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Weekends 2016

Essential Hua Gong
 Oct 1-2 
Nov 5-6-, Dec 3-4

New Moon Internal Alchemy Meditations
Time: 11pm-1am

Oct 1, Oct 30
Nov 29, Dec 29

Retreats 2016

Turtle & Snake
Oct 17-25 St Katharine,s of Parmoor

Advanced Hua Gong Forms
 Nov 7-15  St Katharine's of Parmoor

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The Year of the Red Fire Monkey

October 2016

Greetings Subscriber 

A student recently asked Zhixing "why do I keep losing my energy"?
The answer is that we all do, even the act of digestion involves some loss of energy, as does moving, sitting, resting, lying down when performed in a casual manner.  We have developed habits which cause leakage of energy, and much of this year has been devoted to teaching us  how to re organize our energy very quickly  with some simple gestures.
Zhixing reminded us of two very important principles related to this question and to our practice of Hua Gong.  
Firstly, we need to increase our skill and capability to enter the connected state which can be lost from time to time.  The more we practice the more skillful we will become to ensure this happens.

Secondly, we need to increase the degree of our connectedness to the "signal" or cosmic energy..  So if we constantly practice to increase  our entire capacity, our embodiment of energy, the strength of our "battery",we will become  centered.
The wasteful energy will  then be utilized properly or discharged quickly.

All of the Hua Gong practices contain a unique strong transmission to initiate connection to the prenatal Qi for sparkling liveliness, healing and emotional and spiritual uplift.  
Whaevert state we are in when we commence Hua Gong, the "transmission" projected in the practice can give us the necessary boost to help us make progress, and to start anew with refreshed vigour.

Qi Calligraphy of the Month
The calligraphy of the month Zhixing has written is "Qiu/Autumn" as shown below.  Qiu has appeared in our newsletter last autumn.  The new image, however, was written in a freer  , more expressive and emotional  way, while the last one was more classical and scholarly.  There is so much feeling, music and poetry in the expression.  Let's tune in to the calligraphy and be inspired.



Qiu / Autumn:
Once again the Autumn has come with its yellow leaves, red berries and golden moon.
Wild geese are flying across the blue sky decorated with white clouds.  Refreshing wind is sweeping over dry grass in the vast field.  The flourishing summer is behind and the gloomy winter is getting close.  Autumn is poetic and emotional.  It is a season of harvest and a season of withdrawal. Finalise our achievements in the year and start to reserve energy for the endurable cold winter.

Dates for the Diary
Turtle & Snake Retreat: St Katharine's of Parmoor, Henley on Thames
Date: October 17-25
Join us on the Turtle & Snake retreat, primarily a way of healing and rejuvenation.  It acts by centering and aligning the bones, muscles and ligaments of the vertebral  column, and the whole structure of the body with far reaching effects on all the internal organs.  A favourite among many of us and a powerful method for releasing and aligning the spine.  Please make the connection if you would like to join us.
Please check You Tube below for a reminder of the practice
New Moon Internal Alchemy Meditation
October 30th between 11pm and 1am.

London Weekend
Essential Hua Gong

Date: Oct 1-2
Time: 9.30am for registration, finish at 6pm Sat, and 5pm Sun
Another weekend with Zhixing for initiation, transmission, teaching and treatment , newcomers and more advanced students are welcome to attend.

Sword Practice
Time: 6pm-7.30pm at the London Weekend as above.

Hua Gong Weekend in Italy...A huge success

This was a wonderful weekend at the Fudenji Zen Temple and  Monastery in Parma, Italy.   Zhixing received a great welcome and hospitality from the Abbott, Master Taiten   In the process many things were discussed and ideas exchanged and notwithstanding any language barrier, a meeting of minds ensued.
Interestingly, before meeting Master Taiten Zhixing had done a calligraphy of his name, for one of the newsletters.  (please see to the left).  It would seem that there already was some  inner connection between them both, and so it is not surprising that circumstances conspired to make them meet in that very special place.  
Zhixing has written a poem on meeting Master Taiten. The poem is a plays with words which contain both their names in Chinese, and  expresses  gratitude and appreciation.
Please see below an excerpt from Chantal's poetic description, of the magical and transformative effects which happened there.


"When "Zhixing arrived he was greeted by rain, which for the people
who live here was an auspicious sign. As soon as  he and  the Zen Master met they started playing with symbols like two young schoolboys. Language and cultural barriers immediately  melted away. It was a magical moment. Whilst rain was falling on the hills, the fate of all of us was changing its course.

Zhixing then gathered the students  and with great patience started to  transmit the knowledge and experience of Hua Gong. Many people immediately felt their heart  opening and warming with unconditional love. The chains of ancient
 pain and suffering slowly disappeared leaving an empty space  filled with the brightest light.
To show their gratitude the  students sang the songs of their land".

Chantal Quattromini

That's it for now...
Enjoy the season, lush and glorious with Autumnal hues, cooler crispier days and nights...
most of all keep strong in the practice.

From all of us at


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