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Trying to turn your brown thumb into a green thumb?

Try out Osceola CSA Rent-a-Row, a great way to learn how to grow vegetables naturally and successfully in Florida.  Take advantage of an established farm with over 4 years of soil enrichment; timed irrigation; use of tools and wash area; and cuttings of over 10 types of fresh herbs.  In addition, you will receive advice for planning your row; personal help during the growing season as to how to plant, thin, weed, cultivate, and harvest; information on gardening naturally; and a community of like minded people to share thoughts and successes with.  Soon you will feel confident to be growing in your backyard. Visit their website for more information and to fill out an application.  The first meeting for those signed up will be July 7th, and there is limited availability.

Here are some comments from last season's rent a rows:

"The good feeling that I had pulling up to the garden and seeing everyone working their rows.  It was fun to see the different plants growing and what each individual planted.  There is something about seeing the harvest of your work and is really indescribable.  It is very rewarding and pretty much therapeutic for me and a chance to do something with my grandkids that hopefully they will remember and grab hold of."

"My daughter and I loved doing the garden together.  You can't get a better bonding time... working together, talking together, and eating all the yummy veggies together!  We will forever remember those memories!" 

"I had a delightful experience gardening this spring, with my 2 1/2 rent-a-rows alongside the community garden.  I loved designing my own garden and taking responsibility for my little patch of earth, but also having Nancy's expert advice, watering, tilling, and other support.  It was the best of both worlds for me.  In fact, Saturday mornings became one of the highlights of my week. Hard work, fresh air,sunshine, connection with the earth, and amiable people--all combined to brighten my day and lift my spirit.  I call it 'agra-therapy'." 

Introducing Local Farmer Aaron Mick

Aaron Mick is a farmer…..and a construction worker….a husband to his wife, Lyndsye , and a dad of soon to be six children.   As I spoke with Aaron on a sunny spring morning some of those children weaved in and out of his legs.  It is obvious that his family holds the center spot of his life…farming is a close second. 
He spent the summers in Ohio on a dairy farm, where he is became accustomed to muddy boots and hard work.  Currently he farms on a few acres around his home and leases 20 acres in St. Cloud where he grows crops to sell to local markets.   You’ll find him peddling his boxes of produce to some restaurants and local outlets.   “A face is worth a 1000 words,” he says speaking of this way to sell local establishments.  He meets the chef in many cases and more importantly, the chef meets the farmer of his food purchases. 
Aaron is passionate about keeping business with our local economy.   “I buy local even if I can get it a bit cheaper elsewhere.”  He’d like to see local food in our stores, schools, and marketplaces.  But farming is a gamble.  “Every time I plant, I count on losing it…that’s reality, “ he states matter-of-factly.  And he knows what he’s talking about.  His acres of green beans had to be plowed under this spring because of drought and bug infestation.   There went a good chunk of income for his farm improvements, future crops, and family needs. 
Yet he still has a smile and a dream. That dream is to farm about 400-500 acres.  My bet is that he achieves it.....with his family working right beside him.

View more information about our other local producers here.


Fast Facts

  • Supporter and Board Member of OC Grown
  • Crops grown: squash, corn, tomatoes, beans, broccoli, collards, cucumbers
  • Acreage in production:  20+
  • Find his produce at: Bravo Supermarket, Kissimmee Produce, Rosie’s Supermarket

Other News

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  • Stay tuned for information on this year's Farm to Fork event - and let us know if there's a great chef you'd like to see featured this year.
  • Coming soon - St Cloud's Market: featuring local goods and products! 


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