Is that a helpful thought or a harmful one?
I have a confession to make: For someone who teaches others to lighten up and not be so serious, among other things, I can be pretty darn hard on  myself. I am what I like to call "a recovering perfectionist."

And for a recovering perfectionist, writing a book might be comparable to locking an alcoholic in a room with an open bar. Maybe. Not sure. But those are the words that just came to me-- and in an attempt to not be a perfectionist, I will just let them be. ;)

But back to this book-writing thing.... This week I've been faced with the reality that I am pretty much done with the editing process. I probably have an hour or less to work on  my manuscript before it goes off to my proofreader on Monday. And the only things remaining are tiny. Do I add a quote at the end of this chapter? Do I take this quote out? And what am I calling the Facebook group I'll be starting? Little things like that....

However, there is a part of me that wants to read the whole manuscript again. JUST TO MAKE SURE. Make sure of what?! Another part of me screams "no" and feels sick over the thought of reading it again. Why? Because I've read it countless times already!
And I've had peer reviewers, professional editors, and soon a professional proofreader, look at it. I've gone back and forth and back and forth with my editor over all of my nit-picky questions and concerns. What more is there to notice?! What more is there to improve? I am having this argument with myself as I write this... And here's the deal:

THERE WILL ALWAYS BE ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT. I will always notice something I could have done differently or better. Unless I just stop. Stop with that way of thinking. While sometimes it's comforting to recognize that "it could always be better," I find myself questioning today if that is even a healthy thought. I mean if you really dig deeper into it, sure, it soothes the ego. And, sure, it's true that things can always evolve and change. But if you go beyond the ego, what is there to improve at this point? Everything is perfect right now, just as it is.

So with that, I take a deep breath. I breathe through my fears and insecurities and perfectionist tendencies. I surrender. I relax. I embrace what is and celebrate that I have written a damn good book, just as it is.

And I invite you now to consider for yourself where you might be being too hard on yourself (or on others)? Are you being a perfectionist? Too critical? Can you accept that good enough is good enough? Or does it actually bring some needed relief, rather than more pressure, to think, "this could be even better"? Can you hold both the recognition of future potential and the perfection of the present?

As always, there are no right or wrong answers here, and I would love to hear from you.


Much Love,


P.S. The Multi-Orgasmic Diet FB page is now available for Liking! ;)  I'll be posting quotes, photos, reviews, and more soon. Check it out here.
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