Will you take 2 minutes and pray for our summer ministries with GYFM?
GYFM Team Retreat 
June 28 - July 4, Mexico

This is a time for our team - who are based all over the world - to come together for prayer, care, and ministry sharpening. This is extra vital for the GYFM team since our missionaries NEVER get to go to an MTW Area Retreat or the like as participants—we are always leading and ministering. We need to provide this kind of opportunity for our GYFM families if they are going to sustain in healthy mission over the long haul. Resourcing them has a multiplying impact as they resource and serve so many around the world. One of our greatest prayers is that we as a ministry team would not be so focused on ministering to young people and families around the world, that we neglect our own.
ReConnect & Summer Camp
July 9 - 19, North Carolina

These are a special two weeks of focused ministry to TCK’s in crisis & transition. We provide a program of counseling, support groups, art therapy, outdoor adventure activities, and other ways of helping them successfully navigate this time in their lives. Together with times of bible teaching and worship, we give them a summer camp these kids rarely if ever get to experience. This is often a watershed moment in their lives and faith journey.
Asia-Pacific Area Conference
July 23 - August 4, Malaysia

We will be providing this time of spiritual refreshment and renewal for our mission families from all over Asia & Oceana—about 450 mission kids and adults! Ticket prices have gone up and we need help getting there to serve these missionaries. Again, this is a very important ministry and has a multiplying impact as we sustain mission families who are serving in hard places and really count on this time for care and counsel and gospel teaching and worship in their own heart language in an emotional & spiritual "safe place”. 
Through all, may Jesus be lifted up and the good news spread to the nations and the next generation!
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Financial update:
We’ve reached $850/mo toward our $2,000/mo needed for sustainability …only $1,150/mo to go! 
We praise God for each of you!  Thank you for partnering with us in reaching the nations & the next generation!

In His Grip,
Eric and Rebecca
Abby, Meghan, Natalie and Emma