The last month has been very full--in a way reminiscent of the early days of the church, when there seemed to be so much happening that we could only hang on to God for dear life as he whisked us along on his grand adventure.

Here's what's been happening in the life of our church:
  • I've moved into the new church house, and it's been wonderful to have a centralized space where Aaron and myself and others on staff can come together to work--also, having spent the last six months in a basement, it's pretty great to have a window that looks out on the world (see right)!
  • We've begun to host meetings in the new space, including our last Leadership Community meeting, a small group leaders interest meeting, and a Newcomers Dinner.
  • We've been excited to see how God continues to bring people into our community: since January, we've averaged at least 11 newcomers every Sunday, and 15 at our triweekly Newcomers Dinners.
  • People are not only coming to our Sunday gatherings, but also choosing to invest and plant themselves and grow in our community, as evidenced by the fact that we had over 30 at our small group leaders interest meeting, including six from my own small group. We anticipate doubling our available small group capacity this fall!
  • We're in process of taking a survey (well, more like a census) of our church, so we can get a better, data-backed picture of just who we are as The District Church. Once the results are evaluated, I'm sure I'll have some interesting insights to share!
This is just a snapshot of what's going on--I wish I could spend time with each of you communicating just how much is happening!

Thanks again for being on this journey with me.

Grace and peace to you,

P.S. Pretty big announcement to come in the next email update: get ready!

You can join the team and support my work at The District Church in three ways:
  1. By giving financially, whether regularly or with a special gift; details below.
  2. By praying for me, for the work I'm involved in, and for the growing District Church community.
  3. By connecting me with individuals, organizations, or churches, that you think would be interested in supporting what's going on here in DC.
If you'd like to give financial support, you're welcome to do so:
  • by check, payable to "The District Church" with "For the Ministry of Justin Fung" in the memo, and mailed to The District Church, PO Box 3116, Washington, DC 20010;
  • online here, selecting "Ministry of JF” from the dropdown menu.
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