Happy New Year of the Horse
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Happy Chinese New Year of the Horse!

Greetings Subscriber 

The second new Moon after the Winter Solstice approaches and we welcome in the Chinese New year of the Horse on Friday the 31st of January.
 In addition to this,  it also begins on a Fire Tiger month, making the energy very strong and lively.  
 This portends a year of action, adventure, strong energy and unexpected romance!  
So it seems this year has leaped in with a flourish, and is markedly different from the slower energy of the year of the Snake.

As Our Qi Gong practice continues to attune us to the cosmic Qi for health, rejuvenation and spiritual connection to our chosen path, we will   remember that we have an extra uplift  in this year of the Horse. 

Below is a Qi Calligraphy and explanation from Zhixing to help us to attune to the Hua Gong energy this month.  There is a Qi transmission which can be activated if we gaze upon the image  and reflect on the words.  We  then need to respond in our own way.


Xi: Breath
Life starts and finishes with Breath.  Breath is Life.  The in and out of breath is like life and death.  
Deep and profound breath  goes with health, and shallow and short breath is a sign of poor health.  In Chinese Xi also means rest.  When our mind and body is rested-settled, still and open , we breathe in a good way.  
As a Chinese character, Xi has a "heart" in it (the lower part).  Potent Breath goes with the pulse of the heart.  The pulse like breathing links us to the hear of the universe-the universal consciousness.
 When we harmonize with the cosmic pulse , cosmic breath or cosmic Qi, we return to our own child like state of being.

I hope this image Xi will assist us in getting into a peaceful and vibrant state of mind and body, at the beginning of the year of the Horse. 


Important Dates for your Diary
Updated Hua Gong

February 1st-2nd   St Charles 6th Forms College

Qi Sword Practice for those who have taken a Qi Sword Retreat
February 1st 5.30pm-7.30pm  

Chinese New Year Celebration
Sunday 2nd February
Time 1pm-3pm
You and your friends and family are invited to join us to mark the New Year, please bring food to share.  There will be good cheer,great Qi, lots of premium Green Tea on the go, and a Sword demonstration.

Fundamental Hua Gong Forms
March 17-23
venue: St Katharine's of Parmoor, Henley-on-Thames.
Whether new to the practice or more experienced this is a retreat for teachers, students, those with health issues or simply wanting to cultivate precious life energy. This is the fundamental exposition of the practice and you may expect results.
We look forward to seeing you at the Chinese New Year Celebration in London,
and if this is not possible for you, we wish you and your dear one's a
Happy New Year of the Horse

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