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Olga and her son Adam.
Taste of Dignity Fund-Raising Dinner

JustWork hosted our second annual fund-raising dinner, a Taste of Dignity, on November 2nd. It was a wonderful evening! The highlight was hearing from two of our employees who shared their stories about the rewards that come from meaningful work. That is what we want to be about: giving people opportunities, not hand-outs. Also, at the Taste of Dignity event, we were able to bring in over $20,000 in donations and sales for the evening – including a gift of $10,000 from ES3 Insurance! It was a good evening all around.

Donor Spotlight: The Generosity of Foundations

At JustWork we are grateful for the support of the Co-operators Insurance Group CED Fund, the Hawthorne FoundationVancity Community Foundation, and the Vancouver Foundation. While each group is unique, they have the following in common:
  • A commitment to help individuals move out of poverty
  • A strong belief in the mission of JustWork and the goodness that comes to our employees
  • A desire to support JustWork in our more towards a sustainable future
  • Multi-year funding for JustWork
Each of these organisations understands that developing a sustainable social enterprise takes time — (1) time for the enterprises to mature and (2) time to build a broad base of regular donors: individuals, businesses, and churches. We appreciate their support as we move towards sustainability.

An Artsy Volunteer

This year we've had several amazing volunteers come into our midst.  One such volunteer had just come from Australia.  Sharolyn was a high school art teacher and after some time to adjust to the continent and check out things around Vancouver, she graciously came right into our studio ready to do anything... little did we know how big of a part she was to play here at JustWork!  Her snacks on Wednesdays were filled with goodness and joy, as was her smile and enthusiasm.  Her photography, graphic design and social media skills brought us a new blog, some short videos and an array of action shots captured for all three social enterprises.  Now she is working at a high school and volunteering on the weekends.  We are glad that she has entered our life and that she is convinced that the work of JustWork is worth investing in!

Enterprise Spotlight: New GM for JustRenos

On January 1, 2012 Jeff Dyck will join JustWork as our first full-time General Manager for JustRenos. Jeff will bring his experience as a ticketed carpenter and a professional home-builder in the Vancouver area and, most recently, four years as Field Director of a Ugandan Community Centre where he managed the work of schools, medical clinics, and over 100 employees.
With the addition of Jeff to the other members of our team, JustRenos will have the resources to both generate and complete significantly more work for customers while providing significantly more employment for the employees of JustRenos - the reason we exist in the first place. 

How You Can Contribute

Would you like to make an end-of-the-year gift to JustWork or perhaps become a regular monthly donor? Then please go to the JustWork page at where you can do so. You can also mail cheques (payable to JustWork) to 1803 East 1st Avenue, Vancouver BC V5N 1B2. We would be grateful for your financial partnership!
Also, these are other ways in which you could contribute towards our current needs:
  • Computers to replace some of our current laptops and desktops.
  • Van to replace our current JustCatering vehicle. 

Merry Christmas!
The JustWork Team

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