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Articles, Tutorials and Talks

eBay ShopBot: Graph-powered Conversational Commerce 
Ajinkya Kale of eBay discusses their use of Neo4j as a backend to the AI technology in eBay's virtual shopping assistant: eBay ShopBot. The team discusses how they used Neo4j as a probabilistic graph model to drive conversations based upon their Knowledge Graph. They also touch upon the key learnings for deployment and scalability in Google Cloud Platform, and touch upon the application oriented learnings of using Neo4j for a year in production.

Dremio: Simpler and faster data analytics
Built on Apache Arrow and Apache Parquet, Dremio brings self-service to data analysts and SQL queries to NoSQL data sources.

How To Encrypt Traffic to Redis with Spiped on Ubuntu 16.04
In this guide, we will demonstrate how to encrypt Redis traffic using a secure piping program called spiped. Traffic between Redis clients and servers will be routed through a dedicated encrypted tunnel, similar to a dedicated SSH tunnel. We will be using two Ubuntu 16.04 servers to demonstrate.

Working with Relato Business Graph: Part One
In this post I’d like to demonstrate how to work with the Relato Business Graph. We’ll be using the Titan graph database, but you could use the same code with another database, through the generic graph framework Tinkerpop.

Introduction to Spring Session Redis
This is part one of a two-parts article on using Spring Session Redis. The first one will provide a high level overview, while the second would provide production considerations and pitfalls.

Sending an e-mail to millions of users
How we sent an e-mail to all our users and what we learnt.

Transactions in Apache Kafka
Learn the main concepts needed to use the transaction API in Apache Kafka effectively.

Troubleshooting MongoDB 100% CPU load and slow queries

Introducing the Amazon DynamoDB DataMapper for JavaScript – Developer Preview

Spring Data Neo4j 5 and OGM3

First experience deploying Cassandra on AWS

All about GRAND Stack: GraphQL, React, Apollo, and Neo4j 

Machine Learning Anomaly Scoring and Elasticsearch - How it Works

Scylla Summit 2017 Videos

Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

Need speed? Speak SQL directly to NoSQL and get the best of both worlds
Studio 3T - the IDE for MongoDB - now lets you query your document stores directly in SQL. “Get me a free trial”.  sponsored

Pilosa is an open source, distributed bitmap index that dramatically accelerates queries across multiple, massive data sets.

Dremio enables organizations to unlock the value of their data.

leanDB Portable NoSQL database for query-able static content. It is a NoSQL database solution to store query-able static contents, like analytical informations, cache data, data with anomaly. It store data in plain JSON documents.

Scalable replication and change listening for CouchDB.

Upcoming Events and Webinars

Webinar: Solutions for Telecoms: Leverage the Power of Graph
Telecommunications is all about connections. Graph databases are, therefore, an excellent fit for modelling, storing and querying telecommunications data of all kinds. Whether managing increasingly complex network structures, ever-more-diverse product lines and bundles, or customer satisfaction and retention in today’s competitive environments, graph databases enable businesses to become more agile by leveraging their connected data. Attend this webinar to learn how telcos around the world are using graph databases to achieve competitive advantage.

Graph Databases for Java Developers - Pittsburgh, PA
In this talk, Dave Fauth will give an overview of Neo4j as a graph database, use cases for a graph database and a short demonstration of Neo4j using the Neo4j Java driver.

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