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For the past couple of weeks I've been trying to write this newsletter. It started with me driving from Austin to Santa Barbara. I was looking around as I drove and kept hearing this voice saying, "this planet is so amazing! So beautiful. So wise." I wanted to write to you about how much we can learn from and be inspired by Earth. I wanted to tell you that although last month I said I'd probably be changing my business name and URL, I've been receiving reminders of how important the elements are, and how ingrained into me Five Element Theory is, and so I've been reconsidering. In flirting with this idea of recommitting to Elemental Harmony, I felt inspired to write about the Earth Element and share five tips for connecting to the Earth, especially for getting grounded in times of change and transition. 

Sounds good, right? Yes. I think so. But despite the authentic inspiration and impulse, something didn't feel right. I wrote a rough draft that included some tips, but each time I tried to finish it up, it just didn't feel right. So I decided to follow my own advice first, to spend a few days testing out these tips for the umpteenth time and get grounded, especially after such a long drive.

So I did. I followed all of my best advice (see below). Practiced my practices. Did my thing. But what happened once I got grounded? Well, in addition to feeling more peaceful and centered, energized (but in a calm way) and clear, I didn't want to write this newsletter. Or any newsletter. Or anything at all. What I really wanted was to go silent for a while. To go on hiatus this summer. Not completely; I can't. I'm in two amazing training programs that require a lot of time, energy, and focus. But I do want to put newsletters and website updates on hold as I re-vision how these programs I'm in are going to influence and change the ways in which I share my gifts with the world and support others in living happier and healthier lives.

And it wasn't until I followed my own advice (see below) that it was crystal clear to me that this summer, a summer full of travel and transition, I want as much stillness and silence as possible, and a blank canvas or two. It wasn't until I got back in touch with being held by Mother Earth that I could allow myself to just stop, and not from a place of overwhelm or exhaustion, but from a place of deep wisdom and intuition that now is the time to go internal. It may seem counter-intuitive in the summer; it might seem like more of a wintery thing to do. But the messages are loud and clear. And I've learned the hard way what happens when I force things and don't listen.

So this time I'm listening. I'm going on hiatus. Just for a bit. And that includes not posting on my Facebook page for a while too, despite last month's declaration of posting there even more. It just doesn't feel right, so I'm listening to that. Following the feeling instead of the shoulds.

Sharing all of this with you, rather than polishing that original rough draft, may be less "professional" in some ways, but it feels far more honest, more in integrity, more authentic, more in alignment with what's True for me at this point in time. And I value Truth, along with communication, above all else. So, goodbye for now. And I'll be back. Most likely in September. Unless I have something super exciting and/or helpful that I just can't wait to share with you before then! ;)

And before I go, I'll leave you with the incomplete and rough draft of my tips on how to connect to the Earth Element:

1) Plant your feet firmly on the ground and shake your entire body, with an up and down type of bouncing motion.

2) Sprawl out in the grass; this is my favorite, especially belly-down. When on your back, let any tension, worries, or fear drain out of you and sink into the Earth; she can handle it. When belly down, turn your head to one side and bring your arms up, bent, palms down on the ground. Listen to the Heart of the Earth. What do you hear? Feel yourself embracing and being embraced by the land, by this planet.

3) Avoid sugar. Earth element is associated with sweetness. And with anxiety. I don't know about you, but sugar actually creates anxiety in me. Whether you're as sensitive to sugar as I am or not, avoid it completely or at least reduce it. Start to notice how it makes you feel. I've heard that white sugar is more addictive than cocaine, and even more damaging as it depletes minerals and feeds cancer cells and pathogens. There are probably studies verifying this, but as someone who values personal experience over science/studies, I don't need those. If you do, Google it yourself. ;) Or just see how much better you feel when avoiding sugar. :)

4) Go for a mindful walk, focusing on your feet connecting with the earth, taking in the sights and sounds and smells whether in a nature trail or even in a concrete jungle; if in the latter, use your imagination, go beyond the concrete, into the Earth.

5) Recycle. And pick up somebody else's litter. Be more mindful of what you just throw away; it goes into a landfill. It fills the land. It suffocates this beautiful planet. And, when you can, pick up litter, even if it's just one little thing. It makes a difference.

We are guests on this planet.

Much Love,

Rebecca Gould, Licensed Massage Practitioner, Certified Qigong Instructor and Holistic Health Practitioner

Rebecca Gould

Lic. # MA00024733
(206) 599-9270

Rebecca Gould is a Certified Sheng Zhen Gong Teacher and Supreme Science Qigong Instructor, Health Coach, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, CranioSacral Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, and Licensed Massage Practitioner in WA and TX.
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