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August 2012

Welcome to the August edition of the Migrant Children's Project newsletter. If you have any queries or feedback about the information in this newsletter or on the website, please contact us at or complete our short online survey.

New MCP directory of services for migrant children & young people

The Migrant Children's Project has published a new directory with details of a wide range of services and projects that can offer support, advice and other assistance to refugee, asylum-seeking and migrant children and young people across England and Wales. To download and search the directory, please visit our website. If you know of an organisation or project that should be added, please email us at

Additional training course date added!

The rights and entitlements of young refugees and migrants
10am - 4pm, 25 October 2012, London
The MCP is offering a new one-day training course for professionals working with migrant, asylum-seeking and refugee children and young people. Our course on 27 September 2012 is now fully booked and we are taking bookings for the next course date, 25 October 2012. The CPD certified course will cover the asylum/immigration process; the role of legal representatives; the legal framework for support and care, including transition at 18; the age assessment process; access to education; and identifying and assisting victims of trafficking. For more details, and to book your place, please visit our website.

New & updated Migrant Children's Project resources

New reports

The Fact of Age: Review of case law and local authority practice since the Supreme Court judgment in R (A) v Croydon LBC [2009]
Office of the Children's Commissioner, 17 July 2012
This new report has revealed that problems still occur in age assessments of children seeking asylum. The report recommends further investigation of a consensual approach to age determination, involving different professionals at early stages in a case.

Boat Ride to Detention: Adult and Child Migrants in Malta
Human Rights Watch, 18 July 2012
This report details the treatment of migrants, typically from sub-Saharan Africa, who arrive in Malta after treacherous boat journeys across the Mediterranean, in unseaworthy boats, without enough food, water, or fuel. Upon arrival in Malta, virtually all irregular migrants are detained, resulting in the prolonged detention of unaccompanied children.

Government statistics & parliamentary developments

UK Border Agency statistics: Children entering detention held solely under Immigration Act powers, June 2012 - released 26 July 2012
Twenty-five children entered immigration detention in June: 14 at Cedars, nine at Tinsley House, one at Haslar and one at Brook House. Available on the Home Office website.

House of Lords debate on the UK Border Agency, 19 July 2012
The House of Lords discussed the work of the UK Border Agency. Read the full debate here.

Upcoming conferences

Refugee Council Conference 2012 - Separated children & young people in the asylum system, 10 October 2012, 10.00am - 5pm
This conference will explore the challenges of working with separated children in the asylum system. As well as keynote speakers, it will include practical expert sessions co-delivered by an expert on the topic and a member of the Refugee Council Children's Section. For more details, please see the conference flyer or visit the Refugee Council's website.

Facing the Abyss: Exploring the challenges for separated children seeking asylum as they turn 18, 19 September 2012, 9.30am - 4.30pm
This conference will examine the experiences of separated children seeking asylum, and the challanges faced by professionals supporting them, as they make the transition to adulthood in circumstances of extraordinary uncertainty. For more details, please see the conference flyer.

Latest news

How Ikea's partnership with the UN is helping child refugees
The Guardian, 30 July 2012
Ikea and UNHCR's knowledge-sharing collaboration shows how global companies can provide solutions that really work

Second detainee threatens to jump from a detention centre rooftop
The Guardian, 25 July 2012
Long delays in asylum cases and conditions at Morton Hall in Lincolnshire prompt unrest, according to detainees and the centre's visitor group. Among the protesters was a 25-year-old Palestinian who has been detained for 18 months

Unaccompanied Foreign Minors: Turning 18 in Malta
MSNA blog, 20 July 2012
Rachjd is 20. He arrived in Malta at 15. In 2007, before he escaped from the war that plagued his home country Somalia, Rachjd was still living with his parents and three brothers. A boy like any other, with a regular family life, born into a nation torn by violence

Pakistan's plans to revoke Afghans' refugee status could displace 3 million
The Guardian, 20 July 2012
Afghanistan faces further crisis as world's biggest cluster of refugees faces explusion

Supreme court strikes down Home Office's back-door changes to immigration rules
The Guardian, 18 July 2012
Theresa May's minimum income threshold for immigrants was never properly debated in parliament
The UK Border Agency's long, punitive campaign against children
Open Democracy, 16 July 2012

Exposé of the UK Border Agency's treatment of children
G4S teaches UK Border Agency how to care for children
Open Democracy, 10 July 2012
The world's biggest security company, G4S, has been paid to train thousands of UK Border Agency staff in 'Keeping Children Safe'

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Fourth edition of

'Seeking Support'

The fourth edition of 'Seeking Support: A guide to the rights and entitlements of separated children’ is out now - please go to to download a free copy.
This publication provides guidance for professionals and carers on how to support young refugee and migrant children to access the support to which they are entitled.

If you would like to order a free hard copy please email
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