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Nov 7-8, Dec 5-6

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Advanced Hua Gong Forms
 Nov 9-17  St Katharine's of Parmoor

Winter Solstice Internal Alchemy Meditation
Dec 21
Time: 11pm-1am GMT

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The Year of the Goat

November 2015
Greetings Subscriber 
A hush descended on the café area (temporarily now a writing space) as we sat upright calligraphy brush in hand, and attempted to write in the traditional way of Chinese Qi Calligraphy. 
This was the Qi Calligraphy course recently held by Zhixing in Parmoor which some of us attended and it was truly an extraordinary experience.  Unlike contemporary Calligraphy this form of the art seeks to evoke the Qi and transferring it to the stroke on the paper has the effect of a sort of "living art".
Time after time as we students practiced the writing (either alone or in groups)   a blanket of powerful, yet deeply calming and nourishing energy pervaded the whole space.  Yet another form of Hua Gong practice, it could be described as a kind of "writing Qi meditation"with each letter having a surrounding "Light".   We were tracing the Chinese letters, ancient pictograms  replete with original information and meaning.

This description is only one aspect of this remarkable course for we also had meditations and Qi Calligraphy treatments.
Please find below a poem by a student penned immediately after a meditation on the Turtle Calligraphy.

In 2016 Zhixing will be using the medium of Qi Calligraphy for group treatment on the  Saturday evening of the London Weekend and we are looking forward to this.


  Qi Calligraphy of the month



Above is also a Qi Calligraphy of the month from Zhixing and some words of wisdom below..  Please meditate and tune in to this throughout the month, and connect with the Qi transmission embedded in the image. 

Guang / Light:
Light is the initial creative element.  Light is the spirit. Light is the essence of the essence. Light is the life force. Light is the Qi...
Light illuminates. Light nourishes. Light warms. Light heals...



Important Dates for your Diary

The London Weekend November 7-8
Time: 9.30am for registration
Venue: ST Charles 6th Form College, St Charles Square W10 6EY
This is another opportunity for completely new and more experienced students to receive training and transmission in a powerful Qi field.  The Fundamental Forms DVD is available to practice with at home.
Saturday 7th November: Qi sword practice
Time: 5.30pm-7.30pm


The Advanced Hua Gong Forms

Date: November 9th-17th
The course is almost full, still a few spaces remaining.  It represents the most updated practice of the Hua Gong concentrating on the rotation of the "ball of Light".  Very useful for practitioners also who are considering taking on the mantle of teaching Hua Gong.


Poem from the Calligraphy Course

The Turtle
Sitting by the Temple pond
Ancient witness of time
Her back bears the tales of life
And protects her insides
Filled with black light and framed by a circle of gold

Safe, Still secure in the sun
Light pours through me
A glittering funnel, a tunnel of warmth
Immersed in the glow
Bathed in the protecting universe
I rest in the womb of eternity

Yi Wenlin
St Katharine's, October 2015

That' it for now...
Wishing you and your loved ones all the blessings of the season of Autumn and lots of Qi practice!


From all of us at
The Dao Hua School

Chinese Heritage


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