starting to cool down. Thoughts are turning towards knitted socks and crocheted afghans (we can help you with that), towards large mugs you can fill with hot chocolate (we can help you with that, too), and people are looking for seasonal gifts (we have some seasonal items here). Need something last minute for a Halloween party? We have a few Skull Soaps left!

As temperatures turn downright cold north of us (we hear you get this stuff called "snow") you might be looking at connecting with friends and like-minded people on days you can't leave the house. We have a guest blog post written this month with tips on connecting with the online crafting community - there are a lot of good resources in this post, a few of which might be new for you. Check it out, and if you have other resources to recommend we'd love to hear about it in the comments!

Thinking of ordering for the holidays? 

The plan I mentioned in the last newsletter, for finding a new place for HaldeCraft Headquarters, is moving forward. If I stuck to previous years schedules, I would stop taking custom orders by Friday, October 24th. I'm still going to stand by that (and last day for guaranteed shipping/Domestic delivery via USPS Priority Mail is Thursday, December 11th) but please understand that at any time in the next three to four weeks, I may have to suddenly close my studio to pack and move; that may put a two-to-three week additional time frame on your custom order. I will be taking custom orders on a case-by-case basis, discussing with you in detail the time it will take me to complete your order vs the time my schedule will allow. I may not be able to accommodate all orders, for which I'm deeply sorry, but the studio move will ultimately give me more room and more freedom to make even better things for you with a faster turnaround time!

I do have a wide variety of items in stock right now, and I highly recommend buying early and from current stock if you at all can.

Thanks, y'all! 

A few weeks ago we went to the Florida Fiber-In. As always, it was a lot of fun! You can see a few more photos and read my post-event write-up here. My friend Rhea was lovely to help me out for the weekend - many of you may have seen her project and tote bags at my table. You can find her amazing handiwork at Tuesday Tutus and Totes. Tell her I sent you!

The question I got asked the most at Fiber-In this year was "where is your shop?". It's so flattering to hear that I'm bricks-and-mortar worthy! My shop is here, online, where we're all local.
It's almost time for my quarterly soap donation to Peaceful Paths (a local Domestic Violence Network). I've heard through the grapevine that the full-sized bars that I donate make women and children feel more at home, when they're staying in someone else's house and wearing someone else's clothes - there's something about a full-size bar of soap that smells lovely that comforts the heart. I couldn't donate without you - I donate a bar for every ten bars I sell - so thank you for helping me to help others.
Have you seen the latest in my Decade colorways? Let me introduce you to The 60s Have Called. Released in September, this is a bright eclectic mix of avocado green, bright orange, and kitchen appliance yellow.

The 60s Have Called, on that big clunky pinkish-yellow rotary phone that hung on the wall like a heavy plastic brick. Civil Rights. The Voting Rights Act. Change. The Vietnam draft. Music. Woodstock.The 60s were a time of change, and some would say we haven't been the same since. 
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