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The Year of the Fire Rooster

Feburary 2017
Greetings Subscriber 
The second new Moon after the Winter Solstice has passed and we greeted the Chinese lunar new year of the Fire Rooster  on the 28th of January.  Now Spring's warmth is returning to the land and the deepest Yin time is receding.   The vision of the noisy Rooster at dawn is a clarion call to us all to establish and deepen our regular practice, and to help each other to achieve this.

The Rooster awakens and heralds a new dawn.  This is a Yin Fire year and as such we can be aware that there will tend to be an energetic  focus on the heart, the blood circulation, the nervous system and the eyes.  The first Hua Gong retreat of the year focuses on the Heart, strengthening the heart, opening the heart and experiencing more joy in life 
The latter half of 2016 seen a veritable leap in the transmission power and strength of penetrating Qi energy.  We also experienced throughout the year an emphasis  on"connection" to the cosmic Qi through the medium of various hand gestures and simple body movements which swiftly brought us to a more regulated energetic state.  In this empty state we could experience the strength, the power, the Light  and the inspiration of Hua Gong.

The dates for the New Moon Internal Alchemy Meditations can be seen on  the left of this page, and we invite you to join once again with Zhixing at this time to do the Internal Alchemy Meditation.  You can access the footage on You Tube to assist you with this.  This ancient Daoist practice focuses on strengthening the kidney energy, circulating the energy and infusing the body with Light.  Rejuvenating and energising it is about cultivating our life force.

Calligraphy of the Month
Please see below a Qi Calligraphy from Zhixing for us to meditate on during the month of February.   As many of us already know that a good way to tune in to the calligraphy, and to receive energy and information from it is to imagine the calligraphy image is looking at you while you are looking at it. Sense any bodily and energetic sensation and effect while watching. To appreciate the beauty of the art work is also a recommended practice. On this note here are some tips: the calligraphy image below conveys the strength, beauty and glory of the Chinese Mei flower. The very thin yet potent lines demonstrate a highly skilful achievement in calligraphy writing.


Mei/ Chinese Plum Blossom
Mei is usually translated as plum flower. However I don't think it is the same as the plum flower in the west.  It blossoms in cold winter and often in deep snow.  So it is the flower of the winter, and a symbol of endurance of difficulties and hardship. Just like the rooster "is the only animal that is still singing in the mud" (as the French say), Mei is the only flower that is still blossoming in deep winter and heavy snow.
 It is the last and first flower of the year. It signals the end of the winter and the coming of the spring. So it is the flower of the present season.
 Mei is in many poems through history which praise its outstanding qualities. 


Dates for your Diary
Hua Gong London Weekend
Date: 11/12 February
Join us for the first weekend of the year. Reconnect with Hua Gong in a weekend of Qi transmission, Qi treatment, meditation and lectures.  All are welcome new, and more experienced alike.
Hua Gong practices Saturday evening 11th February
Time: 5.30pm-7.30pm
Qi Sword Practice: Please bring your own sword for the ever popular group practice in the Qi field.
Qi Calligraphy Practice: For those who have had teaching in Calligraphy, plwase bring your brush, ink and paper.
Qi Walking practice
For collecting lost energy, and centering the energy field this practice is one of the most important in Hua Gong.

Weekend Oslo Feb: 24-26
Join Zhixing and students for a weekend of Essential Hua Gong.
Contact: Elisabeth Scharffenberg
Email: elisabeth_tao@hotmail.com

Settling and Purifying the Heart
This retreat was very quickly fully booked soon after it was announced.  This has led to disappointment for some students who would have wished to attend.  We have commenced a waiting list and will let you know if there is a cancellation.  Zhixing advises that a good choice of alternative retreat would be the  "Animating the inner organs" for those who missed the March one.

That's it for now

It is time to emerge from the hibernation of Winter and greet the Spring once again!
May it be a wonderful year of the Rooster for you, with renewed vigour and focus and lots of great health enhancing practice!

From all of us

The Dao Hua School, Chinese Heritage

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