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Herbal Ally
July | 2016 | Longterm
Astrology Outlook
TODAY ... Be especially aware this week of the messages you receive from Spirit, especially those that come through in the form of birds and other flying creatures. Birds -- and their feathers that we may find -- symbolize spiritual evolution and also offer a link to the higher planes of perception.

plagued with self-doubt as yesterday's certainties become today's questions. Although the ambitious Capricorn Full Moon at 3.56p reinforces our drive to succeed, tensions between our personal and professional lives make it difficult to set priorities. The Full Moon brings a time of harvest, conclusions, endings, and in this case, matters that pertain to your ambitions and responsibilities in life—Capricorn ruled. We need to work with how to take care of both ourselves and our responsibilities under the Full Moon in Capricorn. Share mutual support tonight as Luna enters collective Aquarius.

nearly impossible to know what the Full Moon will reveal because of its square to unpredictable Uranus at 10.06a. The Moon square Uranus brings an unexpected direction, but makes us prone to confrontationLuna travels on to sextile eager Mars at 12.12pm and you will be much more likely to get a positive reaction.
MERCURY TRINE SATURN ... An illogical Mercury-Neptune misalignment muddles our thinking. The good news is that Mercury will be trine Saturn today as well, hinting at positive feedback from someone you respectMercury trine Saturn can further our meditations, help us make good decisions and keep our thoughts serious and on track, but can also bring out our controlling streak. If we mistakenly think that control is a good answer to worry.
VENUS TRINE SATURN ... Venus is following right behind Mercury now, and so we have a bit of an echo effect -- for instance, communication issues or insights that come up on Monday-Tuesday then impact our relationships on Wednesday-Thursday, when Venus moves into the place where Mercury was earlierVenus and Saturn are in great aspect over the next day. This is a stabilizing influence to love, romance, and spending. Saturn is never a happy energy, but it does bring stability, consistency, and maturity. Due to this, more people decide to commit in their relationships, or take things to a more serious level. We’re also less likely to be indulgent in our spending and affections now, instead, choosing for more discipline and practicality in our affairs. We find more happiness with traditions now as well as people and things older than ourselves.
FULL MOON IN CAPRICORN ... The whole notion of work, of right-livelihood, is up for discussion this week and we may have to face some reality about our ambiguities or inner conflicts around our work on Tuesday’s Full Moon, as the Sun in nurturing, self-protective Cancer opposes the hard-working Capricorn Moon. Tonight's Full Moon in Capricorn combined with the contrasting energy of the Sun in Cancer may have you experiencing an intense push and pull. One half of you is feeling highly motivated toward your personal ambitions, while the other half may feel weighed down by the impulse to take care of everyone else in your life. Despite this conflicting planetary alignmentyou don't necessarily have to choose -- but you do need to be prepared for the unique opportunities coming your way.

With the
Sun in nurturing Cancer and the Moon in goal-oriented Capricorn for this lunation, it calls us to assess how well we balance the polarities of home and career, emotional well-being and external accomplishment.
  • Do my commitments and responsibilities support my having a healthy inner life, or do I allow them to distract me from paying attention to my inner needs ?
  • How can I rethink my priorities so that I spend as much time enjoying my life as I do creating it ? 
  • Are my boundaries solid, so that I can be emotionally available to life, but not overwhelmed by the feelings that arise through that sensitivity ?
This Full Moon will have you focused on business matters and your obligations. You'll be able to see the result of your past efforts now on a major project or goal if you have taken the time to properly lay a foundation and do the work necessary. This Full Moon encourages us to explore how to create a healthy, sustainable mandala of our life. To do so, we have to bust any illusion we have that life is all about our fun, relaxing time, if only wouldn’t work with get in the way, or all about our work, if only our private life would interfere. And break the illusion that either we nurture ourselves or we nurture others, either we engage our spiritual life or do our homework. These dichotomies are all parts of an inextricable whole, for a healthy life we weave their balance together to create a sand-painting mandala, knowing the richer and more diverse our life is, the more sustainable it becomes.

Sun and Moon are both square Uranus at the time of the Full Moon. This formation, called a t-square, increases our restlessness and desire for change. This t-square, with Uranus at the apex, opens up the possibility of breakthroughs or breakdowns. People may be more high-strung and impatient than usual, due to the overload of electrical activity. This can cause more extreme reactions, and an urgent need to break free from circumstances or relationships that feel restrictive. We will want to be especially aware of how our words or actions may alienate others. In the positive, this t-square can also increase our intuitive awareness, and elicit insights and visions, if we choose to focus our attention in that way.

FULL MOON IN CAPRICORN SABIAN SYMBOL ... The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon reinforces the benefits of focusing inward at this time : A large aviary : The enjoyment of spiritual values by the soul able to familiarize itself with their implications. The keyword for this Sabian symbol is Clairaudience, defined as the capacity for being responsive to many inner voices. Astrologer Dane Rudhyar's interpretation of this symbol reads in part : Birds symbolize spiritual forces; the aviary presents us with a picture of these forces contained within a mind open to the light of psychic or Soul realities, and bringing joy and harmony to the consciousness. This is a picture of familiarity with inspiring experiences.
VENUS IN LEO ... Romantic Venus is now happily pranciong through lively Leo until 5 August. We're eager for some fun of our own. Love becomes larger than life with incredible romantic opportunities. During these three weeks, romance is going to go into overdrive as Venus moves into Leo. It's great to have a little fun to keep the relationship exciting, just make sure to address issues that may come up along the way.
MERCURY IN LEO ... Mercury has moved out of the emotional waters of Cancer into the fiery expressiveness of Leo until 30 July, which may help us be less at the mercy of our moods. The Messenger Planet will be in exuberant Leo helping us bring more play and joy into our daily lives. You'll speak with such flair that no one will be able to resist your wordsMercury in Leo is about self-expression and self-promotion. Mercury and Venus now in Leo bring out our inner diva, we want to give attention and receive attention, share what we know, but may have a harder time than usual getting out of our own perspective and walking in another shoes.

The Leo can
bring us out of our shell, we just have to decide if we want to reach out for personal grandstanding, or the collective goodMercury in Leo is about putting our best self forward, facing life's challenges with a positive attitude, and making your own creative contribution known. At it's deepest level, Mercury in the sign of the regal and majestic lion ushers in a cycle of tapping into our inner visions of what our life should be and turning that into a reality.
JULY 2016 OUTLOOK ... This is a very good month to put your energy into something that helps you grow and progress. See the best and worst days to do so in the monthly outlook for July read more ...
SATURN SQUARE NEPTUNE ... A new era has begun as realistic Saturn is in a challenging square to idealistic Neptune read more ...
SATURN RETROGRADE ... Saturn is retrograde through 13 August. Don't push ahead in business. Instead, take stock of where you are now and how you can improve read more ...
NEPTUNE SQUARE SATURN ... The category in your life this impacts (through Fall 2016) depends on where it lands in your natal chart. Scroll down the newsletter to see how this aspect will affect each of the signs ...
NEPTUNE RETROGRADE ... Reading between the lines gets easier. You might have a heightened intuitive awareness now, but it could not be so easy to trust it at first. Allow yourself time to meditate or just sit with your hunches and honor what is flowing through your mind. Neptune retrograde is often very positive because the clouds of confusion often pull away allowing us to see things clearly ... read more ...
PLUTO RETROGRADE ... With Pluto's influence strong now, we are aware of certain aspects of our lives that are not within our control. We are also deeply engaged in a process of release that is clearing the space in our lives for something new to be born read more ...

2016 OUTLOOK ... There are several astrological patterns that highlight this year – Jupiter in Virgo will square Saturn in Sagittarius, Jupiter will square Pluto and oppose Uranus later in the year, Saturn in Sagittarius will square Neptune in Pisces, and Saturn will trine Uranus in Aries. So, what do these patterns mean for us in the coming year? read more ...
Astrology Sources : 1 • 2 • 3 • 4 • 5
Card of the Day


Ponder this ...
  • What poisonous or toxic thoughts, emotions, perceptions, actions lurking beneath the surface need to be cleaned, scrubbed, removed ?
  • What is no longer sustainable that needs to change in myself and in my life ?
  • Do I choose the hard part now, for a longer, happier, more sustainable future … or do I take the easy road of avoidance and create a toxic future for myself ?

More bacteria live and work in one linear centimeter of your lower colon than all the humans who have ever lived. That’s what’s going on in your digestive tract right now. Are we in charge, or are we simply hosts for bacteria? ~ Neil deGrasse Tyson

It’s time to get out the anti-bacterial soap of life and do some cleaning.

On a literal level, this would be a great day to clean, especially with anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial products to really get at the invisible level of what can be creating dis-ease in ourselves, in our homes, in our environment.

And I encourage you to use natural products (easy to make your own cleaning solution for this with 50/50 water/alcohol (or witch hazel) + essential oils of tea tree and/or lavender, rosemary, thyme, oregano … and treat your body to a softening, soothing and protective application of organic coconut oil).

Beyond just the physical level, we also need to do some cleaning and prevention around those things that lurk invisibly in the recesses of our body, mind and spirit that have gotten infected and festered into chronic dis-ease, discomfort, anger, guilt, shame, depression, giving up.

That which is not sustainable needs to be changed or eliminated altogether in our lives at this time.

We can identify what those might be by paying attention to the people, relationships, situations, environments, things that ...
  • hinder or block cooperation
  • are incommunicative or sabotage the opportunity to create a safe, open space to speak and be heard
  • insist on their way or one way and refuse to collaborate
  • either inhibit the ability to grow and multiply, or over compensate with more, more, more all the time and no sense of boundaries or limits or enough is never enough
  • prefer to die rather than innovate and adapt, clinging to the way things have been, desperate to avoid or prevent change of any kind
What needs to be done may not be pleasant, comfortable or preferred … but if we don’t, then we will find ourselves and the situations affected by these things that lurk beneath the surface getting sicker, harder, more painful, and passing beyond the point of a cure to simply having to manage and learn to live with.

So, do we choose the hard part now, for a longer, happier, more sustainable future … or do we take the easy road of avoidance and create a toxic future for ourselves ?

The decision and choice is ours to make at this time.

Image : Sustain Yourself Oracle
Herbal Ally


Vervain has been used for sacrifices, purification during rites and rituals, and to help with sight by opening the inner eye to other dimensions of reality. Vervain helps us see things from a different perspective by opening the sixth chakra/third eye. It aids in releasing congested thinking, revealing new possibilities. It helps to bring about a clearer mind as new energies and situations are emerging.
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A new era begins as realistic Saturn moves into a challenging square to idealistic Neptune.
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Opportunistic Jupiter enters practical Virgo for a yearlong stay adding amazing emphasis to work, health, and details in life. See how this affects your sign
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thru Dec 2017
A big significant cycle pulling you in a much weightier direction to learn how to manage our expectations without completely losing our faith. We all have our limits and boundaries. It is figuring out what these limits and boundaries are that is the root of Saturn in Sagittarius
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If we don’t claim our personal authority, there will be others who will try to claim authority over us
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JUNE 2016

1, 4, 6, 9,
10, 15+, 20 

Choose the morning of the 15th for the hardest call you have to make, or for getting a new haircut—it’s a day of Grace and a good time to get in touch with the people who can help you. There are good aspects in many of the other days this month, but you’ll need to check out the daily reports as something else is also happening on those days which you need to know about, along with the kiss. 

7+, 11, 29  

There aren’t many difficult markers in the heavens this month. Stay out of the dentist’s chair on the 7th as astrological skies cloud up and nobody is in a good mood. Communication problems are likely on all three days—wait for another day to make your case

Mars is now direct in his motion and still in powerful Scorpio, a sign he co-rules. He now brings us fabulous energy to clean out the closets and to bring old furniture back to new life. Or to dive into a therapy that looks at our emotional conditioning. Scorpio wants to get down and get at the truth. Mars is pushy and impatient, but also willing to try something new. This is a very good month to put your energy into something that helps you grow and progress ...
Astrology Longterm Outlook

JUNE 2016

1, 4, 6, 9, 10, 15+, 20 

Choose the morning of the 15th for the hardest call you have to make, or for getting a new haircut—it’s a day of Grace and a good time to get in touch with the people who can help you. There are good aspects in many of the other days this month, but you’ll need to check out the daily reports as something else is also happening on those days which you need to know about, along with the kiss. 

7+, 11, 29  

There aren’t many difficult markers in the heavens this month. Stay out of the dentist’s chair on the 7th as astrological skies cloud up and nobody is in a good mood. Communication problems are likely on all three days—wait for another day to make your case

Sources : 1 2 3
Mars is now direct in his motion and still in powerful Scorpio, a sign he co-rules. He now brings us fabulous energy to clean out the closets and to bring old furniture back to new life. Or to dive into a therapy that looks at our emotional conditioning. Scorpio wants to get down and get at the truth. Mars is pushy and impatient, but also willing to try something new. This is a very good month to put your energy into something that helps you grow and progress. The right choice is the one you feel the strongest about. Scorpio is a water sign = feelings count.

Although progress may be slow to start, it will accelerate in the days ahead. You'll slowly gain back all the mojo you thought you lost. It's time to push ahead with a personal goal. The period of frustration that began in April will begin to subside. We will soon regain the ability to act in our own best interest, rather than reacting to external situations that are beyond our control. Mars in Scorpio continues to stir the base Scorpionic human emotions of revenge, obcession, and separation that have caused so much trouble around the globe these last few months, but we can also invoke Scorpio’s higher, magically capable energy to deal whatever it exposes. Like forming a diamond deep underground, Scorpio encourages our transformation under stress.

Over the next few weeks, as Mars slowly begins to move forward, we will be supported in
taking new actions based on what we have learned about ourselves. We all need to be extra aware of what swims in our psyche we can acknowledge our anger or frustrations, and then take considered action, rather than letting these creatures run the show. But let’s keep our eyes open for problems around us. Let’s consider staying away from murky swamps of all types, and walk towards dangerous, wild corners with care because there will be places in the world where old resentments erupt and strange creatures threaten. But we also may notice some frustrated ambition of ours now begins to build momentum.

The astrology of July features Mars, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. The most interesting movement is perhaps with 
Mars, which, having stationed to direct motion only a few days before this month began, is still moving quite slowly, only about one degree per week through the first half of July, instead of his usual three to four, and therefore acting more like an outer planet than an inner. Mars direct indicates that it is easier and more profitable now to move forward with plans that have been inadvertently kept on hold.

cultural evolution symbolized by Uranus in square formation with Pluto is also still very much with us during July, each of these important outer planets being very much emphasized in these lunations. Uranus is still in close contact with the new planet,  Eris, making him far more powerful, and is also closely aspected by Mars moving quite slowly during the first half of the month.

The other very exciting thing about Mars this month is the set of
inter-planetary connections that he makes while moving so slowly in the sky, to Saturn, Uranus, and PlutoMars has been in an extremely close parallel with Pluto and this holds true as well for the timing of the 4 July New Moon, acting like a conjunction between them. Hidden anger could erupt or fuel passionate discourseMars is also closely aspecting Uranus and Eris in their continuing close conjunction, and parallels Saturn in the midst of the close Saturn-Neptune square that is another definite harbinger of contrast, intensity, and change.

Another strong astrological factor this month is
the collision between the antithetical energies of Saturn and Neptune, highlighted by the Cancer New MoonSaturn represents the inherent limitations of our circumstances, unforeseen restrictions, grounding into the physical plane, while Neptune references numinous realities far beyond the physical, reflecting our coming at the world with compassion, perhaps an urge to merge into oneness. Since they are closely square in the timing of this month's configurations, aspected by the  Sun and Moon in early July, and by  Mercury and Venus at the mid-month Full Moon, these distinctions are very key for us as we continue to unravel our destinies over the course of this month's powerful lunation cycle. The secret is compromise and acceptance of ourselves and of the universe, including what our deep insides have to tell us.

There’s a
New Moon on 4 July, the nation’s birthday. That’s a very good sign in astrology—and makes for an extremely powerful Solar Return for the USA. The 4 July New Moon takes place on the birthday chart of the United States, quite near the  Sun at the 13-degree mark of Cancer. A New Moon in Cancer  reminds us of what's really important -- family and a sense of comfort. Do something to honor your need for emotional securityPluto is closely aspected by Venus and the New Moon, at the very beginning of the month, and by Mars. We are therefore still attempting to discern what the thoroughgoing metamorphosis indicated by this potent pair in collision truly means for us, both individually and collectively.

There is
a Grand Trine in Water signs with the New Moon timing as well, involving Chiron, the Wounded Healer, together with Mars and Venus. The indications are that dysfunctional patterns of interpersonal relationship are likely to arise, stemming from early childhood wounding, and if so we now have an excellent chance to make progress with the dark and hidden issues that this planetoid represents. The key is to face whatever comes up for you in this way without judgment, and instead with acceptance and love

12 July, Venus enters Leo, followed by Mercury on 13 July. This will provide incredible zest for life and the capacity to live and love on a grand scale. You'll communicate creative ideas with flair and will make the most of romantic opportunities. This is your time to have fun!

New ideas will be flying through the ether in July. Mercury begins the month in early Cancer and then flies through that water sign and into fire sign Leo on the 13th. Mercury stays about two weeks in Leo and enters earth sign Virgo on the 30th and your mind will focus on all the minutiae.

Mercury is moving at his fastest clip this month which
encourages communications of all kinds in the business world.

If you want to
appeal to folk’s emotions, send your message out while Mercury is in water sign Cancer.

But if you want to
advertise your theme park wait until Mercury is in fire sign Leo, the sign that rules playgrounds and having fun.

Something practical that you want to share is best sent out when Mercury is in realistic earth sign Virgo. Different strokes of Mercury for different messages—something advertising agencies haven’t figured out yet.

Full Moon in Capricorn on 19 July, however, will remind you not to lose sight of your goals in the process of having fun. You might even be in the spotlight for a career achievement. This Full Moon makes a T-square to Uranus, further emphasizing his trickster energies of the sudden shift in awareness.

The Full Moon of 19 July lands on the nation's Mercury, symbolizing its media, and also even more directly on national Pluto, symbolizing transformational adjustment, with 
Uranus and  Eris in square. This is just in time for the Republican National Convention, to be followed by the other party in the week that follows. There are bound to be surprising developments, together with startling revelations that will surface at this time. These will perhaps come to pass along the lines of radical self-determination, as symbolized by the new planet, Eris.

New ideas and new initiatives will be floating through the headlines in the months ahead; new energy will fuel breakthroughs and positive situations encouraging all of us to support our country’s values and laws. This will be an important year for America. As to whether the new values/solutions that appear bring benefits for all, or don’t last more than the first few innings and only bring benefits to the wealthy, only time will tell. 
thru 13 August

Saturn is retrograde through 13 August. Don't push ahead in business. Instead, take stock of where you are now and how you can improve. During the Ringed Planet's five-month retrograde phase, we are meant to take care of unfinished business and to tie up loose ends that are interfering with our pursuit of important goals.

Saturn retrograde can slow down our efforts to organize people or ideas. Our work may not go as planned over the next few weeks, but the delays can prove fruitful in the long run.

Saturn retrograde usually helps us find the missing pieces; if there is a delay, refine the work at hand, the final product will be better as a result.

Because Saturn retrograde symbolizes a
reorganization of security, structure, and authority, it suggests a reorganization of who’s in charge and how the work gets done. Look for a shakeup in people positions of authority, shifts in power, and changes in the polls.

Astrologer Bil Tierney writes that during Saturn's retrograde phase : 
A proper timing system is taking place. While we should still work at manifesting our goals rather than giving up, we should not push for immediate results or demand satisfaction. We should be more ponderous and reflective rather than ambitiously striving to achieve outer goals. Extra obligations at this time could prove to be more burdensome and draining than anticipated. Saturn is teaching us to slow down and to be more careful about wasting or misapplying our resources.
26 Nov 2015 • 17 June 2016 • 10 Sept 2016

Although the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) will be the most influenced, we all have Saturn square Neptune in our charts.

Neptune Square Saturn By Sign
Read this for your sign and, if you know your rising sign, it is suggested that you read that description as well. If you need a copy of your chart, you can get one for free by clicking here.

ARIES : The big picture is of utter importance to you. However, it is necessary that you view the big picture realistically and start approaching the things you want to conquer one step at a time. This does not mean that you give up on your dream, it means that in order for your dreams to manifest in reality, you have to give birth to them in some practical form.

TAURUS : You need to get control of your financial picture while developing associations with others that will help you achieve your goals.  This would be best achieved by joining groups or clubs that are aligned with your current objectives and where you feel like you are part of a group that helps support your visions.

GEMINI Relationships with others may be a bit frustrating, but there is a need for you to associate and be connected with solid people — that you can rely onCareer matters could prove illusive and many new opportunities could be presented.  Do not be afraid to let your creativity flow, because it will help you get to the next level.

CANCER : Your day to day life may prove to be frustrating as responsibilities may overwhelm you.  It’s necessary that you connect to your higher self and be guided by spirit and refuse to never give up

LEO : It’s time to invest in yourself and give birth to all the creative ideas you have in your head, but first you may need to let go of any fears or inhibitions that are plaguing you.  With Neptune in your 8th house, use your intuition to guide your decisions, but make sure those decisions are realistic

VIRGO Lingering family issues may make you feel stifled and out of control, which could also affect your personal relationships and partnerships. It’s best to become very clear about your relationship in general and to not be afraid of upsetting the apple cart.

LIBRA :  It’s time to discipline your thoughts and really get a clear practical plan in motion. This could be complicated by chaotic experience in your day to day life. Try not to get thrown of course and try to control the overwhelming voices in your head

SCORPIO :  Your finances are going to be a major concern and Saturn in your second house indicates that you need to work hard and conserve your resources. This is not a great time for risky investments, because you may act on them compulsively. Be cautious of any financial traction at this time.

SAGITTARIUS :  Feelings of personal frustration and inhibitions might be apparent while this aspect is active. This could be connected to family issues or familial expectations. If you experience depression or difficult times coping, try to get to the root of the problem, because it will provide you with intensive breakthroughs.

CAPRICORN Saturn your planetary ruler lands in your solar 12th house. Unresolved past issues may come to the surface that require you to deal with them, once and for all. You may feel disoriented and confused while this aspect is active, and it may be necessary to wait until later in the year to make huge arching decisions.

AQUARIUS Saturn in the solar 11th house can be difficult because we feel responsible for friends and associates and often isolated by them. It may be necessary to reach out to others more frequently. Your finances may prove troubling with Neptune in the solar 2nd and you may need to pay closer attention to your bottom line than you ordinarily would.  It is recommended to avoid laziness, because money simply doesn’t grow on trees and effort needs to be made.

PISCES Your natural ruler lands in your solar 1st house, which reflects a period of soul searching and inner discovery. You may feel confused about your personal goals, yet Saturn in the solar 10th house is a powerful position to use to get your career, life purpose, and reputation on track. Try to avoid staying stuck in self-pity or a lack of self-confidence, as this will be a primary force in preventing your forward movement.

This big square has been “cooking” for the last month or so and will be on the stove for a few more months. The category in your life this impacts depends on where it lands in your natal chart. Scroll down the newsletter to see how this aspect will affect each of the signsDreams may hit a wall as nebulous Neptune squares pragmatic Saturn. It might be extra difficult to build a foundation around one of your highest ideals in order to make it happen. That doesn't mean you should give up, though. Unless, of course, you are being completely unrealistic.

Business-like Saturn makes an exact challenging square to non-materialistic and dreamy Neptune at 8.23p this evening. It’s time to give up the dream that never had a chance of being real so that you can replace it with ideas and plans that will improve your life and times. Be aware that some folks will get deep into drugs, booze and their fantasies tonight and in the weeks that follow. Be cool Friday night and call it early.

Saturn square Neptune is known as the aspect of internal disappointment and it can lead to enormous frustration in your personal and professional life. You will find that areas in your life where you feel overwhelmed, victimized, or out of control may be a hint of where this aspect is activated. While this aspect is active you may experience fears, phobias, anxieties about particular areas of your life. Further, an area of your life may feel inadequate at this time.

Saturn square Neptune requires one to wait for the answers or wait for the aspect to be over in order to begin to move forward because you need to be able to see the forest between the trees to make beneficial decisions. This aspect is one that requires a lot of soul searching and patience.  It may mean that you need to question every aspect of your life and decide whether or not your current purpose is still aligned with your desires, which ultimately may be changing.

If you tend to lean towards rigidity and structure, then Neptune will often make you
feel like a victim to life’s circumstances because it will be difficult to create anything tangible that gives you inner meaning. If you lean towards Neptunian infantilism (hiding under the bed not wanting to be born) and refuse to face life as it is, then Saturn will often bring forth experiences that effectively force you to grow up and face reality on its own terms. It is necessary to give meaning to both of these planets in order to get to the core of Saturn square Neptune’s deepest meaning and be able to channel them into something meaningful that promotes individual growth.

A new era begins as realistic Saturn moves in a challenging square to idealistic Neptune. This is a difficult square that will form, back off, and realign through the Summer. Saturn tests the path you are on and your plans for the future. Neptune would rather go have a beer and ignore the facts.

The backdrop for all this year’s transits is a major Saturn–Neptune square which can leave us flooded or haunted with uncertainty; it peaks this week and twice next summer. This combination dissolves boundaries and containers, for better or for worse. By next autumn we may find riverbanks adjusted, the world’s population rearranged, and have a clearer sense of our own healthy boundaries.

issues brought forward by this Saturn-Neptune square relate back to 1989, when the two planets were aligned. That was the beginning of the Saturn-Neptune "synodic cycle," which means that certain themes were established at that time, themes that humanity has been working with in various ways since then.

Each of us has our own memories of 1989, where we were, what was important to us, what we believed in, and how we found ways to transcend issues that at the time may have engendered fear and disbelief. 1989 was the year of the protests in Tianenmen Square and the Exxon Valdez oil spill. But, it was also the year that the Berlin Wall fell, and the first International Conference on the Limitation of Chemical Weapons was held.

We are ultimately moving forward -- even if, at times, all we can see is that we seem to have taken two steps backward. But, once we've 
come to terms with a different version of reality than we had anticipated, we can use apparent setbacks or challenges to propel us forward. And, when seen from the higher perspective, that is really the objective of the challenges in the first place.

What might be the higher objectives of this Saturn-Neptune square? We have to consider what both planets usually require of us, and also the themes of the signs involved.

Saturn square Neptune is not an easy aspect because the planets are diametrically opposed, so you can say they are very ancient enemies. Saturn reflects the world of form, structures and responsibilities; whereas, Neptune reflects the dissolving of physical forms and the urge towards connected (or even returning) with one’s source. Both of these planets have their positive and negative connotations and often. With a square aspect, the negative side will appear before the positive side is discovered. In other words, sometimes you have to go through struggles and some rather dark feelings before you understand the purpose of it all.

Saturn square Neptune usually coincides with confusion. We have a difficult time dealing with life’s responsibilities and also have trouble making choices and decisions at this time. Probably, the easiest way of dealing with this aspect, is to make things as easy as possible and simplistic. Focus on taking care of what you absolutely have to and leave huge decision making for the future. Further, your mood may be affected by this combination and we may feel either depressed, disappointed, or discouraged by life’s circumstances.

SATURN is the lesson-bringer, the planet that teaches us responsibilitydiscipline, and maturity. Saturn requires that we come to terms with the sometimes harsh realities of life on planet Earth, and that we develop the inner strength to manage those realities. While in Sagittarius, Saturn is testing our faith, our ability to find meaning in life events, and our level of maturity when dealing with cultures and beliefs that are foreign to us.

Saturn requires a rational and practical response to life's challenges, NEPTUNE has a very different agenda. When this mystical planet comes knocking on our door, it asks us to develop qualities that are most often called "spiritual": the ability to rise above life's dramas, to find peace, to be in compassion, and to understand the interconnectedness of all life. While Neptune is in Pisces, we can feel like the very ground beneath our feet is tenous, as Neptune dissolves our attachments to certain manifestations so that we reconnect with a greater reality.

On the one hand, Saturn tells us to 
be practical and face reality; on the other hand, Neptune informs us that what we define as "reality" is actually a very small part of what exists, much like the tip of an enormous iceberg.

As we work with 
this Saturn-Neptune square, and do our best to fulfill the demands of both, we'll need to watch carefully to make sure we don't fall into the sand traps and water hazards that seem to be on both sides of the path we're walking. We can recognize when we're caught in these pitfalls by the negative emotions and attitudes we observe in ourselves : fear, despair, bigotry, dogmatism, apathy, escapism, addictive behaviors, disillusionment, overwhelm, and discouragement.

Our challenge is to use the energies of this Saturn-Neptune square to both 
raise our individual perspective and evolve our collective response. Square aspects, by definition, provide us with obstacles to life as usual. It is in overcoming the obstacles of this particular square that we have the opportunity to advance to new levels of maturity and realism (Saturn) while also opening to greater transcendence, inspiration, and oneness (Neptune).
thru 26 September

Mars and Pluto, the energy planets,  are both retrograde and push us toward rebellion for rebellion's sake and a search for purposeDifficult power dynamics lace through the headlines, and can add an uncomfortable note with coworkers as Pluto retrogrades.

dark side of Pluto becomes more internalized during this long retrograde phase (through 26 September). The outer planet's retrograde will affect you deeply if it passes over one of your personal planets.

With Pluto's influence strong now, we are
aware of certain aspects of our lives that are not within our control. We are also deeply engaged in a process of release that is clearing the space in our lives for something new to be born. We will ultimately rise from the ashes of what has been and experience a rebirth.

During the next several months, you will be
called to look deep inside for answers. Don't fight it.
Aug 2015 ~ Sept 2016

Opportunistic Jupiter enters practical Virgo for a yearlong stay (through 16 Sept 2016) adding amazing emphasis to work, health, and details in life. If any of these areas need a boost, you can be sure that Jupiter in Virgo will help make it happen.

Jupiter wants to blow up everything, while Virgo wants to focus only on what is most important. As a result, this transit of Jupiter will become more focused.

Earth signs will be in their glory!

It’s a yearly cycle where our focus should be on life management. There are many areas of our lives that need to be managed more efficiently, repaired, or changed all together. It’s time to closely examine our daily rituals, habits, and hobbies. In most cases, changing and expanding our outer environment will directly influence our inner world and will help us feel more contentment and happiness in our lives

Aug ʼ03 to Sept ʼ04 was his last visit and you can expect an event or situation in your life to reappear from that time in the months ahead. It won’t be the same as the other planets are in much different places, but the theme will be the same.

We grow 
more concerned with learning what is useful, rather than acting first and regretting it later.

We can 
consciously make wishes for what we want during the ensuing year, and we may get what we ask for if we visualize our future with intent.

Jupiter’s energy urges you to 
expand, and in this case, to get healthier. Virgo rules holistic medicine and healers and directs our attention towards nutrition, and working with all natural forms of healing.

Jupiter in Virgo By Sign
Read this for your sign and if you know your rising sign, it is suggested that you read that description as well

Aries : Jupiter begins its yearlong transit through your solar 6th house. The 6th house pertains to your job, day to day activities, your rituals, health, and your responsibilities.  Of course, this can be rather drab and far from exciting for the king of the gods, yet it is one of the houses we see enormous benefits.  Jupiter likes to expand your consciousness and provide a ‘higher’ meaning to the day to day grind of the 6th house, which on its deepest level refers to your house of personal growth.  This is a great year for you to put your life in order and you will notice improvement in your job, satisfaction with your responsibilities and overall good health. In fact, do not be surprised if you take on additional responsibilities because people will be pleased with your performance.  Further, Jupiter in the 6th could signify new job opportunities and promotions for a job well done. However, there is one warning with Jupiter in the 6th, Jupiter expands the house it transits and since the 6th house represents your health and the physical world, there could be a tendency to gain weight.  It would be a good idea to maintain a regular fitness regime and balanced diet at this time. 

Taurus : Jupiter begins its yearlong transit through your solar 5th house.  The next year for you is going to focus on personal growth and expansion of who you are as an individual.  You will begin to understand your life with greater wisdom, and despite past frustrations, will perceive the big picture.  Your creative juices will flow like never before, and if you are artistically inclined, financial gain is likely through your craft.  Since the 5th house rules children, your relationship with your own (if you have them) will take center stage and a deeper emotional bond will naturally occur.  Finally, your relationships with others around you will go through great improvement throughout the year.  As you tear down walls and barriers and begin to express yourself with courage and tenacity, you will notice the important people around you responding favorably. 

Gemini : Jupiter begins its yearlong transit through your solar 4th house.  The 4th house is mysterious because it rules our private parts – our innermost self and governs our home, family, personal life, and our past.  While Jupiter is transiting your solar 4th, you may find the need to seek inner peace and meaning.  In the outer world, this is a year to focus on real estate – whether that is purchasing a new home or doing repairs and renovations.  Further, you will find your relationship with your family enhanced and Jupiter’s benefic influence will provide an opportunity for old issues or familial problems to be resolved.  On the inner level, Jupiter moving through the 4th is a cycle of personal focus.  It is a natural time to withdraw from the outer world and its trappings and focus on creating a secure future.  If we do not have a secure inner world of peace and harmony, it is going to be difficult for you to find happiness in the outer world. 

Cancer : Jupiter begins its yearlong transit through your solar 3rd house of communication.  In most textbooks, the 3rd house is delegated to the house of communication, early education, and siblings.  However, after working with charts for the past 25 years, I have come to understand the 3rd house as the place in the horoscope where we process our experiences.  In fact, I believe one of the most undervalued resources we have are the experiences felt via the events, circumstances, and people we have encountered that helps formulate who we are as individuals.  While Jupiter is in the 3rd, the ‘social butterfly’ will emerge and the number of people in your social circle will expand.  This transit provokes an enormous urge to learn and express yourself to others in order to formulate your own unique opinions about life.  Further, because you need to experience more of the world in order to expand your consciousness, a return to school, taking a trade course, or expanding our education is likely.   A mind is a terrible thing to waste, and with Jupiter transiting the 3rd, you are likely to find it working overtime. 

Leo : Jupiter begins its yearlong transit through your value oriented 2nd house.  In traditional astrology, the 2nd house governs money and resources.   In modern astrology, money and resources are viewed as symbols of what you value.  I have long believed that the most powerful book of revelation is a checkbook.  Your financial ledgers provide you with clear and concise information about what you truly value because it is what we spend our money on.  This is not to say that Jupiter in the 2nd house will not expand your resources; it will.  In fact, it will expand everything that you give value to – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Since the 2nd house does involve financial resources, this is a great time for investments.  However, you have to be careful with Jupiter in the 2nd house not to overindulge, overspend, or mismanage our money.  This placement can often lead to spending money that you may not have.  In the case of the 2nd house, too much of anything can be as harmful as not enough. 

Virgo : This is your lucky year because Jupiter will transit through your personal oriented 1st house.  Doors that have been closed and opportunities that have been denied will open up for you with minimal effort throughout the year.  The main thing for you to focus on this being a major cycle of growth combined with an opportunity to express who you are by shining (and sharing) your inner light.  Further, you will notice that people are drawn to you like never before (or at least since 2003) and are more than willing to help you achieve success.  Use your increased self-confidence and charisma to your advantage.  Moreover, do not waste this year, Christmas in the astrological world only happens once every 12 years, and this year Santa delivers the presents to you. 

Libra :  Jupiter begins its yearlong transit through your solar 12th house.  Out of all the houses of the horoscope, the 12th house may be the most confusing.  Traditional astrology has labeled it the house of self-undoing and its association with hospitals and prisons always raise a curious eyebrow or two.  In modern astrology, the 12th house reflects the patterns, drives, and compulsions that operate beneath the level of conscious awareness, but not in the personal sense, yet those habits and dysfunctions which have been passed down from generation to generation.  Jupiter in the 12th can be a blessing or a curse. On one hand, this transit augurs a time when one begins (often for the first time) to see their inner truth.  Circumstances, situations, and events begin to have meaning and one begins to acquire insight into their lives.  Often this opens the doors to a spiritual journey of self-discoveries.  On the other hand, Jupiter’s transit represents where we begin to seek the truth and in the 12th house the truth lies within oneself.  If one does not have the inner courage or current capabilities, one will seek “their” truth through escapism – sex, drugs, alcohol, gambling, food or any other reckless behavior.  Simply put, Jupiter in the 12th house is a year for you to do inner work and access the real you. 

Scorpio :  Jupiter begins its yearlong transit through your solar 11th house.  Traditional astrology has described the 11th house as clubs, friends, hopes and wishes and like the 12th house these descriptions are often not helpful.  In many ways, the 11th house reflects your need to be bigger than who you are and to strive towards improving your life.  You will do this through becoming involved with individuals beyond your familial structure.  Your friends, associates and likeminded individuals fulfill these requirements and assist you by providing networks to encourage your success.  Jupiter in the 11threflects a cycle where your social circle can assist you in achieving your hopes and wishes for the future. In fact, you will notice the need to change your world for the better with Jupiter transiting this social house.  In most cases, the changes you make will also benefit those around you significantly and your goals will be achieved.  Finally, Jupiter is the planet of expansion and you will notice your social circle and sphere of influence expand over the next year. 

Sagittarius :  Jupiter begins its yearlong transit through your solar 10th house.  In astrology, the 10thhouse describes our careers and position in the world.  Jupiter transiting this house is considered favorable, improves and increases your reputation and often prompts you to be all that you can be.  During this cycle you can take advantage of Jupiter’s benefic energy to advance your career, begin new businesses, or receive long deserved recognition for your accomplishments.  If you have struggled to get to the next level, this year could be your breakthrough. However, it is necessary to avoid being overbearing, dictatorial, and keep your ego in check because problems could occur at the end of the transit if others perceive a haughty attitude.  Finally, you can expect to see promotions at work, financial increase, and an inner self-confidence while Jupiter transits this house. 

Capricorn :  This year Jupiter begins his yearlong transit through your solar 9th house.  For you, this is a great position because Jupiter naturally rules the 9th house. Your desire to learn will be magnified as Jupiter transits the house normally associated with higher education.  Your learning experiences will broaden your mind and your perspective upon things will change and mature.  This transit is associated with wisdom because your quest to learn will often give you deep insight into aspects of your life that you have either ignored or found trivial. Often when this transit is active, interest in the arcane sciences, religion or philosophy are typical because interest in esoteric and teleological subjects reflect the need to expand your worldview.  Finally, you may find yourself interested in foreign cultures or taking vacations to foreign lands to broaden your experience.  The one thing to expect while Jupiter transits your 9th house is that your view of life will change and always for the better. 

Aquarius :  This year Jupiter begins its yearlong transit through your solar 8th house.  The 8th house is similar to the 11th and the 12th and has a rather mysterious and confusing aura around it. Traditionally, it is associated with death, inheritance, and taxes and I have seen these descriptions to be relatively true.  Jupiter in the 8th can mean you will receive an inheritance or an unexpected tax refund.  But, what does this house really mean?  After 25 years of doing astrology, I am convinced that the 8th house has to do with inheritance, but not just financially; it reflects our psychological inheritance as well.  While Jupiter is transiting through the 8th house, issues from the past that may need healing will rise to the surface and the healing of past familial trauma begins. This can come from powerful changes or psychological wounds, yet these changes will be to your ultimate benefit. On the more mundane level (which you Capricorns will love), this is a great time to begin a business partnership or apply for loans because Jupiter in the 8th makes it easy for people to share their resources with you. 

Pisces :  Jupiter begins its yearlong transit through your solar 7th house. The 7th house is typically associated with partnerships, marriage, competitors, and legal matters.  Perhaps it would be creative to define it as the ‘world out there’ or the ‘not you’ house because it describes your relationship to society in general.  Jupiter transits through the 7th can increase your relationships and expand your experiences of society by widening your sphere of influence.  This is great for business alliances in which your partnerships are mutually beneficial. Of course, Jupiter influences your love relationships by being a generally favorable influence.  Any difficulties experienced in your relationships should be smoothed out or resolved during this cycle.  Finally, the 7th house also pertains to legal matters.  Any legal issues (especially civil cases) should resolve in your favor since Jupiter casts a protective shield over any house he influences.
13 June ~ 17 Nov 2016

Reading between the lines gets easier as Neptune turns retrograde on Monday. You might have a heightened intuitive awareness now, but it could not be so easy to trust it at first. Allow yourself time to meditate or just sit with your hunches and honor what is flowing through your mind.

Neptune retrograde is often very positive because the
clouds of confusion often pull away allowing us to see things clearly. Since Neptune is in the sign of Pisces, whose co-ruler is Jupiter in Virgo, expect a new dose of clarity when it comes to your day to day habits and your job. Take note of any insight you receive as it may have seriously implications in the future.

We can more easily enter a meditative or creative state when Neptune reigns, but it can be difficult to stay focused on the present moment and to get practical tasks accomplished. This fogginess is a tool Neptune uses to help us move beyond our attachment to the physical realm, and into a more elevated space.

Neptune also
opens our hearts in compassion and understanding, which helps us see our commonalities more than our differences. As we absorb Neptune's wisdom, we begin to accept the truth of oneness and the interconnectedness of all that exists. It is common to feel a greater need for seclusion and privacy when Neptune's influence is strong. We are more introspective and more receptive to our inner voice now. We may also feel more emotionally vulnerable.

Astrologer Bil Tierney writes that during this retrograde period : We can and should become more reflective in the area of our lives represented by the house that Neptune is transiting in our charts. By being more contemplative, we are better able to receive inner guidance ... Hopefully, retrograde Neptune enables us to feel more unified and whole from within, once we have wrapped up all loose ends internally. We are encouraged to dissolve those distorted impressions from our past that have become too crystallized. And in doing so, we are able to renew ourselves spiritually.
Sources : 1, 2

There are several astrological patterns that highlight this year – Jupiter in Virgo will square Saturn in Sagittarius, Jupiter will square Pluto and oppose Uranus later in the year, Saturn in Sagittarius will square Neptune in Pisces, and Saturn will trine Uranus in Aries.

The year ahead involves picking up the scattered pieces of 2015 and finding new ways to put them back together. There will, of course, be some redos and reworks to hurdle through in 2016 as well. No year would be complete without that influence. With the communications centered Mercury going through four retrogrades, we’ll have plenty of opportunities to get it right and find new ways of working through issues. The earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) will feel the heat of Mercury’s tricks but at the same time those are the signs that’ll benefit most from Jupiter’s luck.

Many of us have already found out that our
old ways weren’t working. There have been radically changing planetary energies in effect for several years that have forced many of us to let go. We came to the point where we just couldn’t hold on anymore. Our newly formed foundations will become stronger and feelings of satisfaction will stem out of all our hard work.

Now, we’re going to be given the ability to
see things more clearly. A new vision is in the process of forming. A major planetary theme of 2016 involves looking at things in a new light. Many of us will go through a process of letting go of false illusions and coming to a place of acceptance. Denial will not work in the year ahead.

The New Year will be an opportune time to feed our visions and love interests—in a more realistic kind of way. Opportunities will be readily available in all sorts of practical matters including seeing our way through newly formed relationships. The little things are going to mean the most.

By the end of 2016, our stories will have evolved in such a way that the things we wanted in the beginning of the year may turn around completely. We will be better equipped to go with the flow—transitions will be. Some of us may indeed move mountains in breaking through the barriers that have held us back. With a powerful combination between Saturn and Uranus taking root then, it’s evident that our hard work will take us somewhere radically new. The unconventional is going to be looking a little more conventional and we’re going to be okay with it.

The New Year’s chart is essentially a collective horary asking the question, “What will the New Year bring?” What additional information about the New Year beyond the larger transits does the chart reveal ?

The Ascendant is the most important position in a horary because it reflects the general energy surrounding a person, and in this chart 
Libra is rising which means our relationship to the outer world and our need to find balance, harmony, and a sense of inner meaning and purpose are highlighted throughout the year. And, in order to get there, we might need to look at our choices and clean up past problems, whether they are familial, financial, or career oriented by wiping the slate clean in order to pursue new goals and objectives.

The ruler of Libra, Venus, lands in the 2nd house of the chart in fiery Sagittarius. The 2nd house represents money and values and with Venus being in Sagittariusa sense of adventure and the price those adventures cost will be our focus. Venus forms a square (obstacle) to Neptune and a conjunction to Saturn, which could severely limit how much spending we should do throughout the year and try to keep our fiscal perspective under control, which could easily feel agitating and make Venus in Sagittarius a little grumpy. However, it’s best to indulge a little, but keep the big picture in mind. Additionally, since Saturn rules the 4th house so problems within the housing market or with real estate values could fluctuate throughout the year.

Relationships will be key.

Libra, the relationship sign, gets Jupiter’s attention beginning in early September 2016. That’ll bring love back into the picture in more abundant kind of way. During the 2nd half of the year, the universe will be shining a special light on our abilities to connect with others. People looking to develop deeper connections and make stronger partnerships will benefit.

This is not to say we’re all going to be loveless in the first half of 2016. On the contrary, we are going to be 
working our way through the practicalities and realities of what we need to do to make our relationships betterJupiter will also be working rather nicely with Pluto, helping empower us. That confidence booster will push us along in our goals and show us what’s really working.

The New Year is also a great time to focus back on ourselves. Getting more in tune with our bodies and health will do a world of good. This is a great time to begin thinking about dieting and implementing new healthy regimens. Finding ways to connect to ourselves spiritually will also prove beneficial and help us see our way through the not-so-certain times.

During the 2nd half of the year, we’ll be able to reap the rewards of our efforts, especially in the relationship department. The 
lucky Jupiter will make his grand entrance into Libra—the sign most connected to working with othersRelationships, in addition to our own personal connection, will really begin benefitting at that time.

Positive relationship payback is in store. Put in the time, keep a positive mind and eventually feel the shine.

Mars is located in the first house of the chart and is considered a co-significator. Mars is the planet that goes out into the world and gets us what we want, but this Mars is debilitated in Venus ruled Libra. Planets in detriment tend to worry and since Mars rules the 2nd house (money and values) and the 7th house (relationships and open enemies), there may be concerns about finances, value systems, and terrorism. Now, all of these factors will be a concern in our current climate, but with it being an election year these issues will be prevalent through the media and social networking. The good news is that Mars is void of course, and most likely a major attack will not occur. Instead, this echoes many of the larger planetary movements discussed earlier and reiterates that 2016 is not an action oriented year, but one where we need to process our current situation and allow ourselves to feel settled enough to make better decisions about the future.

Action driven Mars will retrograde in 2016 and this is going to be rather interesting in the relationships department. Mars retrograde periods are also known for taking away from our energy drive. These periods can also create more passive aggressive behavior, because frustrations will be difficult to release.

However, we can better align with that energy if we’re aware of it.
Finding ways to rejuvenate, in a more laid back kind of way, will be key from mid-April through the end of June. That will help us better align with the energy in play as well as make us better equipped to stand up for ourselves.

This brings us to 
the Moon, which is the co-significator of the chart. The Moon is located at 29 degrees of Virgo and is planted in the 12th house of the chart, which deals with ancestral inheritance. The sign of Virgo likes to keep things simple and small and that may be an apt word for 2016 – simplicity. The location in the 12th house reflects that on some level, those of us that are alive now, are responsible for dealing with the many issues that we have inherited. Traditionally, the 12th house is known for its connection to ailments and phobias, and much of what we are dealing with is not the result of our own doing, but the result of those that have come before us, which includes their fears and prejudices. Yet, any new generation inherits the mess that was made by the prior generation and 2016 is a year about cleaning up the mess. We can do this by being more mindful of the choices and decisions that we are making now.  The Moon makes an applying trine to Mercury in Capricorn, which may make it easier for us to understand life in a more realistic way that promotes expressing our individual needs more effectively. Since Mercury does rule the 9th house of the chart, this could be a year in which we gain insight into how to live our lives more effectively through knowledge rather than being blind to our choices and how those blind reactions add to the collective problems rather than resolves them.

Big dreams started to develop with the lucky Jupiter running through Leo. Now our ideas will begin to take on a new form in 2016. The more practically natured Virgo is in the process of getting Jupiter’s love. That’ll help us fine tune our plans into more reality driven ones.

This is considered
an incoming square because the current Jupiter-Saturn cycle is in its waning phase (think Moon cycles) before they conjoin again at 00 Aquarius in 2020. The waning phase is a summing up process before the next conjunction occurs.

conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn represents a change in leadership, or the death of a king, and denotes a particular period of reorganizational chaos that occurs with any new movement. On the psychological level, this might reflect that what has died in the past (ideals that occupied the collective psyche) have been replaced with new ideals and new forms that go through a period of chaos before being firmly entrenched within society. Something old gives way to something new. And, this isn’t just by chance or because the world seems to move much faster in the 21st century, this pattern has existed as far back as Greek myth – which is revealed in the creation story of Kronos (Saturn) and Zeus (Jupiter). Kronos reflects the old king whose reign is dying and Zeus reflects the new order.

Before the ideals of the new generation can emerge in its fully developed form,
a period of crisis and resistance to those changes seem to be what we desperately cling to, despite the fact that these new ideals are what we ultimately must accept. And, this resistance to change is occurring currently on the world stage as we approach the final Jupiter-Saturn square of this cycle, which began in the sign of Taurus in 2000.

From the book 
Mundane Astrology Charles Harvey, Michael Baigent and Nicholas Campion says the following about this cycle : These two planets used to be known as the ‘Great Chronocrators’, or rulers of the ages. Their cycle can be considered the ground base of human development which makers the interaction between the perception of ideals, potentialities, possibilities (Jupiter) and their manifestation in the concrete material world (Saturn). As noted under the interpretation of the conjunction this pair has a great deal to do with the development and evolution of social structures and a sense of corporate national identity.

patient master planet, Saturn, will be front and center. He’s going to be helping us continue to redefine our goals and find new approaches to challenges. With the influence of Sagittarius in Saturn’s path, the power to believe and find new meaning is going to come through more powerfully than ever.

So, what idealism began during
the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Taurus ?

Although Taurus is the first of the earth signs, it is rather complex in nature. It reflects
our need to “birth” things – meaning to give life to something and to build some form of structure that sustains us and fosters additional growth. Taurus is about reliability, productivity, and stability and it is rather uncomfortable in situations that might create change and unpredictability. In many ways, the old ways of the 80’s and 90’s have had to die in order for new things to be born in a more global and all-inclusive society. Our banking institutions have become more advanced, our focus on wealth building, the stock market, and other financial organizations have changed, been modified, and new laws enacted to enforce regulations of this brave new world, and many of the institutions that could not change or modify have crumbled in the last 16 years.

We are now at
a breaking point with the final square, because the last roots of the old tree are being ripped out of the ground and we may enter into a period of turbulence and instability over the next year – especially around security and financial stability. While Jupiter is in square to Saturn, we will continue to make adjustments in our lives in order to accommodate modern living. It’s time for us to take full inventory of our current situation in order for us to decide what areas of our lives should be pursued (Jupiter) and what should be cut back (Saturn). Jupiter square Saturn can also bring forth a period of confusion and instability (which is the nature of squares to challenge us) and it is important not to be reactive during this cycle. If you push forward without having the necessary information, you will most likely experience a lot of frustration and anxiety, which ultimately pulls you back again. It is probably more fruitful at this time to wait things out and find solutions that work for you rather than just jetting off into unknown territory, and despite inward frustrations, the right answer or right path will ultimately come.

With a major planetary influence involving Saturn and Neptune, the rose colored glasses will simply have to come off

Saturn continues his head to head battle with Neptune (began in November) forming squares on June 17 and September 10. These two planets have a really difficult time with each other because they are diametrically opposed in nature. Saturn likes to crystalize everything it touches and Neptune wants to dissolve anything with form into something more malleable. This can create enormous confusion and the aspect is known to be depressive because forward progress cannot be seen clearly at this time. For some, this can even feel paralyzing because everything can seem up in the air and you don’t feel like you are standing on firm ground, which can result in negative thinking and pessimism about the future, that ultimately makes matters worse.

The key to this aspect is
waiting it out – especially if it heavily hits your chart, which is likely if you are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or PiscesTaking action at this time can lead to confusion or frustrations because one of the two planets energy will dominate leaving you feeling overwhelmed by life’s circumstances. Like Jupiter square Saturn, Saturn square Neptune requires one to wait for the answers or wait for the aspect to be over in order to begin to move forward because you need to be able to see the forest between the trees to make beneficial decisions.

In many cases, this aspect is one that requires a
lot of soul searching and patience. It may mean that you need to question every aspect of your life and decide whether or not your current purpose is still aligned with your desires, which ultimately may be changing. If you tend to lean towards rigidity and structure, then Neptune will often make you feel like a victim to life’s circumstances because it will be difficult to create anything tangible that gives you inner meaning. If you lean towards Neptunian infantilism and refuse to face life as it is, then Saturn will often bring forth experiences that effectively force you to grow up and face reality on reality's terms. In other words, it is necessary to give meaning to both of these planets in order to get to the core of its deepest creative meaning and be able to channel them into something meaningful that promotes individual growth.

Although Uranus in Aries does not technically make an aspect to Pluto in Capricorn in 2016, it is within orb, and will still have influence over the next year – especially when Jupiter moves into Libra and reactivates them during November and December.

Uranus and Pluto reflect
a political vision (Uranus) with an urgent need to destroy (Pluto) structures that are no longer viable or that no longer contribute anything to the progress of the human species. Neither of these two planets are concerned with individuals, they are only concerned with the collective and tend to erupt in protests, uprisings, the collapse of governmental structures, and the collective trends of the day. This particular transit is responsible for revolutions in the middle east, Occupy Wall Street, protesting labor laws, women’s rights, and its most recent incarnation as Black Lives Matter.

Uranus is concerned with personal potency and rights of the individual while in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn reflects the need to review our social and moral values and re-align governmental structures as representative of their constituency rather than representing individual’s quests for power. Although it may take until 2046 (when Uranus in Virgo opposes Pluto in Pisces) for us to see the full effect of this cycle that began in the 1960’s, we are beginning to see the slow beginnings of progress now.

Despite the hard aspects that Jupiter will make to Uranus and Pluto, which could possibly reignite
protests, revolutions, political scandals, and garden variety corruption, there is reason for hope with this aspect. Jupiter is considered one of the planets that helps foster awareness and inspires us to be better individuals. This aspect may reflect a turning point in which human beings become more cognizant about what needs to change and grow by becoming active participants rather than simply reacting in fear and encouraging isolationism. Jupiter is an optimistic planet, and this cycle, which occurs during the holiday season, could actually evoke its central meaning:  good will to all men and peace on earth.

Do you remember what you were doing in 2010?  What were the problems you were struggling with and the changes that you were making when Saturn in Virgo opposes Uranus in Pisces?  What changed in your life?

Saturn trine Uranus occurred on Christmas Eve and is an amazing aspect when you are letting go of the old and outworn and embracing something new.  It’s when you begin to see the products of your efforts to manifest new ideas into reality. Anything that you have spent time on that has required patience and discipline, will come to fruition and become a permanent part of your life at this time. Further, this aspect connects us with the energy of Sagittarius, insight that may have eluded you will make sense to you providing you with the information necessary to take action. So, those that have been influenced heavily by the Jupiter-Saturn and Saturn-Neptune squares, may get the relief they need at this time. Suddenly, which is usually the case with Uranian aspects, things will fall into place and you will be able to see your mission clearly and have the courage and tenacity to take advantage of opportunities that come your way.
2015 - 2017

A big significant cycle pulling you in a much weightier direction. Saturn, the planet of restriction and limitation, but also discipline and focus, is in the philosophical sign Sagittarius. He will remain here until December 2017.

The greater meaning of 
Saturn in Sagittarius is for us to learn how to manage our expectations without completely losing our faith. In essence, it's about learning how to provide a realistic structure around our beliefs -- to define them and then to follow through with sticking to them.

You may begin to think that dreams are for fools and fairytales for suckers around this time and, if so, your greatest challenge is to 
figure out a way to grow up and gain a sense of maturity without losing hope.

Some of the areas of life that Sagittarius rules are religion, philosophies, and belief systems; foreign cultures and travel abroad; and higher education, mind expansion, and the development of wisdom. Astrologer Isabel Hickey wrote that the symbol for Sagittarius -- the bow and arrow aimed heavenward -- « represents our attempt to liberate ourselves from our lower nature and become that which we already are on the higher plane. »

Saturn, the planet we associate with learning, work, restrictions, organization is in Sagittarius, the sign of travelers of the mind and body, education, and ecosystems, and will be there for over two years. This speaks of an opportunity to work towards healthy change in all Sagittarian issues: educational systems, labor law, international relationships, and our work with the ecosystem.

With Saturn, the key word is work. It may be our business to travel, contact old friends in faraway places, or revive a dream of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Feel horizons expanding, and don’t be dismayed by the extra work needed to clear the path.

While Saturn is in Sagittarius it is necessary that we all understand our purpose. We find our life calling and begin a heroic adventure of our own, but in the process it is necessary for us to embrace the real world.

Our life calling my take some time, but we need to 
prod forward to realize that we are simply the manager (Saturn) of our purpose (Sagittarius) and that by having humility we can create our own unique light.

Highlights of Saturn through Sagittarius :

The key to understanding Saturn is found through the placement of Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, as this provides the backdrop for Saturnian activities.

2015- 2016 : Through the rest of 2015 and until September of 2016, Jupiter will be transiting through Virgo. Our jobs, health, and day to day lives will be the focal point. This is a great time for you to see where your day to day life and your activities sparks your purpose.

2016-2017 : Jupiter moves out of Virgo in September and into Libra. Libra has to do with relationships – all of them. While Jupiter is moving through Libra, you will find your sense of purpose activated through your relationships. During this cycle, it’s important for us to acknowledge what those around us do for us in order to help us on our path.
2008 - 2024

Pluto in Capricorn from 2008 until 2024 works a slow but profound revolution on all things Capricornian, like organization, structure, financial institutions, the very systems by which we govern and are governed. Pluto revolutionizes the arena of whatever sign it resides in, it brings those issues to the brink, shows us the shadow sides and asks us to evolve. No matter how strongly drawn we are to our spiritual and creative lives right now, we cannot hide there. We need to not give up, but stay involved in the political process while Pluto is in Capricorn. If we don’t claim our personal authority, there will be others who will try to claim authority over us. We can use this era to strengthen our individual authorship instead, if we stay consciously involved.
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